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Georgia Civil Service Exam Online Preparation & Tips – 2021

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Working in Georgia

Known as “the Peach State,” “the Goober State,” and “the Empire State Of the South,” Georgia is home to the headquarters of several Fortune 500 companies. Home Depot, Coca-Cola, and Delta airlines are based in Atlanta, as well as Honeywell, Aflac, and SunTrust Banks. Film, communications, technology, transportation, and tourism all support Georgia’s economy. There are many opportunities available with the state government of Georgia, and they provide their employees with benefits that include:

  • Health, vision and, dental insurance
  • Retirement savings
  • Health savings accounts


What Is Georgia’s Civil Service Hiring Process?


Applications can be found online on the Georgia Careers website. Though they prefer job seekers to submit their applications online, paper applications can be requested. All job openings are listed on the website, along with the minimum job qualifications.


Georgia’s Civil Service Tests

The State of Georgia no longer offers a single civil service exam. Instead, each governmental department is in charge of providing their own exams. Not every department requires an exam, and any testing will be noted on the job posting.


A few departments that require exams are:

  • The Georgia Department of Revenue – If you are applying with the Georgia Department of Revenue, you may be required to take one of several exams.
    • The CONNECT Exam
    • Revenue Agent Test
    • Tax Specialist Test

    These exams will all test your knowledge of bookkeeping and tax codes. They are multiple-choice and may be either written or given on a computer.

  • Georgia Department Of Corrections – The Georgia Department of Corrections requires a Peace Officer standards and training, or POST, exam. The POST Exam is given through the Technical College System of Georgia. Instead of a test specifically designed for correctional officers, they give either the ASSET or COMPASS exam. Which exam you are given depends on the police department you were applied for.
    • Asset Exam – The ASSET Exam is a multiple-choice test, given on scantron. It is made up of 2 sections, and you will have 75 minutes to complete each section.
    • COMPASS Exam – This test is also multiple-choice but given on a computer. There are three sections, and no time limit.

    These tests are very similar in that they measure several basic competencies. Both tests are scoring the job candidates on reading, writing, and numerical reasoning. They will be scoring the tests based on your ability to read and make logical conclusions, understand written instructions, and understand basic mathematical concepts.

  • Georgia Department Of National Resources – The examination process will be the same as that for the Georgia Department of Corrections.
  • Georgia Police Officer Exams



For many government positions, the interviews are considered part of the assessment testing process. Interviews may be given either over the phone or face to face. Some agencies require panel interviews. The style of the interview is dependent on the agency and the position you have applied for.


How to Prepare for Georgia’s Civil Service Tests?

The best way to start preparing for civil service exams is to make sure you have thoroughly read through the job description. This will let you know all the qualifications for the position, as well as which exams are needed. Study any specialized knowledge that you may be tested on. Some departments may have a study guide to help you, so it is worthwhile to inquire. Double-check the testing location, so you know where you’re going. Read over any materials you are given prior to testing so that you are prepared on the day of the test. On the test day, remember to take everything that is required, such as your ID. Even on timed tests, don’t rush, try to stay calm, but don’t spend too long on any question. If you go into the testing process prepared, you will soon find yourself accepting a job offer from the State of Georgia.