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USPS Exam 955 (Postal Exam 955) Online Preparation – 2022

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Have you recently applied to the USPS and are now being asked to take the USPS Postal Exam 955? This article will provide you with everything you need to know about the exam and how to prepare for it.


What is the USPS Postal Exam 955?

The USPS Postal Exam 955 is an assessment test that is used for job seekers and recent college graduates who have applied to a technical maintenance position with USPS. These positions could include equipment mechanics, maintenance technicians, electronic technicians, and more. USPS uses this exam to screen through the many applications they receive and narrow it down to the top candidates who are eligible to continue on in the recruitment process.

Unlike the other tests administered by this organization, the second half of the USPS Postal Exam 955 is a proctored exam, meaning you have to schedule a date and time to take the aptitude test in person at an approved testing site. You will be able to take the first part of the exam at home. The exam will test your knowledge on a variety of technical maintenance knowledge and will include multiple topics.

Personality Characteristics and Experience

This part of the test will allow the test proctors to get a glimpse into your personality and how your brain works. During this situation, the test will ask you psychometric questions that require you to make decisions. You will be required to answer 120 questions within 75 minutes. In order to prepare for this section, go over the job description and try to remember the finer details. Additionally, the answers you provide need to match with the experience you listed on your resume, so make sure you submit an honest resume.



This section will ask you the breadth of the technical questions involving mechanical and electrical topics. The type of technical questions that will be asked will be based on the specific position you are applying for. Some of the questions may cover topics such as the mechanics of a machine, Ohm’s Law, hydraulic principles, and more. You could possibly be tested on 21 different technical fields, making this section of the test difficult to prepare for. In order to overcome this, repetition is key. The best way to prepare is by constantly using online test preparation material in order to cover a broad spectrum of topics.


Spatial Reasoning

This test will assess your ability to visualize 3D shapes and objects. Some questions are designed to test your skill in detecting patterns, while others will ask you to follow a set of instructions. These types of questions will determine your ability to visualize the end design of a product that has not yet been assembled. These questions are meant to allow the test protector to understand your way of thinking as well as your problem-solving skills.


How to Prepare for the USPS Postal Exam 955?

The USPS Postal Exam 955 will be extremely extensive and complex. The reason for this is because any candidate that is hired will be responsible for all of USPS’s equipment maintenance, so the company will only hire the most competent employee. If you want to move forward in the hiring process, it is essential to do well. The most efficient way to prepare for this pre-employment exam is by utilizing online test preparation and exams with detailed explanations. The more familiar you are with the structure of the exam, the more confident you will feel when it comes time to take the test.

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