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Qatar Airways Assessment Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2021

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What Is Qatar Airways?

Qatar Airways is the flag carrier airline of Qatar and a member of the Oneworld Alliance. It is fully owned by the government of Qatar and is the largest shareholder of the International Airlines Group. It has the distinction of being the first Persian Gulf carrier to join one of the major airline alliances. Based out of Hamad International Airport, Qatar Airways flies to over 173 international destinations.

Qatar Airways employs more than 40,000 people within their 12 different businesses. With numerous different job families and a number of subcategories within those families, there are countless opportunities for employment at Qatar Airways. Employees of Qatar airlines are offered benefits including:

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Travel discounts
  • Employee discounts
  • Retirement investment plans
  • Maternity and paternity leave
  • Employee assistance programs


What Is Qatar Airways’ Hiring Process?

Before you begin searching for an open position with Qatar Airways, create a profile on the talent profile. This allows you to save your documents, be alerted of any new openings, and save your progress. Applying online is not your only option. Qatar Airways also hosts hiring events. This gives you an opportunity to make a first impression in-person and present your CV or resume directly to management.

If your resume seems to be a good fit, you may be contacted for a telephone interview. This will just be a short screening meant to verify the information you provided on your application, and to answer any questions you may have about the position and its requirements.

The steps in the recruitment process will vary by position. The next step in the process may be an assessment center, or you may go directly into the first round of interviews. Assessment centers will include interviews as part of the process, in addition to skills tests and group exercises. If you go directly to interviews, these may be done in a group setting, or as a panel, and could possibly involve more than one interview.

At any point during recruitment, you may be asked to take some assessment tests. These can be included as part of an assessment day, or they may even be sent to you at home. These tests are often used as tools to aid in short-listing candidates.


Qatar Airways’ Psychometric Tests

Like many airlines, Qatar Airways may use psychometric testing to help pinpoint the best candidates. These tests will help create a personality profile and identify job-seekers with the right combination of cognitive abilities and personality traits to excel in the job. These tests may be given as a single test that is a combination of different questions, or as an individual test measuring one attribute. Pilots and cabin crew are usually given combination tests, but this may vary.

  • Situational Judgment Test This test will show how you approach challenging occurrences in the workplace. You will be presented with different situations, and you will either need to select the option that is closest to your own response or rate the responses from least to most effective.
  • Personality Survey The personality test is presented as a questionnaire. Depending on the format of the test you may need to select descriptive terms that you find best describe you, or rank descriptors in order of how well they describe you.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test Verbal reasoning is a measure of how well you comprehend written information, and your ability to draw accurate conclusions. This test measures this ability by presenting you with short paragraphs, followed by true or false statements. You must use the information you are given to determine if the statements are true, false, or if there is not enough information to draw a conclusion. This test has a time limit and will shut off when that limit is reached.
  • Numerical Reasoning This is a combination of word problems and graphs that helps demonstrate how well you are able to work with numbers. You will be given numbers in tables, and you will need to use these to solve the word problems by finding the correct function and calculating the answer. This test is multiple-choice.
  • Abstract Reasoning This is a measure of your fluid thinking abilities. You will need to identify patterns in changing shapes and find the shape that is missing or comes next in the sequence. This test is multiple-choice, and you will have a time limit.

These aptitude and personality tests are usually given by Talent Q.


How to Prepare for Qatar Airways’ Assessments?

You need to be prepared for whatever the recruitment process holds. This includes the assessment tests. You can make sure you are ready to tackle any assessment tests by preparing beforehand. If you know your skill with numbers is weak, take practice tests using word problems. You can do the same for other aspects of the test, verbal reasoning can be helped by word puzzles and crosswords, or you can find resources online designed to help students that may be helpful in improving your skills. Put together a practice test using your resources, and set a timer, so you get used to working under a time limit.

Think of the personality test as a chance for the recruiters to get to know who you are at work. Answer the questions honestly, but always approach them as you would if you were truly on the clock. This approach could make a difference in some of your answers and generate a more accurate workplace personality profile.