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PSEG Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is PSEG?

PSEG is a publicly-traded energy company based in Newark, New Jersey. Its subsidiaries Public Service Electric and Gas, PSEG Power, and PSEG Long Island provide electric services to the states of New Jersey and New York.

PSEG employees are hired with an eye toward continuous employment, and the desire for employees to stay with the company long-term. Career opportunities with PSEG include positions in engineering, business operations, finance, energy resources and trade, IT, Field operations, and jobs within the unions. Summer internships and co/ops are available for students hoping to enter the power industry.

PSEG makes itself employee friendly by offering benefits that include:

  • Health, vision, and dental coverage
  • Exercise reimbursement
  • Childcare discounts
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • 401K savings programs
  • Employee stock purchase plans


What Is PSEG’s Recruitment Process?

You can search for positions based on location or job title. To apply you will need to create a career profile. This will allow you to upload your resume and sign up to receive job alerts. Some positions require you to pass a pre-employment test before you will be asked for an interview. If you are required to take any employment tests it will be noted on the job listing. Read the qualifications carefully to find out which tests you will have to take. If you are selected to interview expect a panel-style interview. Have multiple copies of your resume ready to distribute. PSEG relies on behavioral style interviews to help with candidate selection. This type of interview requires thorough answers and examples from your previous work-life.  Try to prepare ahead of time so you are not caught off guard. If you receive a job offer, you have almost reached your end goal. Before you are an official employee you will need to complete a background check. You may also need to complete a physical screening to ensure you can perform any difficult physical activities your position requires.


PSEG’s Pre-Employment Tests

PSEG uses a combination of EEI tests and other specialized tests designed to assess a job-seeker’s technical knowledge.

  • CASTConstruction and skilled trade workers will be given this multiple-choice test. You will be tested in the areas of reading for comprehension, mathematical usage, mechanical aptitude, and graphic arithmetic. Each section of the test will be timed. This test is targeted at individuals in fields like division mechanic lineman, and underground technician.
  • POSS/MASS Aimed at those working in the areas of plant maintenance and operations, this is a multiple-choice test with 5 timed sections. You will be evaluated in the areas of reading comprehension, mechanical concepts, mathematical usage, spatial ability, and tables and graphs.
  • MRAB To ensure an individual can quickly and accurately perform the functions needed as a meter reader you will be given this test. The multiple-choice questions will focus on the areas of reading tables and graphs and coding.
  • TECH This test is given to those who are involved in the technical operation of plant functions. Occupations like nuclear technician chemist, apprentice relay technician, and apprentice engineering technician require applicants to complete this test. The exam focuses on areas fundamental to the competent performance of technical positions. These areas are graphic problem solving, reasoning from rules, interpreting diagrams, and mechanical concepts. There is a time limit on each test section.
  • SASS This test is for those who wish to serve in an administrative role at PSEG. The Sass test consists of a basic competency assessment battery which is subdivided into classifying, spelling and grammar, basic math, and filing and sorting. The Basic Keyboarding Skills Battery section tests data entry and production typing. Finally, the Advanced Competency Assessment Battery is made up of a simulation work sample, and a data entry and database work sample.
  • SOSD/SOPD Applicants for the positions of system operator or system dispatcher will be given this set of tests. The test is divided into 4 sections, mathematical usage, analytic thinking skills, reading comprehension, and a multitasking simulation.
  • FLST – This test is meant for those who will be supervising union workers. This test will evaluate the test taker’s ability to perform supervisory functions.
  • Gas Battery – This test is given to street apprentices, service apprentices, and utility mechanic apprentices. The test has sections on reading comprehension, mathematical usage, and problem-solving.


How to Prepare for PSEG’s Assessments?

The pre-hire tests are one of the first steps in the hiring process and your performance on them will determine if you are considered a good candidate for the job, or if you end up in the slush pile. Ensure your success by taking time to study and prepare for the testing process.

PSEG provides study materials and practice tests on its website. The job posting will tell you which tests you will need to take. Use this information to find the test that your job will require. Your performance on the practice test will give you an idea of the areas you are weak in and need to improve. The practice tests will also help you get used to testing with a time limit as well as familiarize you with the format of the questions you will be asked. 

In addition to practice tests, PSEG offers study materials and skill builders to help serious job seekers do their best. Access to these requires a name and a password, which is provided on the PSEG testing page.  With study materials readily available, preparing for the pre-hire exams is easy and convenient.