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Saville Diagrammatic Reasoning Test Preparation – 2024

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Saville’s Diagrammatic Reasoning Test is intended for fields requiring complex problem-solving skills and logical reasoning. This makes it an ideal psychometric aptitude test for employers seeking to fill positions in fields such as management consulting, finance, or engineering. Employers utilize the exam to test decision making, analytical ability, logical and abstract reasoning, and critical thinking ability.


What Is Saville’s Diagrammatic Reasoning Test?

The Diagrammatic Reasoning Test is a thirty-two-question test that is to be completed in twenty-four minutes. The test measures an employee’s logical reasoning and problem-solving capabilities. It presents the applicant with a panel and illustration followed by several questions. The effect of different operators is described in the panel while the illustrations show the working of the operators. Using that information, applicants must solve the problems.

There is a shorter, six minute version offered online with the Swift test battery. This test is typically easier than the full test and is used earlier in the screening and hiring process with candidates in the initial screening phase.


How to Prepare for Diagrammatic Reasoning Tests?

The best way to be prepared for this test is to review newspapers and magazines for diagrams and try to interpret them, study flowcharts of different procedures and processes, and solve logic puzzles. As you do this, try to identify types of relationships in diagrams and even create your own diagrams to show sequences of events.


Free Practice Questions:

diagrammatic reasoning test question 1

diagrammatic reasoning test answer 1

diagrammatic reasoning sample question 2

diagrammatic reasoning sample answer 2



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Prepare and practice for this test like you would with any other. The type of preparation is different question-wise, but the philosophy is the same. Familiarize yourself with the materials, and you will do well when test time comes.