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Free Online Practice for Aptitude Tests for Senior Management

Aptitude Tests Preparation

If you’ve been eyeing that promotion for the last few months now, you should know that many large companies require employees to pass a management aptitude test before becoming a supervisor. A general psychometric exam adapted for executives, a manager’s test evaluates verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning.


What Is a Competency Assessment Test for Senior Managers?

A management test is designed to test the intelligence of promising candidates looking to advance. Because managers take on more responsibility, employers want to know that the individuals who occupy those positions are competent, creative, and intelligent enough to handle their new tasks.

Like a pre-employment screening test for graduates and job-seekers, this online aptitude assessment contains a verbal, numerical, and logical component; however, each of these sections are adapted to the business world. That is to say that the reading passages, for instance, will contain information on interest rates, stock market values, and franchises.


How to Prepare for an Online Management Test?

Unfortunately, the majority of high-level executives assume that they’re clever enough to pass a psychometric test for senior management without studying. While they may, indeed, be intelligent, many of them fall short on the assessment because they don’t know what to expect.

Like the SAT’s, it’s crucial that you learn to apply your knowledge. If you’ve been asked to take an executive management aptitude test, then take at least an evening or two to review some of the questions. If you’re competing with other employees for the promotion, a little bit of preparation might give you the edge you need.


Tips for Aptitude Tests for Managers:

Make sure to read over our top tips before heading out to the assessment center to take your exam.

  1. Don’t Rely on Outside Information: While you may be a wealth of information, you won’t want to draw upon it when taking an aptitude test. All of the information is provided for you in the question. On logic and verbal comprehension questions in particular, outside information will just distract you.
  2. Don’t Look Up at the Clock Too Frequently: If you know you’re racing against the clock, it can be tempting to look up every few minutes, but try to stay focused and keep your eyes on your work.
  3. Pay Attention to Key Words: Words like “some,” “all,” “never,” and “occasionally,” can change the meaning of a phrase dramatically. Pay close attention to these words on logic and verbal questions.


Final Thoughts on Management Aptitude Tests:

Management aptitude tests can be pretty tricky. Make sure to click over to our questions tab to practice with our free examples.

These are the most common assessment companies that you may be tested at:


Example Questions:

  1. Given the following premises, which of the statements below must be true?
    Alex believes in G-d.
    Julie is an atheist.
    All Christians go to heaven.
    There are no churches in Missouri

    1. Julie lives in Missouri
    2. Alex lives in Missouri
    3. Julie is going to hell.
    4. Alex is going to heaven.
    5. No Christians go to hell.
  2. Jeanie’s first two test grades are 65 and 79. If Jeanie wants to get a final grade of 77, what score does she need on the next test?
    1. 77
    2. 87
    3. 67
    4. 134
    5. 232
  3. Read the text and answer the question below.

    Long Blockchain was one of several otherwise unconnected microcap companies that made a surprising cryptocurrencies pivot and saw their stocks soar (an e-cigarette producer and sports-bra maker implemented similar schemes). A drink-making bitcoin miner is an obvious stretch in hindsight. But it’s worth wondering whether it is radically different than your local grocer trying to convince patrons it’s really a tech-savvy delivery startup. I can’t tell you how many times in covering the car business auto makers said they were transforming to provide “mobility as a service.”

    Huh? I just want a set of wheels.

    To be fair, an increasing number of companies are at least dabbling in new tech ventures to improve operations, Howard Dresner, president of Dresner Advisory Services, told me. The boom in vendors offering affordable ways to crunch data or utilize cloud computing, for instance, unlocks new strategies for companies across a wide variety of industries.

    Source: The Wall Street Journal.

    The author suggests that in trying to reinvent themselves using new technology, many companies

    1. Turn to cryptocurrencies to maximize profits
    2. Lose their identity by focusing solely on data
    3. See their stocks soar
    4. Waste money investing in collecting consumer data
  4. Which figure correctly completes the pattern?
    management aptitude test question 4management aptitude test answer 4
  5. What is the ratio of women age 24-36 to men age 29-42 at Fitness Universe?
    management assessment test example 5
    1. 40:24
    2. 2:1
    3. 3:2
    4. 5:3



  1. E
  2. B
  3. B
  4. A
  5. D