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Ryanair Assessment Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2022

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What Is Ryanair?

Ryanair is an Irish budget airline that has been in operation since 1984. Its headquarters are located in Swords, Dublin. It has primary bases in Dublin and the London Stansted airports. Ryanair also has smaller bases located throughout European, and Middle Eastern, and North African cities. Altogether it serves 40 countries with 1,850 routes. Ryanair has a fleet of over 475, largely made up of Boeing 737 aircraft. Ryanair also operates a small subsidiary airline, Malta Air which has a fleet of 50 and serves European destinations.

To service the 150 million customers it sees per year, Ryanair has a massive workforce of 19,000. As its business grows, Ryanair is adding to all its teams. There are opportunities for cabin crew, pilots, IT specialists, ground crew, engineering, and in the head office. For those who are still looking for a career path, there are graduate programs to offer experience in the field.


What Is Ryanair’s Hiring Process?

To get started on the road to a career with Ryanair, visit the career website to see which positions are currently open. Open positions with Malta air can also be found on the Ryanair website. You can autofill your Ryanair application with the information from your resume to save time, and the application itself is very simple. If the position you are hoping for is not yet available, check back, new positions are frequently being added to the site.

Some applicants may receive a link to complete online testing. Instructions for how to proceed will be included with the link.

Prior to in-person interviews, you will receive a phone call from HR. This will consist of a brief screening. You will verify the information on your application and answer some questions about your background. If that goes well, you will be asked to attend an in-person interview or an assessment day.

On the assessment day, you will be given an English test, as well as other skills tests, and there will be group exercises. You may be asked to give a presentation.  Interviews will occur at the end of the day, with only those who scored well on the tests being asked to interview.


Ryanair’s Psychometric Tests

Companies the size of Ryanair use online testing as a way to short-list candidates. These psychometric and skills-based tests identify candidates who show the best chance at job success. These tests may either be given individually, based on the position you have applied for, or in an all-in-one series.

  • English/Verbal Reasoning Test Communication skills are an important part of airline work. English and verbal reasoning tests are used to identify candidates with strong language and communication skills. This test is multiple choice, and you will be given short passages to read, followed by true or false questions, you may need to identify synonyms and antonyms, and compare analogies. This test is timed and will stop automatically when the time limit is reached.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT) This is a multiple-choice assessment given to test your ability to handle different situations that occur on the job. You will be given a scenario, and then several choices, which you will rank from least to most effective, or pick the responses closest to how you would behave.
  • Personality Test Some personality traits are a better fit than others. To see which candidates will best suit the company, and to test motivations, ability to work with other, work style, and other important traits, you may be given a personality survey. You will either rank the responses from most to least like you or pick the descriptors that you think best describe you.
  • Cabin Crew Test This test is a combination of the language, personality, and SJT assessments, and may also include some numerical reasoning questions.
  • Pilot Assessments These additional tests are given to pilot candidates and test things like reaction time, spatial awareness, and cognitive function.


How to Prepare for Ryanair’s Assessments?

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get yourself noticed by the Ryanair hiring team, then you will need to make a good impression right away. Studying for the online tests so you get the highest scores possible is the right way to start.

At Ryanair, there is a strong focus on English and verbal ability. Reading and crosswords will help strengthen your vocabulary. Make flashcards to help work on synonyms and word definitions. Find online apps that you can use to work on grammar and reading comprehension. The tests are not just about getting the right answers. They also show how well you work under pressure. Giving yourself timed practice tests will get you used to working under a time crunch.

Situational judgment tests and personality tests are used to help get a sense of who you will be as an employee. A person who seems like the right fit based on experience could be the wrong fit based on personality and work style. This is why honest answers are important on assessments of this type. Honest answers based on your work ethic and behaviors will get you farther than answering based on the responses you think companies want to see.