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EEI SOPD II Test Online Preparation – 2023

SOPD Test Preparation

Employers have been using aptitude tests and psychometric assessments for years to help determine prospective employee’s strengths and weaknesses. The electrical and energy industry is no different. The Edison Electric Institute or EEI has helped to facilitate this process for over half a century.

What Is the SOPD Test?

The EEI System Operator/Power Dispatcher (SOPD) pre-employment test has been used since the ’80s. As the industry evolved and jobs began to be performed differently, EEI made changes to the battery and a computer-based test was implemented to address the changes. This test is now known as the SOPD II Test.

SOPD Test Sections

The test has four different sections, which are outlined below:

  • Mathematical Usage – Consists of 16 multiple choice questions with a 17-minute time limit. It assesses the candidate’s aptitude for applying mathematical formulas.
  • Analytic Thinking Skills – This section consists of 23 questions that must be completed in 45 minutes. It assesses the candidate’s analytical ability in the areas of problem-solving, logic-based reasoning and evaluating arguments.
  • Reading Comprehension – This section assesses the candidate’s ability to read and comprehend written information. The candidate is presented with four passages followed by 16 multiple-choice questions, which the candidate needs to complete in 22 minutes.
  • Multitasking Simulation – This section assesses the candidate’s ability to monitor multiple tasks simultaneously or in quick succession. The candidate is presented with four different tasks located on different areas of the screen, which the candidate is expected to complete.


How to Pass the SOPD Exam?

The SOPD test is used as a screening mechanism for potential employees in three functional areas in the energy industry- distribution, transmission, and energy generation. If you are seeking a job in the energy industry, there is a strong likelihood that you will need to take and pass this exam to be considered for a job.  Exams can get anyone anxious, but best believe, you can overcome it all if you prepare.

Seek out study guides and pay close attention to the guidelines and tips that they provide. This is your roadmap to success. Study guides offer insight on how the exam is structured as well as highlight other resources such as online forums with past questions and answers.

Doing a SOPD practice test might be a wise decision, as this can help to give you an idea of how far along you are in your preparation. It is important that you attempt the practice test under exam conditions, just as it would be in the assessment center. Rid yourself of distractions and put on a timer for each section. This will provide you with the best idea of how you might perform on the big day as well as highlight your problem areas.


If you prepare well, no exam will be too hard. Take your preparation seriously and use the resources at hand. You definitely will not regret it when you received your results, and you are able to smile at your passing grade.