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Arizona Civil Service Exams Online Preparation & Tips – 2022

Aptitude Written Exams

Working in Arizona

With its dramatic desert landscape and mountain vistas, Arizona was at one time known for its copper and silver mines, as well as the notorious outlaws it produced. The economy of modern-day Arizona is driven by healthcare, transportation, and the government. Currently, the state government is the largest employer in the state. Since it employs so many residents, Arizona offers its civil servant benefits such as:

  • Health and dental insurance
  • Paid holidays
  • Retirement savings
  • Sick leave
  • Vacation


What Is Arizona’s Civil Service Hiring Process?


To apply for a position with the state government, you will need to apply online. All job openings can be found on the state website along with the location. A resume will not be accepted in the place of an application. All pertinent skills and experience must be listed on the application so it can be seen that you meet the minimum requirements for the job.


Arizona’s Civil Service Tests

Civil service exams in Arizona are dependent on the city and department the job is located in. Candidates for many positions are evaluated based on a mix of experience and education. Other positions may require an oral exam that also doubles an interview. The police and fire departments each require a series of tests. The specific exams given may differ by city and county.


Police Exams

  • DELPOE – One of the written tests most commonly given in the state of Arizona is the DELPO or Darany Entry Level Police Officer Selection Exam, developed by Darany and Associates. This test measures four main skills, Accuracy of Observation, Short Term Memory, Written Communication, and Reading With Understanding. It also includes a section for biodata. This test is made up of 170 multiple choice questions which you will have 2 hours to complete.
  • Physical Assessment Test – All police departments have physical qualifications that must be met. There will be a physical test that must be passed to make certain all candidates meet the minimum physical requirements.

Learn more about Arizona’s police exams.


Fire Department Exams

  • Written Exams – The exact exam will vary by city, but fire department written exams are designed to assess skills such as map reading, basic math concepts, reading comprehension, mechanical aptitude, and situational judgment. Two of the tests commonly given are the Ergonomics Fire Team Exam and the FPSI National Fire Select Test.
  • Physical Exams – Due to the physical demands of firefighting, applicants to the fire department must pass a physical exam to make sure they meet the physical requirements.



A panel interview is common for civil service jobs. Several Arizona fire departments utilize the panel interview as part of their assessment process, and many government departments rely on a panel interview as their only form of assessment. Questions will be a mixture of situational and behavioral, to give the interviewers an idea of how you will perform on the job.


How to Prepare for Arizona’s Civil Service Tests?

Some government departments that require assessment testing also offer a study guide to help candidates prepare. Some police department websites offer sample tests. Check the website for the department you have applied for to see if they offer study materials. Be as familiar as possible with the requirements for the position you want. This will prepare you for any exams or skills tests you may have to take. Since the interview is an important part of the assessment process, prepare for that as you would for an exam, study the job requirements, and practice your interview skills. On the day of the test, try to arrive early so you are not rushed. Read all the questions thoroughly and take your time. Even on the timed tests you do not want to rush, this could cause avoidable errors. Confidence and preparation are the keys to success on the exams and making it through the hiring process.