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Robert Half Assessment Tests & Hiring Process Online Preparation – 2023

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What Is Robert Half?

Robert Half is a career consulting firm and a temporary placement agency. Robert Half has three hundred and forty-five locations all over the world and has placed hundreds of thousands of people since 1948. While the company specializes in accounting and finance career paths, Robert Half also offers assistance in IT, marketing, legal and administrative areas.


What Is Robert Half’s Hiring Process?

Robert Half needs as much information as possible to place people in particular positions. The company works with a range of local and multinational companies that are in need of employees, sometimes with short notice. For this reason, Robert Half utilizes a variety of resources to evaluate candidates and ensure they are the right fit for the positions that may arise. Robert Half’s interview process goes as follows:

  • Application
  • Online Assessments
  • Telephone Interview
  • Final Interview


Robert Half Application Process

Robert Half’s application requires some key information such as work history, career goals, education, and qualifications. There are also some questions about work preferences so Robert Half can get an idea of what company would be an ideal fit for the candidate. These questions may be about availability, location, etc. Robert Half also asks for the candidate’s resume and, in some cases, a CV.


Robert Half Online Assessments

When the candidate’s application and credentials have been reviewed, an email with a link to an assessment will arrive. This assessment outlines the candidate’s technical strengths and weaknesses. The results will help Robert Half match particular candidates with particular jobs that require certain skills.

Robert Half employs one assessment, called the Robert Half Skills Assessment, that has numerous sections. Some of the sections are subject to change depending on the candidate’s chosen career path. The sections are:

  • Accounts Payable
    This assessment and the two below apply only to accountants. There are about forty multiple-choice questions involving debits, liabilities, credits, and other accounting principles. The questions range from mathematics to entry to analysis. The results inform Robert Half of the candidate’s understanding of accounting.
  • Accounts Receivable
    The accounts receivable test is structured similarly to the accounts payable test. There are forty multiple-choice questions about entering data in accounts receivable, analyzing assets, general ledgers, and balance sheets. The questions, like the accounts payable test, are timed.
  • Accounting Test
    The accounting test is to assess one’s general knowledge of accounting and the areas they perform well in. The results tell Robert Half if the test taker is better at bookkeeping, payable accounts, receivable accounts, etc. There are forty questions that each has four to six answer choices. The questions will cover basic accounting principles, or they will ask the test taker to perform calculations or find problems in an entry.
  • Data Entry Skills
    The data entry skills test is typically a simulation but sometimes includes a few checking questions. Checking questions will present a series of numbers with multiple answer choices that are similar to the original number; the goal is to find the one that is 100% identical. The simulation replicates the day-to-day tasks of data entry. The results of this test tell Robert Half the test taker’s ability to pay attention to detail, work quickly and accurately, and their capacity for cross-referencing.
  • Excel Power User
    The Excel test is untimed with twenty-five questions. The questions can be broken down into three sections: basic, intermediate, and advanced. There are ten questions in basic and advanced and five in the intermediate section. The test taker’s performance gives Robert Half insight in their ability to use and understand the software.
  • Word Power User
    The Word test contains questions at a very advanced level. The test is a simulation, so the candidate will be using Word as the assessment rather than individual multiple-choice questions. The tasks in the assessment may ask the test taker to perform mail merges, copy defaults, or other advanced activities in the software. This assessment looks for candidates with knowledge of every corner of Word.


Telephone Interview

The telephone interview is a brief introductory screening. During this time, the interviewer will ask about the candidate’s resume, aspirations, and a handful of competency-based questions. The recruiter may also inquire about work preferences, strengths, and weaknesses. Additionally, there are technical questions about the given career path and industry. These questions may also involve some problem-solving.


Robert Half Final Interview

The final interview is face-to-face at one of Robert Half’s offices. There is a range of competency-based, technical, and aptitude questions asked during the final interview. Some have definite answers, and others are ambiguous.

Candidates will hear back from Robert Half about a week after the final interview. Common interview questions during this stage include:

  • What was the most difficult job you have had in this field? How did you handle it?
  • What do you do on an average day?
  • What do you want out of a job?
  • How do you handle conflict?
  • Do you work better in teams or by yourself?


How to Prepare for Robert Half’s Online Assessments?

Robert Half’s Skills Assessment is a significant step in the interview process. Not only do the results decide if Robert Half will represent you, but they also decide what kind of job you are placed in. You could easily get stuck in a mundane or ill-fitting job—or worse, no job at all—if you do not perform well on these assessments.

Most people find that preparing with practice tests is very beneficial. Online practice tests simulate the questions and time limits of the genuine assessments providing you will an authentic peek at the tests. Preparing with these practice tests allows you to get a hang of the content and structure ahead of time. Additionally, you can see your scores to estimate your performance on Robert Half’s assessments.



Robert Half is popular among job seekers because they place people in positions in less than two weeks. They have earned their title as one of the most admirable companies. Robert Half works to keep this reputation by hiring high-quality people to fill positions at their partner companies. It’s important to present yourself as one of these high-quality applicants. Remember to always put your best foot forward. Best of luck!