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Nissan Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2021

Aptitude Written Exams

What Is Nissan?

The name Nissan was first associated with car manufacturing in the 1930s, when Tobata Casting, which was part of the Nissan Zaibatsu (or corporation) acquired car manufacturer Datsun. Nissan went global in 1958 introducing the Datsun Bluebird to the US market in 1958. From the 1970s, until the name was phased out in 1986, small automobiles produced by Nissan were sold under the Datsun marque. The Datsun brand was reintroduced by Nissan in 1913 as an economy brand for emerging markets in Russia, Indonesia, India, and South Africa.

Nissan is the 6th largest auto-maker in the world and the largest producer of electric cars. As of 2018, Nissan had sold over 320,000 electric cars, with the Leaf being the top seller of their line-up of all-electric cars.

Nissan currently has nearly 140,000 employees. Nissan offers career opportunities in the areas of product development, manufacturing, engineering, and supply chain management, purchasing, sales, and many others. There are also numerous avenues open to those interested in graduate or internship programs.

Nissan employees are eligible for benefits that include:

  • Medical insurance
  • Family leave
  • Telecommuting
  • On-site childcare

Nissan’s subsidiaries and brands:

Nissan Commercial Vehicles Nissan Shatai Renault Infiniti Autech
Mitsubishi Motors Nissan Techno Venucia Datsun NMKV
Dongfeng Motor Nissan USA Nismo Jatco


What Is Nissan’s Recruitment Process?


Career opportunities with Nissan can be searched for on its website. You can either create a candidate profile with Nissan or if you have an account with LinkedIn you can log in and apply through that account instead. You will need to have a cover letter and resume prepared to submit if you apply through the Nissan site. This should be tailored to the position, and eye-catching enough to stand out from the thousands of other cover letters they will receive.


Nissan’s Psychometric Tests

To guarantee that potential candidates have the correct competencies, Nissan requires applicants to take a series of online assessment tests. Nissan uses SHL assessment tests, and you will be told ahead of time which tests you will be required to take. The tests you will take will depend on the job you have applied for, and some positions will require more testing than others.


Tests job-seekers are likely to encounter include:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test This 25-minute test will measure your ability to work with numbers. You will need to demonstrate an ability to work with math functions such as ratios, percentages, or more basic concepts such as addition and subtraction. This test is timed and is multiple-choice.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test The Verbal reasoning test is made up of short passages followed by true, false, or can’t decide answers. You will need to use reading comprehension and deductive reasoning to answer the questions. The test is 30 questions, and you will have 19 minutes to complete it.
  • Mechanical Comprehension Test The mechanical comprehension test is meant to check your knowledge of simple mechanical concepts like pulleys, and levers. If you are going into engineering or a more mechanical role, you are more likely to be given this test.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT) This test will show how you respond to common work-place occurrences. It will measure your ability to make the correct judgment call, and correctly handle a situation.



Your first interview with Nissan may be a phone screening. The phone screening will be brief and cover your experience and ask you more about your resume. Ask any questions you may have during the phone screening. The interviewer is not only verifying your experience but getting a feel for your personality. Asking questions helps build a rapport with the recruiter, and help you stand out.

If you have been selected to move on, the next step is an on-site interview. You may have at least 2 members of management asking questions. This interview will go more in-depth into your background and expertise. It will be a mix of behavioral and technical questions to get a better understanding of how you work, and your skill level.


Nissan’s Assessment Day

Some positions will require applicants to attend an assessment day. Typically graduates and those applying for management positions are among those who will be asked to participate.  The assessment day will consist of several exercises to show how well candidates perform their required duties. You will be asked to participate in several activities. Some you may be informed of prior to the assessment day, others you will find out about on the day of the assessment center.


Activities that are typically included in an assessment center include:


How to Prepare for Nissan’s Assessments?

Online assessments have become a standard part of the hiring process. Even if your resume is impressive, without outstanding scores on the online assessments, you will not be chosen to continue in the hiring process. This is why it is important to be prepared for any tests you may be required to take. Start by reviewing the job requirements so you know what the expectations of the job are.

Numerical reasoning tests are one of the most common assessments given to job seekers. Practice your math skills to make sure your skills are sharp and you won’t feel stressed by having to perform math functions. There are apps that can help you strengthen your mathematical performance. Logic puzzles and word searches are useful tools for strengthening your cognitive function and reasoning skills. There are also apps that can assist with this and help you track your progress.

Nissan is at the forefront of automobile innovation, and positions with them are extremely competitive. If you do well on the assessment tests and continue in the hiring process, you will be able to show them that you stand out from the pack, and are the perfect candidate for a job offer.