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Winslow Personality Test Online Preparation & Tips – 2024

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As the face of the job market changes, and becomes saturated, companies are turning towards new methods of recruiting and hiring. Pre-hire testing has already become standard, and as new research is developed, the tests evolve, and new methods are developed. Personality tests have been a part of the hiring process for years, and their role has also changed. They are no longer just used to see if a job-seeker poses desirable traits, they are also used as a predictor of job success. The Winslow Personality Test is one of these.


What Is the Winslow Personality Test?

The Winslow Personality Test is used to determine how well applicants will fit into a company and a specific role and is also a predictor of the long-term success of each candidate. It uses 48 dimensions of personality and 24 separate traits.

The traits measured are:

  • Interpersonal traits – sociability, recognition, conscientiousness, exhibition, trust, and nurturance.
  • Dedication traits – Ambition, assertiveness, boldness coachability, leadership, and endurance.
  • Organizational traits – alertness, structure, order, flexibility, creativity, and responsibility.
  • Self-control traits – self-confidence, composure, mental toughness, autonomy, contentment, and control.


Winslow Reports

After taking the test your results will generate a report. The reports answer questions about how dedicated the test-taker will be, and how well they will fit into the company. There are 4 types of Winslow Reports generated:

  • The Executive Report – This displays the candidate’s test scores, along with a Position Compatibility form, that shows how well the scores compare to the job model.
  • The Participant Report – This is given to the test taker so they can see their results and focus on areas where they could benefit from self-improvement.
  • The Managers Report – This report is given to the manager of the employee after they are hired.
  • Position Compatibility Summary Form – This goes into the applicant’s file.

The reports are 45 pages long, and results are used to help establish certain traits that are necessary for an employee:

  • Coachability – Are they open to learning and receiving feedback.
  • Recognition – Do they have the drive to be recognized for their efforts.
  • Trust – Are they open communicators willing to place their trust in other people.
  • Flexibility – Are they able to adjust to the company’s way of doing things.
  • Contentment – Are they a generally happy person with a positive outlook.
  • Responsibility – Will the employee accept responsibility for their actions.


Taking the Winslow Personality Test

You may be asked to take a Winslow Assessment as part of a pre-hire screening, needs analysis, promotion decision, personnel placement, or other career-based reasons. The test is given online, is made up of 130 questions, and will take about an hour to complete. Personality traits are measured on a 10-point scale.

There are controls in place to determine if an individual is purposely giving biased answers and can also identify people who may have difficulty reading or processing written information. If the controls detect that a person is purposely giving biased answers, no result will be generated for the test, and you may be asked to retake it.

When taking the test, it is important to answer as honestly as possible. You want to give s realistic a look into your personality as possible. Taking a look at the Winslow website can help give you a better understanding of the way the test was developed and the intent behind, which can help give you an idea of what to expect.



The Winslow Personality Test is an extremely comprehensive personality assessment. It generates thorough reports and gives an extremely good overview of what makes a potential employee tick. Use any resources that are available to you such as practice tests and the company website, and you will have no problem using the Winslow Personality Test to show potential employers exactly why you are perfect for the job.