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Accounts Receivable Test Online Preparation – 2022

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If you have applied for a position as an accounts receivable clerk, you will be asked to take a pre-employment accounts receivable assessment. This makes practicing and preparing for that test important, but preparing for it may seem difficult or impossible if you do not know what to prepare for. This article will cover the important points about the test to help you find some direction for where to start preparing.


What Is the Accounts Receivable Test?

The accounts receivable test is given to anyone looking for an accounts receivable clerk position. For most of these positions, this test is the only requirement besides a high school diploma or GED. In small accounting departments where there are expanded job requirements, an associate’s degree in finance or accounting may be an additional requirement. But the test is your main opportunity to impress, so preparing properly is essential.


What Does the Test Cover?

The accounts receivable assessment covers credit terms, account reporting, documentation, journalization, statements and presentations, and bad debts accounting. The difficulty of the questions will vary to cover the entire range of topics on each subject.

The test consists, generally, of forty multiple-choice questions. Each question may have two to eight options per question, and more than one answer may be correct depending on the question. These forty questions must be completed in roughly forty minutes. The time limit may vary depending on the employer’s requirements or the test provider’s.


How to Prepare for an Accounts Receivable Test?

The main goal in preparing is to brush up on the topics mentioned above. You will be tested on these, and it is imperative that you know the topics backward and forward. The test is, particularly with the lower education requirements, your best chance to impress the employer with your knowledge and ability.

In this test, both accuracy and speed matter. This means that while you are practicing, you need to make sure you move quickly while still answering things accurately. Read each question asked carefully. If need be, read it twice to be sure you understand. Work smart, not harder, but do not skip over steps if you know you need them to get the right answer or answers. Make sure you pay attention to details and work quickly with the time limit.



The accounts receivable test is difficult, but you can do well on it. It requires focus, practice, and preparation. But if you do those things and work through the necessary review for it, you should be able to ace the test and prove to the employer that you are the best option for the position. Just make sure that as you work through the test you are paying attention to details and answering quickly but accurately. The time limit is the hardest part of the test in many cases. Once you are ready for the test, you can take it with confidence that you will gain a score that helps you to stand out above the competition.