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Dominion Energy Psychometric Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is Dominion Energy?

Dominion Energy is an energy company headquartered in Richmond, Virginia that focuses on providing electric power and natural gas to customers, mostly in Virginia and its surrounding states. The company was established in 1983 as Dominion Resources, taking the reins from its predecessor Virginia Electric and Power Company (VEPCO.) The company operates a wide variety of power plants, including hydroelectric dams, solar and wind farms, nuclear power plants, and oil and gas plants. As of 2023, the company employs 21,000 employees and provides power to 7.5 million customers in the Mid-Atlantic region.

Dominion Energy offers a wide variety of benefits, including:

  • Three full health care plans for you to choose from, including dental, vision, and coverage for dependents
  • 120 days of full parental leave and benefits
  • Employer-funded retirement plan
  • 3 weeks of paid vacation time per year and 26 weeks of paid sick leave
  • Subsidized continuing education


What Is Dominion Energy Recruitment Process?

Dominion Energy’s recruitment process assesses prospective employees using both a standard interview and an aptitude test. The aptitude test varies depending on the position: positions requiring technical knowledge, such as plant operators and engineers, take the Edison Employment Institute (EEI) battery of tests, while administrative and clerical interviewees take the Previsor Online administrative exam.

There are several different kinds of EEI tests that prospective employees at Dominion Energy must pass:

  • The Construction and Skilled Trades test (CAST), taken by electrical craftsmen such as groundsmen and linemen, is used in screening prospective employees on arithmetic, mechanical principles, and reading comprehension.
  • Operating positions, such as a control room operator, are required to complete the Plant Operator Selection System test (POSS.) This test examines applicants’ knowledge of mechanical concepts, mathematics, reading comprehension, and pattern recognition. Like the CAST test, this test has four component sections and takes about two hours.
  • Technician candidates take the TECH test. In this test, candidates are graded on interpreting diagrams, logical reasoning, mechanical concepts, and mathematics.
  • The MASS (Maintenance Selection System), taken by maintenance workers such as control repairers and insulation workers (among others), tests its takers on reading comprehension, mechanical principles, assembling objects/puzzle-solving, and solving mathematical problems.
  • Meter readers are required to take the Meter Reader Aptitude Battery (MRAB), which tests applicants on their ability to analyze data from tables, as well as their ability to assign code numbers to data.
  • The SO/PD II test, designed to test applicants to a System Operator or Power Dispatcher position, has four distinct sections: Analytical Thinking, divided into argument analysis, logic-based reasoning, and problem-solving subsections; a Mathematical Usage section, which tests basic mathematical concepts; a multitasking section, where test-takers are assigned to complete four basic tests at once; and a section on reading comprehension.
  • The final EEI test required for Dominion Energy positions is the Customer Service Representative (CSR) test. This test examines prospective applicants on their data entry, communications, and customer handling skills.

Most of the tests take two hours to complete, however, SO/PD II takes two and a half hours, and the CSR test is the longest at four hours to complete. By contrast, the MRAB test takes only twenty minutes to complete! Do note that the tests can be shorter than their given lengths if not all sections are administered.


Themes Present in the EEI Test Battery:

  • By far the most pressing skill to study in preparation for the exams is mechanical engineering concepts. Most of the tests include a section on this.
  • Spatial reasoning is also very important, as most of the tests will include a section where the examinee will have to read and understand diagrams.
  • A solid basis in mathematics is essential. Several of the tests include two mathematics sections. Though you can use a calculator on some of them, on several sections you will be left with just a pen and paper. You will need to know standard mathematical formulas and how to apply them to real-world applications, and you will need to know how to solve moderately complex equations without a calculator.
  • Although reading comprehension is not on every exam, it is on several of them. Participants will be asked to read a short passage and then recall details–sometimes minor–from it.
  • Logical reasoning is also an important skill to learn. Participants will be asked to analyze arguments, complete incomplete patterns, assemble shapes, and make inferences based on selected readings.


The Previsor Online test

Dominion Energy applicants to clerical and administrative positions will be required to take the Previsor online assessment instead. The Previsor online assessment tests examinees over the following:

  • Clerical skills, such as organization, filing, numerical reasoning, helpfulness, and verbal reasoning.
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  • Typing skills.


How to Prepare for Dominion Energy’s Assessments?

The most relevant strategy on how to prepare for the assessments is to make sure you know the relevant material backwards and forwards. No substitute—no amount of sleep or mental framework–can compensate for this. If you do not study, you shall not pass.

There are many relevant similar testing services online that offer practice tests. Look for a practice test with explained answers—if you get one of your answers wrong, then you will be able to correct your mistake.