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Jet2 Assessment Tests & Hiring Process 2022’s Preparation for Pilots, Cabin Crew and Ground Operations

Job Assessment

 What Is Jet2’s Hiring Process for Pilots?

Jet2 has a competitive selection process for potential pilots. This includes five rounds of recruitment and extensive entry requirements to even be considered. The stages of Jet2’s interview process include:

  • Application
  • Telephone Screening
  • Online Assessments
  • Assessment Day
  • Simulator Assessment


Jet2 Application Process

Before applying, check to eligibility criteria. For first officers, the requirements consist of 500 hours of flying time, a pilot license, and fluency in English to name a few. Other positions like direct entry captains must have 3,000 hours of flying time, 1,000 of airtime on specific commercial aircraft, and EASA class 1 medical among other requirements.

The application serves as the initial screening and there must be documented proof for a handful of the qualifications above. Applicants who move forward will be contacted within two weeks of applying.


Telephone Screening

The telephone screening is a way for Jet2 to get to know the applicants better. It is a thirty to sixty-minute phone call where Jet2 will walkthrough the applicant’s resume and ask further questions where they see fit. The interviewer will also inquire about the applicant’s interest in the company and the role they have applied for. Those who are successful in this stage will be invited to take a series of online assessments.


Jet2 Online Assessments

The online psychmetric tests are sent to the applicant via email and must be completed within a specified time period, usually five to seven days. Potential pilots must partake in numerous assessments to verify their technical knowledge of the role and their ability to fulfill it.

Jet2 administers these assessments to narrow their options for a position. The results of these assessments provide the airline with objective insight into the applicant’s aptitude, competency, and personality. Jet2’s online tests for pilots include:

  • Complex Control
    The complex control test measures hand-eye coordination. Navigating the assessment, which runs similar to a computer game, requires the test-taker to be extremely focused. The screen will have the applicant soaring through a tunnel with rotating obstacles. The objective is to travel through small openings in the obstacles without hitting anything. In total, the complex control assessment will take three minutes.
  • Monitoring Ability
    As the name states, the monitoring ability test examines the candidate’s capacity to manage tasks. The candidate must identify the number of moving objects on their screen. There will be four different answer choices per question and an overall time limit of two minutes.
  • Multi-Tasking Test
    The multi-tasking assessment is a five-minute test with a focus on how a candidate maintains both speed and accuracy when completing one or more activities. The tasks in this test include landing an airplane, completing a math equation, and assessing a letter sequence.
  • Reaction Speed
    The reaction speed test presents two objects side by side and asks that the candidate marks when the two shapes are identical. The goal is to do this as quickly as possible. All in all, the test takes five minutes to complete.
  • Situational Judgment Test (SJT)
    The SJT appraises emotional intelligence which includes how someone acts under pressure or during a conflict. The SJT describes a handful of hypothetical scenarios and then a proposed action for the given scenario. Candidates must choose which action they believe is most appropriate on a six-point scale.
  • Spatial Orientation
    The spatial orientation test analyzes the candidate’s ability to understand the direction and position of an aircraft. Candidates are provided a radio compass and gyrocompass to assist them. The test has a three-minute time limit.


Assessment Day (Assessment Center)

Jet2’s assessment day is held in Leeds and takes about half a day. Candidates invited to assessment day will participate in a group exercise and a face-to-face interview.

The group exercise examines both communication and leadership skills. Groups of five to ten candidates will convene and discuss a proposed, job-specific problem. An assessor will accompany the group and note how well each candidate works with one another.

The face-to-face interview focuses largely on technical questions and hypothetical problems. Interviewers will also ask about past experiences and how the candidate aligns with the company’s values.


Simulator Assessment

The simulator assessment takes place in Bradford at the Jet2 Training Centre. Candidates will be briefed on the conditions and other features of the simulation and are given about an hour to prepare. This assessment is the final stage and candidates will be notified of their standing within a week of the simulator assessment.


How to Prepare for the Jet2 Pilot’s Assessments?

Jet2’s online assessments are an important step in the interview process and make up a substantial percentage of the airline’s selection criteria. The assessments cover nearly every aspect of the responsibilities that come with the job which is why the results are weighted so heavily.

There are numerous resources available to help aspiring pilots do well on Jet2’s online assessments. The bulk of these resources include sample questions and practice tests. Because the assessments are reliant on movement, timing, and speed, online practice tests are the best way to prepare for Jet2’s tests.

Practice tests simulate the conditions of the real assessment. You can get a head start with navigating the questions, working under the time limits, and can make mistakes before they harm the genuine outcome of your results. The practice tests also display scores to give you an idea of how well you are going to do on your assessment with Jet2.

However you choose to study, just know the most important first step is setting aside enough time to prepare. Countless candidates find themselves unable to advance through the interview process because they didn’t meet Jet2’s benchmarks. These tests can be easily conquered with a little bit of time, focus, and dedication. Best of luck!


What Is the Jet2 Hiring Process for Ground Operations?

Jet2 has a simple hiring process for job seekers interested in ground operations. The airline is hands-on and mainly focuses on the general intelligence and behavior of the applicants. The interview procedure includes these three stages:

  • Application & Online Assessments
  • Telephone Interview
  • Assessment Day


Jet2 Application & Online Assessments

Jet2 posts vacancies on their website frequently and outlines the role, eligibility requirements, and necessary documents for the application. There are also additional questions about background and interest in the company. All in all, the application takes about twenty minutes to complete excluding the online assessments.

The online assessments must be submitted alongside the application. Online assessments offer Jet2 objective insight into the aptitude of the candidate. The airline asks that candidates partake in the following tests:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test
    The numerical reasoning test examines mathematical and problem-solving skills. Thirty-nine total questions that display various graphs and tables that must be analyzed by the candidate. Each figure is accompanied by a series of follow-up questions inquiring about trends and other specifics in the data. Candidates are allotted thirty minutes to finish the assessment.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
    The verbal reasoning test is a combination of grammar, vocabulary, and reading comprehension. Candidates must use context clues to finish sentences and infer the meaning of words. Half of the questions feature a conversation between two people with three subsequent statements; the objective is to determine the true or false relationship between the statements and the conversation. The test is comprised of forty-two questions with a thirty-minute time limit.


Telephone Interview

The telephone interview is a thirty-minute introduction between the Jet2 hiring managers and the applicant. The bulk of the interview will cover the applicant’s resume and their knowledge of the role and its responsibilities.

If an applicant is successful in this stage, they will be invited to an assessment day.


Jet2’s Assessment Day (Assessment Center)

The Assessment day is the final stage of Jet2’s interview process for jobs in ground operations. Candidates will convene at one of the Jet2 offices for a four-hour day of interviews and group exercises.

The one-on-one interview is competency-based. The majority of the questions touch base on the candidate’s past behaviors, experiences, and jobs. Interviewers may also pose a hypothetical scenario and ask the candidate how they would respond to the situation.

The group exercise consists of five to ten candidates who must work through a given problem. The problem will most likely be about safety procedures and emphasis communication and teamwork skills.


How to Prepare for Jet2’s Online Tests?

Jet2’s online assessments pose a challenge for countless candidates interested in a position with ground operations. The tests are short with an abundance of questions specifically designed to trip up the test taker. This makes preparing for these assessments that much more crucial for your success.

A popular way of studying is by using practice tests. Practice tests come in short and full-length versions of the real assessment and mock its conditions such as the time limit and the questions. The most favorable part of taking practice tests is that it gives you the opportunity to make silly mistakes while you are getting used to the assessment before these mistakes can genuinely count against you.

Another method for studying includes sample questions. Candidates who find the content of the test tricky or difficult typically utilize the sample questions because it allows them to focus on their problem-solving approach. It also affords you the chance to gain a better understanding of the material without the stress of a ticking clock.

However you prepare for Jet2’s online tests is up to you and your needs. The most important thing is that you devote enough time toward whichever method that will ensure your confidence and success on the assessments. Best of luck!


What Is the Jet2 Hiring Process for Cabin Crew?

Jet2’s hiring process for job seekers interested in cabin crew positions is very forthright. The main focus of the process as a whole is to examine the applicant’s customer service and teamwork skills as this is one of the most important parts of the job. Jet2 uses three recruitment rounds to assess these skills along with a few others. These recruitment rounds include:

  • Application & Assessments
  • Telephone Interview
  • Assessment Day


Jet2 Application & Assessments

Jet2 asks for a tailored cover letter and CV accompanying their online applications. The applications themselves inquire about past job history, education, and other necessary credentials. All the information and eligibility requirements will be summarized in the job description. After applicants have filled out this portion of the application, they will be asked a handful of questions pertaining to their interest in the airline and the role.

Before applicants can submit their application, they must partake in an online assessment. The score of this assessment is used to determine whether or not they will proceed to the interview stages of the hiring process. Jet2’s online assessment for cabin crew goes as follows:

English Fluency

English is the standard language for air traffic control and in-flight communication. Therefore, it is required that all members of a cabin crew are fluent in the language or can communicate effectively in it. The test is timed with multiple-choice questions. The questions chiefly concentrate on vocabulary and grammar. Additional questions ask the test taker to use context clues to infer the meanings of words and to identify assumptions.


Telephone Interview

If Jet2 is impressed with the application and test results of an applicant, the airline will reach out to set up a time for a telephone interview. The telephone interview usually lasts around thirty minutes. The majority of the interview will revolve around the candidate’s resume and consists of a series of follow-up questions about the information that was provided. The interviewer also asks the candidate what they know about the role and how their skill set aligns with the responsibilities of the job.


Jet2 Assessment Day

The assessment day (Assessment Center) is held at one of the Jet2 offices. It is the final stage of the cabin crew interview process and features numerous activities including interviews and group exercises. Candidates spend, on average, four hours at the assessment day.

The interviews are one-on-one, the first with a senior cabin crew member and the second with a hiring manager. The questions are competency-based and will probe at the favorable qualities that Jet2 looks for in their employees. This includes questions like “How you handle a difficult passenger?” or “How can you go above and beyond for a customer?”.

The group exercises are important to Jet2 because they demonstrate the candidate’s teamwork and communication skills. The exercise will layout a problem for the team of candidates to solve together and provide the necessary materials to do so. An assessor will accompany the team to examine how they work with one another and their knowledge of the issue.


How to Prepare for Jet2’s Cabin Crew Online Assessments?

Jet2 takes the English fluency test very seriously as it is the key to communication onboard. The airline will not budge or accept any score lower than their established benchmark. Even those who speak English as their first language find the test to be difficult because the assessment features a lot of inference and assumption-based questions.

The best way to prepare is by using practice tests. This way you can get a feel for the questions and understand what is expected of you. The practice tests also help you navigate the difficult questions that are designed to trip you up. At the end of the practice test, you will be shown your score which reflects how you might do when you take the genuine test.


Jet2 Interview Tips

Cabin crew positions are almost entirely customer-focused, which is why the bulk of the interview orbits around this one quality. The most common questions concerning this value include:

  • If a baby was crying onboard and people began to complain, what would you do?
  • If somebody attempted to purchase an item that was sold out, what would you do?
  • How you handle a sick child aboard a long flight?

Beyond the customer service front, Jet2 has outlined a handful of character traits that they favor in their cabin crews. These values include:

  • Create Memories
  • Be Present
  • Teamwork
  • Accountability

Prepare yourself for questions about these traits. The interviewer may ask how you exhibit them or to elaborate on a time when you displayed one of these values even when it was hard for you. Review these qualities and determine what they mean to you so you can be fully prepared for your interview with Jet2.