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Emirates Assessment Day, Psychometrics Tests, Selection Process and Interview Question Online Preparation – 2022

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Emirates?

Emirates is a Dubai-based airline in the United Arab Emirates. Founded in 1985, they have now become the largest airline in the Middle East with hundreds of aircrafts flying to over one-hundred-fifty destinations. Employing pilots all over the world, Emirates’ captains and first officers enjoy benefits such as:

  • Minimum One Month Vacation
  • Education Support Allowance
  • Health Insurance
  • Loss of License Insurance

Emirates also offers various training programs and opportunities for growth. They encourage all of their pilots to consider moving up the ladder once they are comfortable at the company.


Emirates often recruits to the following positions:

  • Pilots
  • Cabin Crew
  • Engineering Positions,
  • Airline & Airport Operations
  • Customer Service
  • Corporate & Commercial Positions


What Is Emirates’ Hiring Process?

Emirates’ hiring process is tedious due to the important nature of the job. There are five rounds of recruitment that can take anywhere from two days to one month. Job seekers interested in Emirates can expect multiple behavioral and aptitude screenings throughout the process.


Initial Screening

Emirates initial screening is split into two parts: the application and the personality questionnaire. The airline administers these preliminaries before they extend an invitation to their Selection Program in Dubai.


Emirates Online Personality Questionnaire

Emirates online personality questionnaire is a fifteen-minute mini-assessment appraising the work style of the applicant. The questionnaire is compared to the company’s values and how well you align with them.


Application Process

Emirates asks that you provide a CV alongside your application. Also, be sure to check the eligibility requirements on their career page to confirm you have the necessary number of hours and certifications.


Emirates Interview Process

Emirates interview process will commence if the candidate is successful during the initial screening. The airline typically hires and screens their pilots with a three-day Selection Program in Dubai. Activities over the course of the recruiting process include:

  • Day One:
    • Group Assessment & SIM Assessment
    • Advanced Compass Test
  • Day Two:
    • Cognitive Ability Test & Panel Interview
  • Day Three:
    • Psychometrics & GCAA Medical


What are Emirates’ Onsline Assessments?

Over the course of the Selection Program (Programme), Emirates will administer various online assessments that evaluate your technical and non-technical abilities. The company condenses six assessments into one exam called the Computerized Pilot Aptitude Screening System (COMPASS) also known as the Advanced Compass Test. Candidates can expect to see these tests:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
    The numerical reasoning exam is applied to mathematics. The format is multiple-choice with a time limit per question. The numerical reasoning test will cover basic mathematical functions and feature questions asking you to calculate percentages or evaluate an algebraical equation.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
    The verbal reasoning exam is a timed multiple-choice assessment evaluating your critical reasoning skills. The test is structured around a paragraph of information that must be analyzed in a series of subsequent statements. Candidates must mark these statements true, false or cannot say based on the information provided.
  • Multitasking Test
    Emirates’ multitasking test requests that two activities be completed simultaneously. The first is obtaining a steady stream of information and entering it into the primary flight display. The other is assessing alerts being presented on the screen. You will be allotted five to ten minutes for this test.
  • Spatial Awareness Test
    Emirates’ spatial awareness test looks at the candidate’s ability to read instruments and properly comprehend the aircraft’s position and altitude. The candidates will also be asked to choose the aircraft in use based on the instruments in the cockpit.
  • Flight Control
    The advanced flight control test serves the purpose of assessing the candidate’s multitasking and psycho-motor skills. The flight control test consists of numerous activities such as adjusting airspeed, altitude, slip ball coordinator, and heading concurrently. There is typically a five-minute time limit.
  • Short-Term Memory
    Emirates’ short-term memory test will be testing how you work under pressure alongside the strength of your memory. The material provided in this test is hypothetical, but relevant to aircrafts and flight. The candidate should expect to be quizzed and ever-changing information about altitude, radio frequencies, heading, and airspeed. Later, the information must be repeated quickly and accurately.


Separate from the Advanced Compass Test, there are a handful of additional on-site, online assessments for candidates attending the Selection Program. Further tests include:

  • Abstract Reasoning
    The abstract reasoning test takes place on the second day of the interview process. This assessment analyzes the candidate’s logical reasoning skills as well as their ability to identify patterns. The test is formatted with a series of shapes and puzzle-like questions with multiple-choice answers and a time limit per question.
  • English Fluency
    Emirates’ English fluency test is around forty questions, and while it does not have a time limit, your speed is kept track of during the assessment. The questions are formatted as ‘fill in the blank’ sentences with multiple answer choices. The sentences ask that you use the word that demonstrates the proper grammar or word choice.
  • Personality Test
    Emirates’ administers three different personality tests on the third day. The content of the tests varies only slightly; some of the questions are repeats to evaluate your consistency and honesty. If you want to get a leg up, review the company’s values and align your answers with the traits they favor in their employees and candidates.

The most common assessment company that Emirates uses for these tests is Saville Assessment.

It is less common but also possible you will get tested by: Hogan Assessment, SHL, and HireVue.


Day One

Day one is the group assessment and SIM assessment as well as the previously described Advanced Compass Test. These assessments adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Group Assessment
    Emirates’ group assessment is an interactive discussion between eight to ten candidates. While having an accurate or intelligent answer is preferred, the recruiters are paying a lot of attention to your communication and teamwork skills. They want to see a sort of dynamic equilibrium between leadership and teamwork abilities. Common themes or variations of questions the recruiters ask you to discuss are “If you were to crash on the moon, what are the twenty most important items you would need” or “What would you bring to a deserted island for survival?”
  • SIM Assessment
    Emirates’ simulator assessment is fairly basic. The recruiters will brief you and then assess your standard of flying through a handful of modules with varying conditions.


Day Two

Day two of the Selection Program is the aforementioned personality and behavioral assessments as well as a panel interview with human resources. The panel interview focuses on competency and fit questions with a few aircraft inquiries. Customary questions are:

  • How might your colleagues annoy you?
  • Name a time you were a leader.
  • Tell me about a time someone disagreed with you and how you handled it.
  • Why are you interested in Emirates?

Be prepared for variations of these questions and have several examples from your own experience on deck.


Day Three

Day three is the psychometric tests, the medical exam and an accommodation and school tour. The medical exam is comprised of multiple tests such as hearing, vision, EKG, urine sample, and blood work. A GCAA medical certificate must also be produced for the airline. The final day of the Selection Program is the most casual seeing as its activities are strictly procedural.



Emirates will make their offer on the final day of the Selection Program and immediately begin the onboarding process. For those who are not native to Dubai, the airline is hands-on with the transition and supplies lots of information on the city. After an introduction week, the new employee will go through a twelve-week training process before becoming a fully qualified Emirates’ commercial pilot.


How to Prepare for Emirate Assessments?

Emirates’ online assessments offer the company bounds of insight into your reasoning skills, communication skills, and plenty of other capabilities; this is why they greatly value the use and outcome of these assessments. Preparation is vital to succeeding during the assessment portions of the Selection Program. The time constraint can be tricky, especially if it is your first time around. By using online practice tests, you can navigate the content and the time limit with ease. For the psychometrics and personality questionnaire, review Emirates’ values and philanthropic endeavors to get a feel for what is important to them as individuals and as a team. These guidelines are the best road for success during your preparation for Emirates’ online assessments.



Emirates Airline is a highly sought out and competitive company for pilots, which is why putting your best foot forward is crucial during each stage of their recruitment process. Best of luck!