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Volkswagen Psychometric Tests, Assessment Center, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

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What Is Volkswagen?

Introduced in Germany in 1937, Volkswagen has grown to be a household name around the world, mainly due to the success of the iconic Volkswagen Beetle. They supply automobiles worldwide, and their largest market is in China which accounts for 40% of its profits. Volkswagen Group also includes a number of other distinct car brands.

SEAT Audi Bugatti Lamborghini Bentley Volkswagen marques
Skoda Cupra Porsche SAIC Volkswagen Ducati Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles
Traton Ruf Scania Navistar MAN Volkswagen Caminhões e Ônibus

There are job opportunities worldwide if you are hoping to become a part of the Volkswagen vision. Volkswagen currently employs over 600,000 people, in finance, service, manufacturing, engineering, and more. There are also opportunities for graduates and college students, as well as internships.

Benefits of working at Volkswagen include:

  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Sick pay
  • Retirement savings
  • Paid holidays
  • Vacation


What Is Volkswagen’s Recruitment Process?


Volkswagen has designed their applications to be compatible with tablets and mobile phones, so you can apply from anywhere you can get an internet connection. To apply for a position with Volkswagen you will need to join their talent community. This allows you to upload and save your resume, and be alerted of any position you may be interested in. Be sure to include your areas of expertise, and your first language, as well as any other languages you may be fluent in. After you create your profile and submit any relevant documents, such as a resume or CV and cover letter, you will be sent a verification that your application has been received. This will also include a link to the first set of Volkswagen pre-hire assessment tests if the position requires it. It may take up to 24 hours to receive the link to the online tests.


Volkswagen’s Psychometric Online Test

When applying for a position with Volkswagen, you may be given two sets of online assessment tests. The first set will be sent to you after you submit your application. This round of tests will take between 35-45 minutes for some applicants, such as those applying for apprenticeships, and between 60-70 for others, including those looking for internships or graduate positions. This first set of tests will measure 3 abilities that are important for getting a position with Volkswagen.

  • Cognitive Abilities You will be tested on your logical reasoning, abstract reasoning skills, and your critical thinking abilities. This section may have you compare analogies, or work with number sequences.
  • Personality To make certain your personality and work style are a good match for the Volkswagen standards, you will be given a personality questionnaire to answer as part of the first group of tests. It will demonstrate to the hiring team your strengths as a worker, your dominant personality traits, and your situational judgment.
  • Integrity – To make sure you match the standards of integrity Volkswagen expects from its employees, you will be given a test to measure your integrity.



If your resume is impressive, or if you were required to take an initial assessment test and your scores were satisfactory, you will be invited to interview. Interviews may be conducted on-site, or online if the job-seeker lives an inconvenient distance away. Online interviews are done with an actual member of the recruiting team and are not recorded.

Whether in-person or online, Volkswagen wants to get to know more about you. You will be given 3-5 minutes to introduce yourself. They will want you to focus specifically on your career. After this the interview will consist of behavioral questions, to gauge how well you work with others, and how well you make decisions. Be prepared to discuss your career goals, and where you envision yourself.


Assessment Center

If you have left a good impression after the first interview, the next step is to complete an assessment center. If you are applying for a position at one of the German or international facilities, this is typically held in Wolfsburg. Candidates in the US will typically have theirs at the Chattanooga facility. At the assessment center, individuals will be asked to take another set of assessment test, participate in group activities, which could involve role-playing or mock calls, have group discussions, and a final round of interviews.

The tests at the assessment center will vary depending on the job, but they will all focus on personality, job skills, and competence.

  • Process and Quality Orientation: This test will show your thinking process, and your attention to detail, which is critical in technical and engineering roles.
  • Career Battery: The career battery section will have more situational judgment and personality questions, along with behavioral questions. This test will help establish if you possess the qualities Volkswagen is looking for. They will be looking at how well you can follow directions, how well you work with others, and if you are a reliable employee.

An example of the type of skills test you may be taking is the Hands-on Mechanical Aptitude Test. This test is for line workers and supervisors, to show how well they can multitask, and problem solve. You will need to complete three different sections.

  • Weight mount
  • Bolting exercise
  • Wire harness


How to Prepare Volkswagen’s Assessments?

Volkswagen has built a reputation for producing quality cars, and they need quality employees to keep that reputation alive. Passing the assessment tests is vital in demonstrating to them that you have what it takes to succeed as part of their team. To ensure success, take time to study before you submit your application, so you are prepared. Learn about Volkswagen and their values and ethics. This will help you learn more about what they expect from their team members, this will be helpful on the personality and situational portions of the tests. You can sharpen your mind for the cognitive tests by reading, working on word puzzles and crosswords, and training your brain using online apps meant to improve cognitive function.

If there are technical skills you will need to demonstrate, review, and practice them as best you can before you need to perform them. You will need to approach this test with confidence and show your competence to the management team.

The hiring process with Volkswagen can be difficult and competitive, but if you study, and approach it with confidence, you will soon find yourself accepting a job offer with one of the leading auto manufacturers in the world.