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Free IBM IPAT Practice Test Questions – 2022

Aptitude Written Exams

What Is IBM’s IPAT?

IBM’s Information Processing Aptitude Test, or IPAT, was created by their company to assess recruits during the information process. They designed the test to be extremely difficult to ensure they were getting the best employees possible. Candidates will be sent this test via email after they submit an application.

The IPAT explicitly examines the ability to analyze complex data, use logical and deductive reasoning, comprehend novel information at a fast pace, and identify patterns among other important skills. It’s a math-based test that can predict the future job performance and learning approach of candidates.

IBM’s IPAT comes in two, eighteen-question sections: the numerical series and mathematical reasoning. Candidates are allotted two-minutes and fifteen-seconds per question. Additionally, each question has five different answer choices to choose from. Each section goes as follows:

  • Mathematical Reasoning
    The mathematical reasoning section focuses on drawing conclusions from empirical data, tables, and graphs. The candidates must be able to understand basic algebra and geometry, conversions, and ratios as well as being able to interpret graphs and evaluate new data.
  • Numerical Series
    The numerical series section is simply finding the next logical number in a sequence. Each sequence will have an underlying formula that allows the numbers to increase and decrease in similar amounts throughout the pattern. The questions will include common rules, differences, and interleaved number series.

Applicants who are unsuccessful the first time they attempt the IPAT must wait a year before retaking it.


How to Prepare for IBM’s IPAT?

IBM’s IPAT is considered the hardest pre-screening assessment ever encountered. For this reason, it’s crucial for candidates to allocate a substantial amount of time preparing for it. Fortunately, there are countless resources for those of you with an upcoming IPAT.

How you prepare is dependent on what you need to focus on. If you feel confident about the reasoning section, but not the series one, then maybe it’s would be beneficial to spend slightly more time studying the different numerical series. Further, the time constraint and the general content also determine what methods will help you prepare.

Those who are concerned about the material of the IPAT should try preparing with sample questions. Utilizing these sample questions and focusing on your problem-solving approach is key to succeeding on the IPAT. After running through these questions, eventually, you can increase your speed and accuracy as you become more comfortable with them.

Another helpful tool is online practice tests. They imitate the conditions of the assessment including the difficulty and time limits. Along with these favorable attributes, the practice tests offer quantitative proof of improvement through scores and times.


IBM IPAT Sample Questions

  1. What is the next logical number in the series?
    131, 137, 139, 149, 151, 163, 167, 173
    1. 177
    2. 183
    3. 179
    4. 181
    5. 175
  2. John bought Joe’s farm for $100,000. If the property increases by 2% each month, how much is the farm worth in a decade?
    1. $340,000
    2. $270,000
    3. $320,000
    4. $280,000
    5. $300,000


Answer Key

  1. C
  2. A