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Hogan Lovells Assessment Day, Online Tests, Watson Glaser Test, Interviews & Hiring Process Preparation – 2022

 Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is Hogan Lovells?

Hogan Lovells is an international legal firm with offices throughout the Americas, Asia-Pacific, the Middle East and Africa, and Europe. Moreover, the firm has careers for graduates of law school and those who have not graduated from law school. There’s a place for all types of people with all types of opinions in this firm.  Additionally, the company is community-oriented. Each employee is required to volunteer twenty-five hours of their work time towards pro-bono and community work.

As one of the largest global law firms, Hogan Lovells provides an expansive and resource-rich haven for those seeking to learn about law and business in one of the leading companies in the legal sector. Being so large, Hogan Lovells can help you be part of exciting, impactful legal projects that small firms simply couldn’t provide. The firm also has a wide range of areas it practices in including:

  • Corporate
  • Finance
  • Global regulatory
  • Intellectual property
  • Litigation

The firm encourages strong interpersonal bonds, teamwork, and excellence. Furthermore, the company loves to be able to embrace change and find ways to keep up with those changes and prepare for them. Accordingly, for those looking to work for a prestigious, analytical, and people-oriented company, Hogan Lovells may be a perfect fit. Though, be warned that getting a job at Hogan Lovells is incredibly competitive, but by learning how the firm operates, you can best ready yourself to do well during the recruitment process.


What Is Hogan Lovells’ Hiring Process?

Hogan Lovells uses a contextual recruitment system. This system means that to give disadvantaged job seekers a better chance, the firm looks at the backgrounds of their candidates to see their performance compared to their disadvantage. The firm might look at things such as where a recruit is from, what school they went to, if they were the first in their household to graduate college, if they were a refugee or asylum seeker, etc. This information is used by the firm to ensure that those with fewer privileges still have a chance to utilize their skills and abilities best and become a part of Hogan Lovells. Hogan Lovells wants the best, no matter a person’s background.

The hiring process is as follows:

  • Online Application
  • Critical Thinking Test
  • Video Interview
  • Assessment Day

Keep in mind that the application dates for Hogan Lovells based on the program you’d wish to enter. Some application windows may be very narrow. The application dates will differ for law school graduates and non-law students as well. Also, know that the hiring process can take around six months to complete, so be prepared for long waits when applying to Hogan Lovells.

Online Application

The first step in Hogan Lovells’ pre-employment screening is the initial application. You should apply as early as possible because the company does not wait until the application deadline to begin screening and interviewing potential employees. The application will differ based on the region in which you are applying, but all applications will be filled out online. Mostly, this application will require a basic resume or CV information and some job-based questions.

To complete a stellar application, use the following tips. Before filling out the form, read it over thoroughly, and then draft a copy of your answers before filling the form in for real. Show your understanding of the legal profession by highlighting professional achievements (jobs, internships, events, awards, etc.) as well as academic experiences. Hogan Lovells wants candidates to know how the company operates, so the more research you do, the better.

Also, show how you stand out and are unique from other applicants. Illustrate how your experiences reflect on your business and time management skills. Fully show your abilities and don’t be modest about them because underselling your skills won’t help you get the job. When your application is completed, proofread your work to ensure your grammar and spelling are correct because legal work requires precision and attention to the details, which is reflected in careful proofreading.

Critical Thinking Test (Watson Glaser)

For psychometric testing at Hogan Lovells, job seekers will only be expected to take a critical thinking test. As the only psychometric test, you must do as well as possible on the critical thinking test. The company uses Pearson’s Watson Glaser Test, which is broken down into five sections. The initial test is taken online and shows whether the candidates’ critical thinking skills are a match to the company’s demands. Using multiple-choice questions, this test shows the candidates’ abilities to process information and utilize that information. The long version takes sixty minutes to complete with eighty questions while the newer, shorter exam takes thirty minutes to complete forty questions. Hogan Lovell generally used the shorter test. The test examines candidates’ aptitudes in the following areas:

  • Inference
  • Assumption
  • Deduction
  • Interpretation
  • Evaluation of arguments

Normally, a score in the top 50% is required for applicants, but this number will vary based on the job. This test may be taken a second time at the assessment center to ensure that the person who took the test is the same one who wants to job. Feel free to ask Hogan Lovells any questions you have about the test before you take it. It helps to be as prepared as possible for this test by being informed and practicing.

Video Interview

In some cases, you may be asked to complete a video or phone interview before the assessment day at which time you will be asked motivational questions about why you want the job, and you will be asked about your skills. Not all roles will require this step. You can expect this interview to last about thirty minutes.

Hogan Lovells Assessment Day

The assessment day is an experience that allows candidates to show employers how well they could fit into the company’s office environment. On this day, job seekers will be challenged through a series of tasks that will test different aptitudes and characteristics that Hogan Lovells is looking for. This process is the final stage of recruitment at Hogan Lovell.

Assessment days usually take place early in the year during January, February, and March.  After the assessment center, candidates usually get a response in a few weeks, but sometimes it may take longer for the firm to make its decision. At this time, candidates will be run through a series of checks to verify employment history, check for a criminal record, and verify academic and professional qualifications.

Introduction to the firm

Hogan Lovells’ assessment day begins with an introduction by a partner. Typically, candidates have lunch and are guided through Atlantic House, which is the company’s London office, but the location could differ based on the job you want. The office tour shows candidates the environment they could be working in while allowing employers to get a sense of what candidates are like and whether they will be a good fit for the firm.

Hogan Lovells Assessments

Some candidates may be asked to take another critical thinking test, which will be different than the online test but will ask similar questions. On assessment day, candidates will be put through a business exercise to see how they work with teams. Various case studies may be used to check how potential employees would react to difficult real-life situations.

Hogan Lovells Interviews

Each recruit will be given an interview with two senior members of the firm. During this interview, candidates will be asked why they want a legal career and will be asked about their knowledge of law and business. Then, candidates will go through a situational interview. The situational interview will challenge recruits to think on their feet about how common issues and challenges should be handled. During the situational interview, remember to explain why you chose the choice you did and why you did not choose the alternative. By doing this, you can show your thought process and highlight your problem-solving skills to your interviewers.

During the interviews, Hogan Lovells wants you to show knowledge of the firm. Research the company and find the latest news about them to be sure you have a good understanding of who they are and what they strive to do. Be sure to highlight how your skills reflect the role you are applying for. Additionally, you should talk for about 80% of the interview, and don’t be afraid to ask for more time before answering because the firm wants candidates to give good answers more than they want candidates to give fast answers. Finally, ask questions but be sure they aren’t ones that could easily be answered by looking on the firm’s website.


Hogan Lovells Interview Questions

Hogan Lovells has an extensive interview process. On assessment day, you will have two, and before that, you may also have phone or video interviews. Questions testing legal knowledge, situational questions, and motivational questions may be asked. Brush up on legal knowledge and current business news to ready yourself for your interviews. Answer honestly, but be sure to formulate your answers to reflect the company’s values:

  • Clients come first
  • Excellence in all we do
  • One team worldwide
  • Commitment to our firm’s success
  • Good citizenship

Hogan Lovells may ask questions such as:

  • Why do you want to work at this firm?
  • What current legal issues interest you?
  • Why do you want to work in the legal sector?
  • What are a few arguments for and against trial by jury?
  • What activities have you done to learn about the law profession?
  • What are the other places you have applied to?



Hogan Lovells’ recruitment process is extremely competitive. With thousands of candidates also applying for the position you want, it’s crucial to stand out from the rest when applying to this firm. Hogan Lovells likes candidates who have high academic excellence and a desire to learn more about the law. Additionally, it wants recruits who are both good at teamwork and individual work. Thus, it’s important to show these skills in the application and interview processes. Preparation for the Watson-Glaser Critical Thinking Appraisal is also important. By using practice tests for Hogan Lovells’ critical thinking test, you can start your test feeling calm and confident, which will make you more likely to advance to the assessment center stage of Hogan Lovell’s recruitment process. As you go through the process, keep in mind the firm’s values, and try to incorporate these values as you show off your abilities and personality.