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Talent Q Dimensions Test Preparation & Tips – 2024

Pre-Employment Tests

What Is Talent Q Dimensions?

Dimensions is an online aptitude test focused on personality. The assessment is produced and sold by Talent Q, which is a branch of the Korn Ferry group. The test is available in over forty languages, which makes it a popular choice for employers looking to use a personality psychometric assessment in their hiring and recruitment process. Candidates may be asked to take the test to help employers when screening graduates and job-seekers for many different areas of personality. The exam was created to be flexible enough to be utilized for a broad range of applications, and it is also set up such that it can be easily used alongside Talent Q’s Elements ability tests to give a more rounded view of the candidate.

The test itself measures personality across three large categories: People and Relationships, Tasks and Project, and Drives and Emotions. These areas each contain five traits that are most indicative of successful work performance. Taking a look at these three areas, each tests for different traits that determine success so that there is not an overlap in the testing. These areas are broken down and explained below:


People and Relationships

The People and Relationships domain of the test focuses on the job seeker or graduate’s method of handling relationships at work. In particular, this portion of the psychometric test seeks to determine how comfortable the potential employee will be in communicating with and influencing their coworkers and how supportive and effective they are in involving others.


Tasks and Projects

The goal of the Tasks and Projects sector of the exam is to take a look at the applicant’s thinking style and how they manage their tasks. This includes looking at how the test-taker analyzes information and prefers to work with concepts and ideas. It also examines how the test-taker likes to plan and organize work responsibilities.


Drives and Emotions

The final section of the Dimensions questionnaire is the Drives and Emotions portion, which examines the way the test-taker deals with their emotions and energy. The goal is to determine how the individual will cope with stressful situations, how they will adapt, how well they will adjust, and how they are motivated to perform at their best while working.

Through these three areas on the Dimensions personality questionnaire, organizations are able not only to screen out candidates who are not suitable for the position early on, but they are also able to come up with development plans for new hires as well as current employees. Since this particular psychometric aptitude test has such a broad range of uses, employers often utilize it to help them with organizational changes and team development in addition to using it with potential hires to determine suitability and aptitude. The test has, as such, been developed to ensure that it is easy to use, relevant, and rigorous so that it can provide HR professionals and management with the most information possible. Because it has been developed to such a high standard and is useful beyond the initial hiring process, many employers may keep the data for candidates they hire throughout the employee’s time with the company to use in other applications.


What to Expect on Talent Q Dimensions?

As far as the test layout goes for the Talent Q Dimensions psychometric test, it is meant to be simple and easy to understand. The test is completed entirely online. When the job seekers and graduates open the test, they will be presented with a set of four statements, which form a block, and asked to rate each statement’s level of truth, which ranges from ‘completely untrue’ to ‘very true’. When taking the test, test takers should avoid rating more than one statement the same since it can cause issues with the score. However, if the graduate or job seeker does rate more than one statement with the same rating, they will be asked to rank the tied statements according to which is most true of them.

The question format on the test, known as modified nipsative, helps to minimize the risk of candidates faking answers for the sake of a good impression, but it also serves to make the psychometric exam easier and more intuitive for candidates in comparison to other exams that may require a ranking for all statements. In addition, applicants are given twenty-five minutes to complete the test. This is significantly shorter time-wise than other work-based personality tests, so keeping an eye on the time is important.

Applicants who need to take this exam should anticipate that the exam will have been adapted to meet the position. The employer is able to customize the profile for each job individually in order to better assess and screen candidates for role suitability. As this is the case, knowing what is required for your position may help you better answer questions asked.

In addition to the information on the test itself, job seekers and graduates who have taken this test should anticipate being asked questions that aim to further probe areas of perceived weakness that were revealed on the Dimensions personality exam. Because employers can adjust the profile for each job, these areas of weakness will vary from position to position, but if the employer is using this assessment for personality, chances are high that they will use the results to direct their questions in an interview.


How to Prepare for Talent Q Dimensions Test?

Personality psychometric aptitude exams are among the more difficult assessments to prepare for. The Furthermore, the Korn Ferry assessment Dimensions is one of the most difficult among the personality psychometric aptitude exams because it is designed to keep individuals from answering the questions only according to what the employer is looking for. It is not possible to memorize the question format or practice to the point that an applicant is prepared for whatever is thrown at them. Instead, preparing for a personality test requires careful study and consideration of the position applied for. Although these are more difficult tests to include preparation for in the process of preparing for assessment centers or packages, there are some tips and thinking patterns that can help you to succeed when taking your Talent Q Dimensions exam.


Talent Q Dimensions Test Tips

  • When thinking about how to rate statements, draw on your behavior in the workplace. Avoid using your life in general as the guideline when responding to the questions.
  • Do your research and know what kinds of traits the company is looking for in general as well as in relation to the specific position you would like to acquire.
  • Use your better judgment when answering and focus on behaviors or traits that your research has shown to be desirable in the company or position you have applied for.
  • Keep in mind that once you have moved on to another block of statements in the test, you will not be able to go back. Take your time and answer carefully.
  • Depending on the version you take, you should anticipate an average of twenty-five minutes to finish the long one and eight to finish the short one. Try to ensure you have the entire block of time free of interruptions.
  • As with any psychometric aptitude exam, do your best to practice in a quiet, peaceful environment and do the same when it comes time to take the exam.
  • Since the results of this exam will follow you throughout your employment with the company, it should be taken very seriously. Use sound judgment and be honest, but do not be afraid to answer in a way that highlights how you fit the qualities they are looking for.


Talent Q Dimensions Preparation

As you prepare and practice, it is important to take practice tests in addition to evaluating what the employer is looking for in potential employees. Practicing online exams similar to the Korn Ferry Dimensions test will ensure that you are accustomed to the format and what you might be asked, and it gives you the chance to think over some of the more common questions so that you can answer in light of the qualities and traits the job you have applied for needs. The test is intended to help your potential employer understand whether you are suited for the role but is also used to show them your capacity for development and growth as well as other interest areas for the job you would be doing. This is where the research you do will come in handy. If you know what those qualities and aptitudes needed are, you can combine that with your answers to prove to the employer that you have what they need and that you are able to be flexible enough to develop and grow in your use to the company. These should be your main goals in ranking each statement on the questionnaire.



The Dimensions psychometric aptitude test is one of the more difficult personality tests to prepare for since it is designed to keep job seekers and graduates from tailoring their answers to fit only the areas the employer is looking for. This is, in one way, a hurdle to be overcome, but in another way, an opportunity. Though the test technically has no right answers, through proper research, preparation, and practice, you will be able to answer the questions on this exam in such a way that you show both the qualities the employer is looking for and also the full range of your personality when it comes to work-related matters. Use it to its fullest advantage because it will be the one test that does follow you throughout your employment should you acquire the position you applied for.