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Revelian Cognitive Ability Test (RCAT) 2021’s Online Preparation: Free Practice Questions & Tips

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What Is a Revelian Cognitive Ability Test?

The Revelian Cognitive Ability Test, also known as the RCAT, is a psychometric aptitude test produced by Revelian that covers verbal, numerical, and abstract reasoning in one comprehensive exam. Revelian does offer each of those sections as separate tests, but this is a popular assessment choice with employers because it combines all three options. It is also a popular option because it is for both English and non-English speakers, is available online only, and gives instant results. It should be noted that testing in a language that is not the applicant’s native language may put them at a disadvantage when taking the exam.

The test sections have questions of increasing difficulty as job-seekers and graduates proceed through the exam, and the level of difficulty of the exam overall increases as the test goes on. The test is composed of fifty-one multiple choice questions and has a time limit of twenty minutes. These questions are split between the sections evenly with seventeen random questions to a category.


What Are the RCAT Sections?

  • Numerical Reasoning Aptitude Section
    The numerical section of the test is focused on testing the job-seeker’s ability to work with numbers in a detailed fashion. All of the questions, therefore, are focused on some aspect of this overall focus. The questions vary a great deal in format and are based on the basic operations of mathematics: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The skills applicants need to answer the questions remain fairly constant, but the approach needed to solve each problem will vary with the format.
  • Verbal Reasoning Aptitude Section
    The verbal portion of the exam helps employers to assess and screen potential recruits for a good command of language and verbal communication. Test-takers for this portion of the psychometric online exam may see questions that require them to understand, analyze, and interpret information given in word format. The approach taken to answer questions may vary, but as with the numerical and abstract reasoning sections, the underlying principles tested will be consistent. The questions may include questions about synonyms, antonyms, and overall comprehension-based questions.
  • Abstract Reasoning Aptitude Section
    The abstract reasoning section of this online psychometric exam tests the job-seeker or graduate’s ability to tackle problems in multiple ways, to learn on their feet, and to identify patterns logically. This allows recruiters and those attempting to screen applicants to better determine how well an applicant can learn on the job, adapt to new situations and find solutions for the unique issues that the situation presents.


How to Prepare for a Revelian Cognitive Ability Test?

When taking the RCAT, there are many considerations. First and foremost, you should take the exam very seriously. You will not be allowed to re-take it for twelve months from your test date. Because of this, you want to achieve the highest score you can your first time taking the Revelian Cognitive Ability Test. Also keep in mind that for each section, as you answer questions, the difficulty will increase as you answer correctly. Because of this, you should prepare yourself for the most difficult questions you may face on the exam so that you will not be underprepared for any particular section of the exam.


Tips & Considerations for Taking the RCAT

As you practice, try to work through questions as quickly and accurately as possible. Those taking the RCAT will have an average of twenty-three seconds per question before needing to move on if they want to keep up with the time limit. In addition, make sure that for both the practice and the actual exam, you work in a quiet area. Distractions will not help you achieve the score you want, so do what you can to eliminate the background noise that might pull your attention from the exam.

Be aware that it is highly likely you will be asked to take this test during pre-employment processes because many employers use it for a variety of positions. This is because recruiters use the scores to screen job-seekers and graduates for cognitive ability, reliability, understanding of safety, emotional intelligence, and job behavior. Since the test scores help those screening to screen applicants more efficiently in those areas, it is a common assessment. Beyond that, most employers take advantage of Revelian’s offer of a free verification test, which means applicants may be asked to take the test twice to verify the accuracy of their scores.


Practice Questions and Answers for the RCAT

Since preparation and practice are an important part of ensuring success on the exam, free practice questions with answers are provided here to give you an idea of what sorts of questions you may run across in the RCAT, an RCAT practice test, or on a free sheet of Revelian cognitive ability test examples. Three examples are provided below, giving a question and the answer for each of the three sections. These questions are similar to those found at the beginning of the exam on the easier level.


Numerical Reasoning Question

If the probability that someone will donate to a local charity is 6/10, how many people out of 400 will not donate to a local charity?

Answer: 160 people. If 6/10 or 60% of people will donate to a local charity, then the probability for people who will not donate is 4/10 or 40%. 4/10 x 400 = 160.


Verbal Reasoning Question

Are the following words similar or dissimilar?

  • Frown
  • Glare

Answer: Similar.


Abstract Reasoning Question

Which two words in this list do not have a similar meaning to the rest of the words on the list?

  1. Contract
  2. Employ
  3. Fire
  4. Enlist
  5. Dismiss

Answer: C and E are not like the others. The other words all have to do with hiring someone while these two have to do with removing someone from their position.



The RCAT is a difficult online psychometric aptitude assessment, but since it is commonly used, particularly by large companies, job-seekers and graduates need to be familiar with the test and its sections. The key to passing the Revelion Cognitive Ability Test is practice, preparation, and familiarity with the test. Take the time to practice, and your chances of passing and doing well improve significantly. So, make sure you prepare well by going through several practice or sample RCATs and by going back through what you missed to find the areas you may need to work on. If you do that, you will be well-situated for when you need to sit for your RCAT.