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Talent Q Elements Verbal Test Preparation & Tips – 2024

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What Is the Talent Q Elements Verbal Test?

The Elements Verbal exam is an online-only psychometric aptitude test developed by Talent Q and the Korn Ferry group. The exam is intended to be for a wide variety of positions and to inform employers about the way a job seeker or graduate may perform in the job through each stage of the talent life cycle. The test’s target audience is graduates, professionals, and managers, but it can be used for any position or type of job. The test is intended to help hiring managers to assess and screen the applicants in the pre-employment hiring process. Offered in over forty languages, the test has an international distribution and is a popular option with employers because it eliminates the need to have multiple tests for the recruitment processes of various positions.


What to Expect on the Talent Q Elements Verbal Test?

The Talent Q Elements Verbal exam is different from most online psychometric aptitude exams. It is designed to take significantly less time than most of those exams do. The test takes a maximum of sixteen minutes and an average of twelve to complete. In order to accomplish this, the test is designed with compact and easy-to-use interfaces. The test is also adaptive to give employers a better idea of what the skill level of tested applicants is. This means that the test contains a bank of possible questions, and the exam will supply the applicant with questions that are made easier or harder depending on whether the previous question was answered correctly.

Although the system itself is set up to be easy to use, the passages themselves are often complex. They cover a wide variety of topics as well, including finance, economic, and business-related topics. Given this, careful reading is a necessity to do well on this psychometric aptitude test. The passages include many details that are not necessary to answer the questions, so it forces the test-takers to comprehend and sort through the information to find the answers.

While working through the test, keep in mind that the test questions are timed. As opposed to timing the entire test, Talent Q Elements Verbal Reasoning Assessment gives test takers a set time limit per question. Graduates and job seekers are given seventy-five seconds for the first question on a section of text and sixty seconds for every question on that section afterward. There will typically be five passages with three questions on each, and the questions ask about statements on the passage. Be aware that one way the Elements Verbal exam is different from other similar psychometric aptitude tests is that applicants may be asked to choose two correct answers on a question. This is not common for other verbal tests, but it does help to ensure complete comprehension of the section of text. The exam also provides six answer options per question instead of the typical four that other online psychometric aptitude tests may have. This makes it more difficult to guess or choose randomly.

Along with the time limit, the system is set up to move graduates and applicants on to the next question when the time for that question is up. There is no further opportunity to revisit that question or to change the answer once the system has moved to the next test question, so it is imperative to choose the correct answer the first time around. The final score on the test indicates the difficulty level of the questions that were answered on the exam.


Elements Verbal Test Tips

  • Take online practice tests that are similar to the ones you will be required to take.
  • Remember that you will not be able to go back and change an answer, so as you practice give each question the attention it deserves. This will help you to avoid making simple errors on both the practice and the actual exams.
  • Go through some relevant language quizzes online to improve your speed and accuracy with this type of exam.
  • The time limit is difficult on these tests since the test is formatted to avoid guessing. When doing Korn Ferry Elements verbal practice, make sure to include the time limits in your preparation since the test requires reading large amounts of information and answering questions on it in a short time span.
  • Do reading comprehension exercises that are timed to help you improve your ability to collect the relevant information from large paragraphs of information. Keep in mind that the answers are contained within the passages. It is only a matter of collecting that information.
  • Read each question carefully in order to score well.
  • Build your answering speed to do well on the Talent Q verbal reasoning test.


How to Prepare for Talent Q Elements Verbal Assessment?

With practice, it will be possible to stand out against the graduates and job seekers. As such, make the time to really focus on the practice and preparation for the Talent Q Elements verbal test by utilizing the various Talent Q Elements verbal practice and other similar practice sets. Ensure too that you practice in a quiet, distraction-free environment and do what you can to take the actual test in a similar environment. This test requires a great deal of focus since it is testing comprehension and analytical aptitude on verbal materials.

As you practice and prepare, try to work through language quizzes and reading comprehension exercises that ask for more than one answer in addition to the typical one-answer style questions. This will aid you in answering the questions that require more than one answer to get the question correct. Also, as noted above, you should take various practice tests online to improve the chances of performing well and gaining a high score on the Elements verbal assessment. Given the demanding time limits on the questions and the vast array of answers to choose from for each question on the Korn Ferry Elements verbal reasoning test, practicing with similar material will be necessary to ensure you are familiar with the test and ready for the types of questions you will face.



The time constraints and complexity of the paragraphs given on the Talent Q Elements Verbal Reasoning assessment make the online psychometric aptitude exam a difficult one for graduates and job seekers. Making the test more difficult still is the fact that it uses adaptive testing. However, with proper preparation and practice during the pre-employment period, chances of success greatly increase. This will be your best chance at the Talent Q assessment results you want to have when you finish your Elements verbal practice and the actual Elements verbal exam.