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Saville Swift Analysis Aptitude Tests Preparation – 2021

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

Saville Analysis Aptitude Tests or Swift Aptitude Tests have become popular choices for employers over the years as well. The tests offer a variety of ways to assess and screen graduates or job-seekers in the talent pool. The tests have been designed to suit all high-level roles that employers may be seeking to fill, making them a versatile choice for employers who want to use one set of tests for any position they need to hire employees for.


What Are Saville Analysis Aptitude Tests?

Saville Analysis Aptitude Tests consist of a verbal, numerical, and diagrammatic aptitude test. Additional testing may be done for spatial, mechanical, and error checking aptitude. For the Swift version online, the eighteen-minute test version only contains the verbal, numerical, and diagrammatic portions. It allows six minutes per sub-test.

If the tests are split into single tests instead of one, the tests could take up to twenty-four minutes to complete since the complexity and number of questions increases. The single tests could include any of the tests listed above.


What Should You Expect?

Each of the sub-tests offered with the Swift aptitude testing tests for a slightly different set of skills or aptitudes. They are broken down below for your convenience.

  • Verbal aptitude – This test assesses the applicant’s ability to understand written information and make logical deductions based upon that information.
  • Diagrammatic aptitude – This exam focuses on the candidate’s ability to analyze operators and apply them to diagrams to find the missing diagram in a sequence.
  • Numerical aptitude – This test puts applicants through a series of questions that assesses their ability to use graphical, financial, and statistical data.
  • Spatial aptitude – This helps employers test an applicant’s ability to visualize objects from various angles and their aptitude for spatial decisions.
  • Mechanical aptitude – Intended generally for designers and engineers, this test assesses the test-taker’s ability to understand mechanical problems and the movement of objects.
  • Error checking aptitude – Meant for those in positions that require close attention to detail, this exam tests for the ability to identify and check numerical, coding, and verbal data for consistency and accuracy.


How to Prepare for Saville Swift Test?

Practice and preparation are your best bet for a good score. You need to know the material you will be tested on backward and forward because the time constraints can prove daunting for some. Focus your energy on practicing the tests you know you will have to take.


Tips for Success

  • Practice abstract and inductive reasoning preparation materials before the test
  • Complete practice questions as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Pay attention to the details.



Success on these tests is well within your grasp! Focus on practicing to whatever extent you need to feel confident and prepared. Know which tests you need to take and find practice tests, examples, and sample problems that will help you become accustomed to the test material. Then go to the test well-rested and ready to ace your assessments.