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Pearson’s SOSIE Personality Test Online Preparation – 2023

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What Is SOSIE?

Designed by Pearson testing, the SOSIE Personality Test is used by employers for talent assessment, along with career guidance and employee development. It is often combined with a cognitive assessment to provide a more comprehensive overview of job-seekers’ abilities as well as the personality traits that would make them a successful employee. SOSIE helps not only determine potential employees’ personalities it also helps to show if there may be a value clash between the potential employee and the prospective company.


What Is the SOSIE Personality Test?

SOSIE is designed to measure 8 personality traits, which are based on the Big 5 Factors. It evaluates dominance, stress resistance, sociability, cautiousness, original thinking, personal relations, and vigor. These are all determining factors in the way a person behaves, and each has an influence on the type of employee someone will be.

There are 6 interpersonal values that SOSIE measures. Support, conformity, recognition, independence, benevolence, power. These are the traits that determine how someone will interact with other people and how they will perform as part of a team.

It measures the 6 values of materialism, achievement, variety, conviction, orderliness, goal orientation. These values are what motivates a person and helps determine their work style.


What to Expect on The SOSIE?

The SOSIE is a multiple-choice survey made up of 80 questions. It usually takes around 25 minutes to complete. The SOSIE is given on a computer and is usually proctored. Its format is very similar to that of most personality tests. You will need to select the response that best describes you


How to Prepare for the SOSIE Personality Test?

To give you an idea of what you may see on the SOSIE there are sample questions below.

Pick the response that best describes you:

  1. I exercise regularly
  2. I get plenty of sleep
  3. I am sick a lot
  4. I watch what I eat


  1. I prefer to work alone
  2. I am very talkative in group discussions
  3. I dislike group projects
  4. I tend to feel very anxious

Knowing what to anticipate on a psychometric test is the best way to prepare yourself. When taking a personality test. You want to be as truthful as possible. Most personality assessments are designed to detect when a person may be trying to tip the scales in what they think is their favor. Make sure when you take the test, you are answering as if you are on the job since often our professional responses differ from what we do in our personal lives.



The SOSIE is unique in that it combines a value assessment and personality profile on one test. Do not feel intimidated by this, or any other personality test. As long as you are serious about the job, and your personality assessment shows that you will perform any job to the best of your ability, there is no reason to think you will not soon be accepting a job offer.