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FirstEnergy Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is FirstEnergy?

Akron, Ohio-based First Energy was formed in 1997 in a merger between Ohio Edison and Centerior Energy. First Energy and its 10 subsidiaries make up one of the largest investor-owned utility companies in the United States. It serves the areas of West Virginia, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey, providing over 6 million customers with utility services across 65,000 square miles. FirstEnergy has a workforce of over 12,000, and they are still expanding. There are career opportunities available in the areas of administrative support, distribution, IT, transmission, generation, digital factory, and corporate careers. There are also internship and co/op positions that are offered, as well as hourly positions in different career areas. FirstEnergy encourages the employment of military veterans, offering positions that are compatible with jobs they may have held and skills they acquired during their service. To show employee appreciation and help with an appropriate work/life balance FirstEnergy offers competitive benefits packages. These benefits include:

  • Health and wellness plan options including medical, dental and vision coverage
  • Health saving accounts
  • Flex spending accounts
  • Pension plan
  • 401k savings plan with company match of up to 6% of salary


What Is FirstEnergy’s Recruitment Process?

Most of the hiring for positions with FirstEnergy is done online. Job-seekers will need to create a talent profile to be able to submit an application. The talent profile also gives you the ability to save job listings, receive email alerts about new positions, and track the progress of your application. FirstEnergy does occasionally hold recruiting events. These events may be on university campuses, as well as at military fairs.

You may be contacted about scheduling assessment tests. The tests are all part of the Edison Electric Institute’s battery of tests. If you are required to take any pre-hire tests for a position it will be noted in the job listing. If you have already taken and passed the test required for your position, make sure to notify your recruiter since you may be able to have your scores transferred.

If your resume and test scores make you stand out from the crowd, you will be called to schedule an interview. The interview process may consist of multiple-interviews, some may be one on one, and some may be panel interviews. The interview method depends on what you are in the running for.

Finally, if you are given a job offer you will need to go through a background check, and a drug screen. You may also need to have a physical exam to prove you are in the right physical condition to safely perform your chosen role.


FirstEnergy EEI Tests

  • CAST Test The Construction and Skilled Trades Selection system (CAST) is broken into 4 sections that evaluate your skills in areas that are important to job performance. The test sections are Reading For Comprehension, Mathematical Usage, Graphic Arithmetic, and Mechanical Concepts. You will be timed on each section, and the entire testing session will last for 2 hours.
  • MASS Test If you will be doing maintenance work in a power plant, You will be given the MASS Test battery. This test is also made up of 4 sections, Reading Comprehension, Mathematical Usage, Assembling Objects, and Mechanical Comprehension. This test will also be timed, with the session being 2 hours long.
  • SASS Test Clerical and Administrative staff will also be given EEI tests due to the specialized nature of administrative work in the power industry. The areas of focus for this test battery are the Basic Competency Assessment Battery, The Basic Keyboard Skills Battery, and the Advanced Competency Assessment Battery.
  • MRAB Test Meter reader candidates will be tested on skills that are important for job performance. These skills are Using Tables, and Coding.
  • CSR Test Customer service representatives for utility companies need to demonstrate strong abilities in communicating with the customer as well as multitasking and data entry. The CSR Test has two test sections: the Job Skills Test, and the Interactive Test.
  • SO/PD II Test Operators and Power Dispatchers need to be able to think critically, understand safety protocols, and problem solve. The SO/PD II test measures Analytical Thinking Skills, Mathematical Usage, and Reading Comprehension.
  • POSS Test Plant operators will need to pass a 4-section test. The test will help demonstrate how well they will be able to work with the necessary machinery, regulate the output, and utilize their problem-solving skills. The areas of focus of this test battery are Figural Reasoning, Mathematical Concepts, Mathematical Usage, and Reading Comprehension.
  • TECH Test Engineering, and Technical positions will be challenged to show their level of expertise with the TECH Test. This group of tests consists of Graphic Problem Solving, Reasoning From Rules. Mechanical Concepts, and Interpreting Diagrams.


How to Prepare for FirstEnergy’s Assessment?

To maintain consistent industry standards, investor-owned utility companies use tests developed by the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). This means that the tests you take are the same across utility companies, and all workers must be able to adhere to the same set of standards. This makes preparing for pre-hire testing easier. Study materials are easy to access, and if you are a skilled trades person, your licensing tests will have been very similar. The first step is knowing exactly what our job title entails. If you know this you can easily find which test you will need to prepare for. The FirstEnergy website includes an EEI testing section which will direct you to the testing brochures you will need. The brochures go into great detail about the content of the tests so you will have an easier time studying. Do not skip over the practice tests. Taking the practice tests will refresh your testing skills in addition to introducing you to the test format. Remember any practice tests that are available are similar, but not exactly the same as the actual battery of tests you will have to sit and take. Use the study guides provided, and use your time leading up to the testing date to take the practice tests. Pay attention to the areas where you seem to be weak so you can focus on improving these skills.