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Johnson & Johnson Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation & Tips – 2024

Aptitude Written Exams

What Is Johnson and Johnson?

Johnson & Johnson is the largest healthcare company in the world. They have been in business for 130 years and have grown to have 141,000 employees across six continents. Johnson & Johnson aims to put healthcare within reach for people everywhere. Well, they are headquartered in New Jersey, they have facilities in 250 countries, so there are opportunities to work for them worldwide.


What Is Johnson & Johnson’s Hiring Process?

Johnson & Johnson has curated their hiring process to be ethical and fair for all people looking for employment. Information and resources are available to all candidates so that they can be informed about the company. The first step in this process is to explore the jobs that are available and choose one that is suitable. When applying for the job you have chosen, it is important to include a resume and cover letter in the application. Some positions will require questionnaires to be answered but not all positions do. Once The application is submitted, there should be a confirmation email in your inbox. Team members will review your application and decide whether to interview you are not. Interviews can be conducted through the phone or in-person, depending on the position in question.


The application takes 30 minutes to complete and asks that previous experience and references are listed. Depending on your position, Johnson & Johnson will tell you what they are looking for skill-wise and experience-wise for each position before you fill out the application. The application is pretty broad, so make sure that your resume and cover letter are designed around the desired position. It is important to include as much detail as possible about past jobs and experiences and to pick credible references. Make sure to check your inbox for a confirmation email after submitting the application to ensure that they have received your application.


J&J Psychometic Tests

Once an application has been submitted, you will find out if you have progressed to the next stage. The next stage is the aptitude and personality tests. 60% of Johnson & Johnson’s candidates are rejected in this stage. The company uses the leading test providers, including: Saville, Psytech, SHL, cut-e, Korn Ferry, Ramsay and Hogan. These are their common assessments:

  • Abstract Reasoning – Johnson & Johnson’s abstract reasoning test can also be identified as a logical or inductive test. It is limitless how abstract the shapes can be, which includes their arrangements, movements, and sizes; this is why this test is so difficult. By practicing sample questions, you can familiarize yourself with the content expected to see on these tests. Especially because of the difficulty of these abstract reasoning tests, practicing and increasing your confidence in these tests will help improve your ability under time pressure.
  • Verbal Reasoning – The verbal reasoning test was created for certain positions and requires a person’s ability to recognize certain statements buried in passages and test their ability to analyze them. Johnson & Johnson looks for people that are able to extract relevant information found in passages that seem irrelevant. This test makes people identify whether the information they have extracted is true or false. There is a very small time frame for each question, and these tests are higher in difficulty for people that do not speak English. It is important that you practice these questions by taking practice tests so that you are able to complete them in the time allotted.
  • Numerical Reasoning – Since some positions require knowledge of data and numerical analysis, Johnson & Johnson requires that some positions take a numerical reasoning test. This test requires you to perform GCSE Math calculations. It is highly recommended to take practice tests before taking the real test to increase your chances of passing the numerical reasoning test on the first try. This test is not all about your knowledge of math. It focuses on how well you can solve a problem under pressure. You are only given one minute to read the question and analyze the problem.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT) – Johnson & Johnson requires applicants to take a situational judgment test to assess one’s ability to deal with workplace challenges that may not seem common. This test was put in place to ensure that employees are able to hold similar values and ethics when making decisions in a work environment. There are no right and wrong answers here. It is just a matter of valuing the same things that Johnson & Johnson values. It is important to answer the questions using your own judgment because cheating will be flagged. Johnson & Johnson is looking for an employee who values leadership, teamwork, integrity, and holds a genuine passion for the job they are applying for.
  • Hogan Personality Assessment
  • Ramsay Mechanical Aptitude Tests


J&J Assessment Center

Based on the position you applied for, the next stage of the hiring process is to be assessed by senior members of the field you are looking to work in. There are three practices used to assess an interviewee: group exercises, role-play exercises, and presentation exercises. Group exercises are used to be able to assess a candidate’s ability to work as a team and reach a common goal. It is important that a candidate demonstrates their ability to listen to others and use input given as well as show their strengths and put forth productive ideas. Johnson & Johnson’s role-play exercise is when an interviewee is given 5 minutes to review the information given to them about a workplace scenario. They are then asked to recreate the situation and demonstrate how they would solve the problem given to them. Senior members are looking for candidates to use analytical thinking, teamwork, and negotiation skills. Presentation exercises assess an interviewee’s ability to use communication skills in a professional environment. Johnson & Johnson is looking for someone that has the proper body language, tone, and is able to take part in group discussions while discussing their own point of view.


Final Interview

Johnson & Johnson’s final interview is competency-based and includes Insight on your CV and personal motivations. Make sure that your personal motivations and skills include those of ideal candidates. It is important that you gather examples of when you demonstrated teamwork, determination, creativity, initiative, resistance, and leadership throughout the interview process. Try to absorb as much as you can about Johnson & Johnson’s corporate culture so that you have a high understanding of their industry as a whole. Johnson & Johnson looks for candidates that ask thought-provoking questions in this stage of the hiring process. It is important that you stand out among other candidates and prove to the employers that you have a passion for working in this company.


How to Prepare for Johnson and Johnson’s Assessments?

When taking Johnson & Johnson’s online assessment tests, it is important to first figure out which test you are taking and focus on building the skills you need to succeed in taking that test. Confidence is key, along with practice. Taking practice tests is very important because it is one way to ensure that you can answer all the questions in the time given. Once you have taken the practice test enough, you will feel confident when taking the actual test, which can greatly increase your score.  Confidence and practice will help with both the pressure of the questions and the time pressure.