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ExxonMobil Assessment Tests Preparation – 2021

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is ExxonMobil?

Since 1999, ExxonMobil has been a giant in the energy and oil industry. Headquartered in Texas, the multinational company has expanded to five continents with almost seventy thousand employees.

ExxonMobil’s vast success can be attributed to their commitment to the community, the environment, and its employees. They encourage employee development with hands-on training and a variety of technical programs. ExxonMobil’s job fields include, but are not limited to:

  • Geoscience
  • Finance
  • Operations
  • Corporate
  • Engineering
  • Information Technology

ExxonMobil Brands: ExxonMobil, ExxonMobil Chemical, Exxon, Mobil, Esso, XTO, and On the Run. 


What Is ExxonMobil’s Hiring Process?

ExxonMobil has a thorough hiring process. They screen four main areas of the candidate: technical, aptitude, competency, personality. This is done over the course of two to three months with about four different rounds of recruitment. ExxonMobil screens their candidates in two broad phases.

Phase one includes:

  • Online Application
  • Review of Application

Phase two includes:

  • Online Assessments
  • Phone Interview
  • Final Interview


Application & Review

ExxonMobil treats the application as an initial screening. They will briefly review the resume to ensure the candidate is qualified, then shortlist those applicants to review once again. ExxonMobil will contact applicants about two weeks after they have submitted an application to inform them if they are proceeding to the next stage.

Due to the high volume of applicants, ExxonMobil appreciates a concise application that concentrates on major achievements and milestones. With this in mind, be sure to craft an “elevator pitch” type application that acts as your highlight reel.


ExxonMobil Online Assessments

After their preliminary review of the most qualified candidates, ExxonMobil will advance to the next stage of the interview process. ExxonMobil uses online assessments to further narrow their options for the open position.

These assessments will vary in content and number depending on the role that is being interviewed for. Either way, the candidate will be sent a link to the tests via email and are asked to complete them within a week. Common online assessments administered by ExxonMobil include:

  • Numerical Reasoning
    Those interviewing for finance-related and corporate positions will most likely have to take the numerical reasoning test. It consists of multiple graphs and tables of numerical data that must be evaluated for an accurate resolution. Each question is multiple-choice, and each data figure usually includes about three to five follow-up questions. The test is timed, and the candidate should have a basic understanding of fractions, ratios, statistics, algebra, and fundamental operations.
  • Data Accuracy
    The data accuracy test is customary for administrative and accounting jobs. The objective is to compare two sets of similar data and find the discrepancies. This could be number sequences, tables, or more. The test is very brief and multiple-choice.
  • Mechanical Comprehension
    For the industrial and engineering positions, ExxonMobil administers the mechanical comprehension test. The assessment focuses on the principles of mechanics, gears, levers, pulleys and more. Most questions present a hypothetical motion or principle and ask that the candidate analyze it and predict the next action. The questions will be multiple-choice and there may be more than one question per image.
  • Verbal Reasoning
    The verbal reasoning test is the most common in ExxonMobil’s interview process and is not endemic to a particular field or job. The verbal reasoning assessment is centered around short passages that discuss business-related and general content. Following the passage will be about four statements that the candidate must evaluate and establish a connection between the two. The answer choices are “True”, “False”, or “Cannot Say”. The purpose of the verbal reasoning test is to appraise the candidate’s ability to follow directions, understand correspondence and written statements, and interpret ambiguous information.
  • Personality Test
    The personality test is in place to inform ExxonMobil if the candidate would be a good fit behaviorally for the role. For example, if someone is applying for a customer-focused position, the company would prefer a candidate who is outgoing, reasonable, and friendly. ExxonMobil has predetermined qualities that they are looking for in each role and will compare the candidate’s results to these traits. The test is set up so that it presents candidates with a statement detailing a character trait or action, then the candidate must rate said statement based on how much they agree with it.


ExxonMobil Phone Interview

The phone/skype interview is fairly general. A hiring manager will contact the candidate and ask that they walk through their resume. The interviewer will ask follow-up questions on certain areas of the resume such as qualifications and past projects. They will also inquire about the candidate’s interest in the company and their general knowledge of what the role requires of them.


ExxonMobil Final Interview

This is the last stage before ExxonMobil will reach out with an offer. Most final interviews are with a panel of hiring managers and key team members. The final interview can be structured in one of three ways: technical, research, or a collaboration/leadership interview. These may be conducted as follows:

  • Collaboration/Leadership Interview
    This interview is more behavioral. ExxonMobil asks questions to get a sense of your personality and will ask about past experiences you have had when working in teams. They also want to know what type of leader you are and whether or not you have the ability to influence people.
  • Research Interview
    For those applying to science-based positions, you will have to participate in a research interview. ExxonMobil asks that you present your research or thesis to a panel of team members and scientists rather than hiring managers. They will also inquire about your study, why you chose the subject, how you reached a particular conclusion, etc.
  • Technical Interview
    The technical interview is the most common type of interview at ExxonMobil. The panel will ask job-specific questions such as hypothetical problems, solving day-to-day tasks, and more. The candidate must walk the panel through their problem-solving approach step-by-step.


How Can I Prepare for ExxonMobil’s Online Assessments?

ExxonMobil has specific requirements and expectations for the candidates. During the first two stages, the application and assessments, ExxonMobil will cut about forty to sixty percent of the candidates. Whether it is because an applicant doesn’t meet the entry criteria or because they did poorly on the assessments, these two rounds are very rigorous.

Preparing for online assessments is crucial for your success. You should have a pretty good idea of tests you are going to be taking based on the position you have applied for. Once you have this in mind, you can begin preparing by taking mock assessments. These will simulate the genuine test and give you the chance to make mistakes before they count against you. You can practice navigating the questions and working with the time limit, and best of all, you will get to see your scores. Your scores will tell you how much more work you need to put into preparing as well giving you an idea of what areas you need to work on.

Another common preparation method is sample questions. Sample questions allow you to practice for the test material without the stress of the time constraint. It is also a great opportunity for analyzing and perfecting your thought process and problem-solving approach. You could also try running through sample questions with a friend to better understand their approach to improve your own.


Interview Tips for ExxonMobil

While numerous questions narrow in on your industry knowledge and technical skills, ExxonMobil does ask people in every field some key questions that could determine the overall outcome. These questions revolve around the company’s core values and how the candidate relates to them. ExxonMobil’s values include:

  • Career Development
  • Safety & Security
  • Operational Integrity
  • Responsible Climate Control Principles
  • Diversity & Inclusion

ExxonMobil will ask about times when you have exhibited these traits and times when you haven’t. They will also ask how you implement these traits in your professional life and how they apply to the day-to-day responsibilities of your job. Prepare concise, to the point answers for each of the traits prior to your interview with ExxonMobil. Best of luck!