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Southern California Edison (SCE) Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is SCE?

The main electricity company in Southern California is Edison International subsidiary, Southern California Edison, which has been in operation for over 130 years. It provides power across 50,000 square miles, servicing 15 million people. As the only natural gas and water provider to Santa Catalina Island, Southern California Edison supplies these utilities under the names Catalina Island Water Company and Catalina Island Gas Company. Southern California Edison headquarters are located in Rosemead California.

SCE has a workforce of over 15,000. To maintain workplace diversity there are Employee Resource Groups and diversity initiatives in place. There are positions available for skilled traditional hires in many areas including Data Scientists, Continuous Improvement, Planning, Environmental Policy, and numerous skilled trade careers. SCE offers internships to recent graduates, as well as an MBA Leadership Program.

There is a Total Rewards benefits package available to SCE employees. It includes:

  • Various health plans
  • Retirement Investment with company match
  • Wellness programs
  • Tuition reimbursement


What Is Southern California Edison’s Recruitment Process?

Submit your application online. Include an updated resume, this is required of all positions for your application to be eligible for review. Pay close attention to the minimum requirements, to be sure you are a good match. The job posting will also tell you if you need to include a cover letter with your resume. Not all positions will require one. If your application attracts the interest of the talent acquisition team, they will present it to the hiring manager for further review. If you seem like a promising prospect to the hiring manager, you will be contacted with the next steps. Some positions require pre-hire testing, which will also be noted in the job posting. You may be asked to complete an On-Demand interview. During this, you will be given questions and will record your responses. If you are not given an On-Demand Interview, you will be called for a telephone screening. If your On-Demand Interview and other screenings go well, you will proceed to the next step. The onsite interviews. Depending on the level and position you may be asked to speak to between 3-5 interviewers. This process can take an entire day and occasionally extend into two. Due to the size of the company, it can take up to 4 weeks for you to hear back. There are a large number of applicants, and it can take some time to determine who will be a perfect fit.


SCE Pre-Employment Psychometric Tests

The Southern California Edison Pre-hire tests are tailored to evaluate the knowledge of the applicants for specific positions. For some positions you will be able to test remotely, others tests are required onsite. The Talent Acquisition team will inform you which you will be taking.

All tests have a 3-hour time limit, and are either in a multiple-choice, or a hot-spot format. Hot spot format tests consist of a picture and a question, you must click on the correct area. The test questions will be tailored specifically for the position you have applied for.



The CAST test is a 4 part test used to test the aptitude of those going into skilled trades. CAST stands for The Construction and Skilled Trades Test, and was developed by the Edison Electric Institute. You will be tested in the areas of:

  • Graphic Arithmetic – You must solve arithmetic problems using drawings and schematics. You will have 30 minutes to solve all 16 problems.
  • Mechanical Concepts Assessment This is where you will need to show your knowledge of basic mechanical concepts, such as gears and levers. You will have 20 minutes to solve the mechanical problems presented in the 44 questions.
  • Reading Comprehension How well do you understand written information, and are you capable of following written directions. You will be given several short passages to read and you will have 30 minutes to complete them, and answer the 32 multiple-choice questions.
  • Mathematical Usage This section involves solving basic arithmetic problems. You will have 7 minutes to solve all 18 problems.



The POSS Test Plant Operator Selection System, is given to those who will be working in a power plant. The areas of ability that are tested here, are similar to those of the CAST test.

  • Reading Comprehension You will have 36 questions to answer based on 5 short passages. You have a time limit of 30 minutes.
  • Mathematical Usage Depending on the level of the job you applied for, there will be either 18 or 46 arithmetic questions to answer. The 18 question version gives you a time limit of 7 minutes. You will have 17 minutes for the 46 question test.
  • Mechanical Concepts There will be 44 questions regarding the use of gears, pulleys, levers, and other simple machines. These questions are presented as drawing with a problem you will need to solve. You will have 20 minutes to answer them.
  • Tables and Graphs This area of testing has 2 sections, Both of them require the ability to use tables and graphs to interpret information and answer questions. The first section is 60 questions with a 5 minute time limit The second part is 24 questions with a 5 minute limit.
  • Spatial Ability (Figurative Reasoning) Here you will need to be able to look at pictures of disassembled machinery, and visualize how everything goes together. There are 20 questions with a 10 minute time limit.



This test is for potential energy system operators and power controllers. Like the previous tests, it is made of several subsections to measure your aptitude in the areas important to performing the job.

  • Analytical Thinking Skills – This is similar to the reading comprehension test. You will be given several passages to read, and you will need to use the information provided to draw conclusions and answer the follow-up questions. There are 23 questions and a time limit of 45 minutes.
  • Multi-tasking Simulation – In this test you will need to be able to complete several tasks at once. Memorizing alpha-numeric codes, doing basic arithmetic, listening to various sounds, and reading.
  • Reading ComprehensionYou will be given a passage to read regarding systems management. You will need to answer questions to show how well you understand the information. You will have 22 questions to answer in 26 minutes.
  • Mathematical Usage The math questions here will be related to math you would use working in a power plant. There are 23 questions with a 45 minute time limit.

 Learn more about the EEI SO/PD II Test.


Hogan Test

The Hogan Assessment is a pre-hire personality test. These are given to see how well your personality matches the traits that are the biggest indicators of success in your field. It also helps show if your work ethic and drive are compatible with the company environment.


Physical Test Battery

Many skilled trades require you to possess stamina and strength. The job listing will tell you if you will need to complete any physical testing. The things you are asked to do will vary, based on what the job requires.


How to Prepare for SCE’s Assessment?

Southern California Edison makes preparation for their test battery extremely easy. They provide study guides on their website targeted for every position. These study guides explain exactly what your areas of focus should be, how long you can expect your testing session to take, as well as the materials that you are allowed to use. If you are serious about a position at SCE, then make use of the resources they are offering. Look over the job posting, so you know the skills it requires. This will help you prepare by knowing safety guidelines you should be aware of, particular areas of study that you should show ability in, and what will be expected of you on the job. Familiarize yourself with the EEI tests. The majority of tests given by SCE are developed by the EEI. Being familiar with their test methods will help you on test day as you will already understand the format, and the types of questions they may ask.