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Accounts Payable Test Online Preparation – 2022

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For those seeking a position as an accounts payable clerk, taking a pre-employment aptitude test focused on accounts payable is common. There are a variety of tests employers may ask an applicant to take, but it is almost guaranteed that you will take one.


What Is an Accounts Payable Test?

An accounts payable test is meant to measure an applicant’s skills, capabilities, job knowledge, and accuracy much like any aptitude test does. More specifically, it aims to measure the job-seeker’s analytical ability to see and understand accounting concepts, processes, and rationale.


What Should Be Expected?

An accounts payable test is usually around forty multiple choice questions. It is a timed test, making it imperative to practice with a timed practice test. The test may take anywhere from thirty to forty minutes depending on the length and the test chosen.

The topics may include journal entries, recording transactions, fundamentals of accounts payable, accrued and prepaid expenses, taxes and payables, invoices, deposits and other advances, sales and use of sales tax, and the recording of travel and entertainment for employees.


How to Prepare for an Accounts Payable Test?

The key with this test, as with any other, is practice and preparation. The goal is to brush up on skills learned in accounts payable courses. The test covers a wide variety of topics and is timed, so it can provide difficulty for unprepared applicants. It tests a fair amount of terminology, and question difficulty varies depending on the subject matter of the question.

This necessitates a familiarity with all the areas of accounts payable and comfortability with the math skills required to solve the problems. There is a variety of practice quizzes and assessments available to help those taking an accounts payable assessment to practice and brush up on skills for the test.



Although the topics covered on the accounts payable pre-employment test are extensive, passing is entirely within reach. The accounts payable questions do not cover anything that is not either basic or covered in accounts payable courses. If you practice and prepare for the test, your efforts should pay off with a good score. So make sure your preparation covers any areas that you struggle and then relax and take the test.