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EEI’s POSS Test Preparation 2023

EEI POSS Test Practice

The modern job seeker should be used to having to undergo pre-employment screening for just about every job out there. Whether you are a college graduate or a high school dropout, these tests have become the norm. The Electric and Energy industry is no different. The Edison Electric Institute (EEI) has helped their member companies with these screening efforts for decades. The Plant Operator Selection System (POSS) exam is one of the assessments tests administered by EEI.

What Is the POSS Test?

The POSS exam is a pre-employment psychometric assessment developed with the assistance of EEI member companies. The test provides employers with an idea of the job applicant’s probability of job success in power plant operations. The test is usually specific to persons applying for power plant operations jobs in nuclear, fossil, and hydropower plants.

The POSS test may be one of two versions with different time constraints. The test is a comparative analysis of the candidates on a number of skills needed for the associated job at hand.

POSS Test Sections

The EEI POSS test has four sections, which are administered over a two-hour period in an approved assessment center. The four parts are outlined below:

  • Reading Comprehension – This section is 30 minutes long and consists of 36 multiple-choice questions. Five brief passages followed by questions about the readings are used to assess a candidate’s competency in reading and understanding information typically found in power plant reference guides.
  • Mechanical Concepts – The candidate’s knowledge and ability to apply mechanical principles is assessed in this section. The candidate is presented with 44 multiple-choice questions, pertaining to a mechanical scenario. The candidate has a maximum of 20 minutes to complete this section.
  • Mathematical Usage – There are currently two versions of this test, a long and short version.
    • Short version – The candidate is required to complete 18 questions in 7 minutes. The exam assesses the candidate’s ability to work with and apply mathematical formulae to work-related situations.
    • Long version – A three section test comprised of 46 questions, with a time frame of 17 minutes. The test is a measure of the candidate’s ability to create and manipulate mathematical relationships.
  • Figural Reasoning – Candidates are presented with 20 multiple-choice questions which assess their pattern identification skills. Over a period of 10 minutes, the candidate is expected to answer questions which focus on patterns in a picture series, comparison, or progression.


POSS Test Scoring

The exam scores are tabulated and expressed as what is known as an aptitude index, which ranges from 0 to 15. The aptitude index measures the candidate’s ability and skills relevant to plant operations. There is no exact POSS exam passing score, and employers generally do not reveal the score required for their advertised post.


How to Pass the POSS Test?

The POSS exam has an element of mystery, as the passing score is never revealed to the candidate. The candidate, therefore, has no minimum aim and must work towards the highest possible mark. This requires sound preparation and focus on ensuring that only the candidate’s best is given during the exam.

Study guides should be every candidate’s first option when it comes to preparing for the POSS exam. Study guides provide candidates with POSS test tips, such as time management skills as well as point the candidate to various resources, which may be of assistance. Along with the study guide, candidates should make EEI POSS practice tests a part of their preparation process. The tests provide the candidates with some insight as well as provide a much-needed opportunity to practice their time management skills. Practice tests with both questions and answers are best as they provide a yardstick from which candidates can measure their responses and their preparedness.

In addition to the resources above, it would be wise to consult with other persons preparing for the exam as they can help to provide feedback regarding their study experience and may help give a different perspective, providing some clarity with respect to any difficult questions you may have faced during your POSS test practice.


With the POSS exam having no known passing score, the sky is your limit. Use all the resources readily available to you, seek out additional resources and get the job done. You definitely will not regret the effort.

All the best with your job hunt!