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American Electric Power (AEP) Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is the American Electric Power?

Investor-owned American Electric Power provides utility services to over 5 million customers in 11 states. It is one of the largest generators of electricity in the U.S with 38,000 megawatts of capacity. The power provided by AEP transmissions services about 10 % of the Eastern interconnection transmission system, and about 11% of the power for the Electric Reliability Council of Texas. AEP directly provides utility services to the states of Ohio, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Michigan, Louisiana, Indiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Kentucky. AEP headquarters are located in Columbus Ohio.

AEP has a large variety of career paths available. There are positions in sales, human resources, engineering, finance, building, and facilities maintenance, just to name a few. There is an emphasis placed on matching veterans to careers that match their skills, as well as encouraging women to enter skilled trades such as linework.

AEP offers a competitive benefits package that includes:

  • 401K plan with a 75% company match
  • Education assistance
  • Medical, dental, and vision plans
  • Health care flexible spending account


What Is American Electric Power’s Recruitment Process?

AEP has an online application process, and will only accept resumes submitted as part of this process. Before applying you will need to create an online profile. This will allow you to receive alerts if a position you are interested in opens up. You will be able to see where in the process your application is, and you will also be able to apply for multiple positions that match your skills and experience.

After submitting your application online, you will be sent a link to an online screening test. For your application to be moved through the process you will need to pass the screening. You may also be called to complete a phone screening interview to see if you should be moved forward in the hiring process.

If you have passed the screenings, you will need to pass a series of pre-hire tests. These can consist of physical tests as well as tests completed on a computer. Successful completion of the tests is followed by an in-person interview. The questions will range from behavioral to skill-based. The method of the interview depends on the position you have applied for and the skills management is looking for. Before an offer is formalized, you will be subject to a background check, and health screening.


AEP’s EEI Tests

If you are an applicant for an engineering, plant, or skilled trade position at AEP, you will need to complete job skills testing. These tests are developed by the Edison Electrical Institute and are given to all who will be working as linemen, in plant maintenance, and other jobs that require specialized knowledge. If you have recently taken and passed the EEI test, you can inquire to find out if you can use your prior scores instead of repeating the tests.

  • MASS Test If you are in the running for a position that involves plant maintenance and operations knowledge, this is the test you can expect. It is made up of 4 sections. You will be evaluated on Mechanical Concepts, Reading Comprehension, Assembling Objects, and Mathematical Usage. Each test section is timed, and the test will be given over a period of 2 hours.
  • CAST Test Construction and skilled trades people will be given the 4-part CAST test. This exam has sections on Graphic Arithmetic, Reading For Comprehension, Mathematical Usage, and Mechanical Concepts. Test takers will be given 2 hours to complete the entire test.
  • TECH Test Job seekers in technical fields like transmission line technicians, and service technicians, will be given the Tech Test. This test battery is in 4 sections, like the majority of EEI tests. The areas you will be examined in are Graphic Problem Solving, Interpreting Diagrams, Mechanical Concepts, and Reasoning From Rules. Each section of this test is timed, and will take a total of an hour.
  • POSS Test This is the test battery designed for plant operating positions. The 4 sections in this test are similar to those of the MASS test, but with an emphasis on operations versus maintenance. You will be tested in Figural Reasoning, Mathematical Usage, and Reading Comprehension.
  • SO/PD II Test This test battery was designed for power dispatchers and system operators. You need to be able to show strong aptitude in each of the 4 test areas. These areas are Mathematical Usage, Analytic Thinking Skills, Reading Comprehension, and a Multitasking Simulation.
  • MRAB Test Potential meter readers need to be able to demonstrate the skills necessary for job performance. This is reflected in the test sections which consist of Using Tables, and Coding.

You may be tested on your physical ability to perform the job, in addition to your mental abilities. Physical tests are scheduled separately from the EEI tests, and you will be able to find the physical tests you will need to perform for your job on the company website. Besides the EEI tests there may be psychometric testing for other positions such as customer service and human resources. The recruiting team will keep you informed about what to expect through each stage of the hiring process.


How to Prepare for the AEP EEI Tests?

Psychometric testing can be stressful, but it is now a common part of the job seeking process. The EEI tests are unique in that the companies that use them also offer study materials and practice tests. All electric and utility companies must meet specific criteria. This is why they all work with the Edison Institute to develop standardized tests that they all use. If you have applied for a position with American Electric Power, find the Test Prep portion of their website. There, you will be able to log in and have access to their test tips and practice tests. They also offer access to an interactive tool called Skill Builders that gives a real-world view of the work you are hoping to do. Be fully aware of the job description. If you are new to your trade, or starting on a new career path, make sure you have researched what your new position will entail, and the skills that you will need to have to perform successfully. This includes any physical skills. The test batteries often involve physical testing in addition to the psychometric tests. You can also access information through the Edison Electric Institute Website. They have an archive of study materials that they use. The tests used for hiring processes are similar to those used for licensing. If you still have study materials left over from any classes or licensing tests that you took, use these to help better prepare you for the tests.