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North Carolina Civil Service Exam Online Preparation – 2022

Solving Aptitude Tests

Working in North Carolina

North Carolina is the leading South Atlantic state in agriculture and industry. They lead in producing sweet potatoes and flue-cured tobacco and are also a heavy hitter in the production of trout, turkeys, and hogs. North Carolina has a large university system, made of 17 public universities, and a community college system that encompasses 58 colleges. The Government of North Carolina is the largest employer in the state, with over 80,000 employees currently working for the various agencies. The benefits package offered to civil servants in North Carolina includes:

  • Medical, dental, and vision coverage
  • Tele-working opportunities
  • Paid parental leave
  • State retirement
  • Paid vacation
  • Community service leave


What Is North Carolina’s Civil Service Hiring Process?

Application Process

Job postings for jobs with the state of North Carolina can be found online and are updated daily. Job-seekers can set job alerts to be notified when job postings they qualify for are opened. Applications are submitted online. All relevant experience must be listed on the application or it will not be considered. A resume may be included, but will not be accepted in the place of an application.


NC Civil Service Exams

Not all state government positions will require a written or oral civil service exam. This will depend on the city the position is located in. Some cities and counties rely on interviews to evaluate soft skills. Others make a note on the job posting of any exams that will be required prior to employment. If an exam is required, you will be directed to schedule it during the application process. Based on the position you applied for, you may be tested on any of these areas:



For many positions, the main assessment is the interview. Interviews may be one on one or done by a panel. Some of the questions will be situational, so familiarity with the STAR method (situation, task, action, response) will help you make a good impression. Be prepared to also answer behavioral questions so the interviewer can get a balanced view of how you will fit in as an employee.


How to Prepare for North Carolina’s Civil Service Exams?

To get yourself ready to take the exams, first, familiarize yourself with the job requirements. This will give you an idea of the skills that will be emphasized. Some departments offer a study guide. If one is offered, take the time to read through it so you know exactly what to expect from the tests. Since interviews are also an important part of civil service assessments, and some positions may require a verbal exam, practice your interview skills so you give the best possible impression. The process for getting a civil service position can seem difficult, but if you prepare yourself and stay on track, you will soon be a member of the North Carolina civil service team.