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HEXACO Personality Inventory Online Preparation – 2023

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The HEXACO Personality Inventory is relatively new in the field of psychometric testing. Development began in 2000 by Doctors Lee and Ashton. You may see HEXACO and other personality tests described as being based on “lexical studies” or the “lexical hypothesis”, and this can make them sound very mysterious. Do not allow these terms to confuse you. Lexical studies were done in the 1930s through the 1960s, simply put, scientists combed the dictionary for personality defining adjectives, grouped the similar ones together, and quantified them numerically. This is what makes HEXACO similar to other personality inventories such as the Big Five, and Myers Briggs.

The HEXACO Personality Inventory is not currently being used for many purposes outside of research and studies. Unlike the Big 5 or Myers Briggs that have decades of research behind them, HEXACO has only been fully developed for about ten. This does not mean it should be ignored. As research continues it may start to make an appearance on pre-employment tests and you may be glad to have studied it ahead of time.


What Is the HEXACO Personality Inventory?

HEXACO measures 6 personality dimensions, with 4 separate facets:

  • Honesty-Humility – sincerity, fairness, greed avoidance, and modesty
  • Emotionality – fearfulness, anxiety, dependence, sentimentality
  • Extraversion – social self-esteem, social boldness, sociability, liveliness
  • Agreeableness – forgiveness, gentleness, flexibility, patience
  • Conscientiousness – organization, diligence, perfectionism, prudence
  • Openness to experience – aesthetic appreciation, inquisitiveness, creativity, unconventionality

There are several different versions of the HEXACO. Made up of 200, 100, or 60 statements. You will rank each statement on a scale of strongly agree through strongly disagree.


How to Prepare for the HEXACO Personality Inventory?

The HEXACO is not used outside of academic research circles as of now, so you are unlikely to be asked to take one as part of a pre-hire screening at this time. If you are curious about the HEXACO there are numerous online practice tests to help you familiarize yourself with its format and question style.



HEXACO is new to the world of psychometric testing, and there are many tried and true products on the market today. However, as research continues, the HEXACO Personality Inventory may become another tool in the talent hunting arsenal.