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How to Prepare for Amazon’s Data Analyst Interview Process, Assessments & Aptitude Tests Preparation – 2022

Aptitude Tests Prep

What Is a Data Analyst?

Data analysts are responsible for providing support for data analysis and coordinating with customers and staff. In addition to this, they are expected to resolve business associated concerns for clients, perform audits on data, use statistical techniques to analyze and interpret results, provide ongoing reports when required, and maintain databases and data systems. Depending on the needs of the organization at any given point, data analysts also help the company identify new processes or areas for improvement and aid management in analyzing, identifying, and interpreting complex data-set trends and patterns.

What Is Different About the Hiring Process for Data Analysts?

Since a data analyst position is more technical than customer service and general management positions, applicants are put through additional tests, and the interviewers are looking for more specific information than they might with a general position.

The Interview Process

Graduates and job seekers wishing to acquire a position with Amazon as a Data Analyst should have strong skills and experience with:

  • Reporting packages such as Business Objects
  • Programming languages such as XML, Javascript, or ETL frameworks
  • Accurate analysis, organization, collection, and dissemination of big data
  • Technical aspects of database design, data models, segmentation techniques, and data mining
  • Statistical packages for analyzing large sets of data (SAS, Excel, SPSS, and others)

The interviewer will be using the interview time and assessment center to determine whether or not the candidate has the necessary skills in these areas. In addition to this, the interviewer will likely wish to assess the knowledge the graduate or job seeker has of what working as a data analyst involves.

To be prepared for the interview and testing, have a core knowledge of how to use problem-solving skills on an analytics project specifically. Popular questions for interviews often include questions such as:

  • What are the various steps in an analytics project?
  • What is data cleansing?
  • What are some of the best practices for data cleaning?
  • What is logistic regression?
  • What are some of the best tools for data-analysis?
  • What are common problems data analysts face?

Answering these questions requires job seekers to spend some time reviewing and researching the answers to these questions. Since data and technology change rapidly, this means that what was a good answer to these types of questions two years ago may no longer be applicable. In order to avoid answering the questions with dated information, spend some time preparing and researching and give your answers accordingly. This preparation may require more research and dedication than positions that involve general management or customer service due to the nature of a data analyst’s position and job requirements.

Amazon Data Analyst Assessments

Beyond the shift in interview focus, there are some changes in the assessments data analysts need to prepare for and take as well. Fortunately, most of the tests are the same as ones other potential employees would take, but data analyst applicants will also have to take an Excel assessment test. The interview Excel test is used as a screening tool to show what skills a candidate possesses. Applicants interested in a data analyst position should prepare for an advanced Excel test since Excel is a popular tool for jobs focused on analyzing large data. These sorts of exams involve multiple-choice sections and an interactive portion.

Below are some tips for taking an Excel exam:

  • Do not assume the multiple-choice portion of the test will be simpler than the interactive portion. Take preparation for this as seriously as you would for the interactive portion because the questions will require you to have memorized the layout and the names for different tools. Make sure you know the basic layout and which tabs contain what.
  • Keep in mind that regardless of whether the exam is timed, the amount of time you take to complete the exam is recorded and visible to the employer. It is best to complete the exam in the shortest time that is possible while still taking time to avoid simple errors.
  • When doing the interactive portion, remember that most Excel test programs have only one way to solve the problem even if there are multiple ways to approach the question. This makes it imperative to practice so that you are prepared for the ways the questions are typically answered.
  • Most programs used for Excel tests are done on a program that mimics Excel instead of using the actual program, so do not expect autocorrect, autofill of formulas, or some shortcuts to be available in the program. You should keep that in mind as you practice preparation tests for this exam.

If you keep these tips in mind you should be ready to ace your Excel test and interview process.


As you prepare for these tests, do not neglect the other tests listed in the main article about Amazon’s hiring and assessment process. Many, if not all, of these exams, will also be required of you during the recruitment process. In order to pass your tests and do well in your interviews, preparation for the whole process is vital.