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Wells Fargo Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

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What Is Wells Fargo?

Wells Fargo is an American-based multinational financial services company based out of San Francisco, California. Their different services include banking, mortgages, investing, credit cards, as well as personal, small business, and commercial, financial services. Wells Fargo is the world’s fourth-largest bank in the world by market capitalization. They offer a 401(k) plan, health benefits, tuition reimbursement and scholarships, commuter benefits, and paid time off.


What Is Wells Fargo’s Hiring Process?

To get a job at Wells Fargo, you must first apply for a job. You can find the open positions on Wells Fargo’s webpage. Wells Fargo also suggests setting up a “Job Agent.” This is a search algorithm that automatically searches the Wells Fargo Careers site for jobs that you would be interested in. You can set the specific criteria for the search, and the Job Agent will email you a list of job titles that Wells Fargo has available. This search will run every weeknight for 90 days. You can reactivate it as many times as you’d like. Wells Fargo also provides accessibility services for applicants who require accommodation due to hearing, vision, mobility, or cognitive impairments during the job application process.

After you find a position that you’d like to apply for, you need to fill out the application. It will ask for your information, your resume, and possibly a cover letter. After you submit it, Wells Fargo will send you an email confirming that they received it. They will also send you the links to any assessments they would like you to take. A recruiter will review your information and the results of your evaluation. If it matches what they are looking for, they will contact you directly to set up an interview.

What interviews you will be asked to do depends on what position you have applied for. You may be asked to interview over the telephone, in a group, or one-on-one with the recruiter or hiring manager.

Here are some sample interview questions you may be asked:

  • What would your first 30 days look like for you in this position?
  • Why Wells Fargo?
  • Tell me about a time when you faced adversity.
  • Tell me about a time when you had to adapt to change.
  • What interests you about this role?

When you are answering questions at your interviews, be sure to use the STAR method. This is the method that Wells Fargo likes the most. S stands for situation. When you first answer a question, describe the background to the main event. T stands for task. Explain the problem you began to describe in S in more detail and explain why you were the right person to handle the difficulty. A stands for action. Share with your interviewer how you dealt with the problem and your thought process behind your decision. R stands for result. Tell your interviewer what the result of your effort was and what you achieved in that situation.

Wells Fargo places high importance on its company culture. Because of that, they put a high emphasis on your personality and ability to fit with their culture. When you are applying for jobs and going through the interview, make sure that you keep their vision, values, and goals in mind.


What Are Wells Fargo’s Assessments?

Personality test

Wells Fargo wants to make sure that your personality will fit in with their culture. They will assign a personality test to judge whether your values are compatible with their values. There are no right or wrong answers in a personality test. Be truthful, but also keep in mind that they are looking for employees who will help them achieve their vision and their goals.

Wells Fargo Vision: We want to satisfy our customers’ financial needs and help them succeed financially.

Wells Fargo goals:

  • Customer service and advice
  • Team member engagement
  • Innovation
  • Risk management
  • Corporate citizenship
  • Shareholder value


Accounting and bookkeeping assessment

If you want to do any accounting or bookkeeping services for Wells Fargo, you may need to take this assessment. This assessment will test you on general accounting and bookkeeping skills like account balancing, ratios, cash flow, credit terms, account types, and analysis.


Bank teller assessment

If you have applied for a job as a bank teller, you may be asked to complete this assessment. After you submitted your application, the system will automatically email you a link for the Wells Fargo Teller Assessment Test. This assessment will test skills like customer service, math, and other numerical skills, attention to detail, and verbal communication. If you do not pass this test, you will be unable to apply for the teller position for the next six months. Because of that, it’s essential to practice for this test.


Personal Banker Test

If you have applied for a job as a personal banker, you may be asked to take this assessment. This assessment will judge your skills with numerical concepts and verbal comprehension. For the numerical portion of the test, you will be tested on a range of concepts, including basic math questions, statistics, and percentages. The verbal aptitude part judges your ability to understand and explain complex banking policies to customers.


Wells Fargo Financial Analyst Test

If you have applied for a job as a financial analyst at Wells Fargo, you may be asked to complete this assessment. It will test your skills with Excel sheets, mathematical reasoning, and situational judgment.


Wells Fargo Manager Test

If you want to be a manager at Wells Fargo, you will have to take this assessment. Wells Fargo wants to make sure that you have the right personality to be a good manager. They also want to make sure that you have the skills to manage people and finances. This assessment covers things like numerical skills and verbal skills. With numerical skills, you will be tested on basic math tests, graphs, statistics, and possibly banking terms. With the verbal portion of the test, you will be tested on your reading comprehension and your ability to correctly relay information.


How to Prepare for Wells Fargo Assessments?

Since Wells Fargo is a highly math-based company, with financial services and offerings as their main product, it is imperative that you practice beforehand. Doing well on the assessments could be the thing that gets you a job at Wells Fargo.