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CVS Assessment Test, Virtual Job-Tryout, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2022

Solving Aptitude Tests

What Is CVS?

Founded in 1963, CVS is the largest pharmacy chain in the United States. Headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island they have 9,600 locations in the United States. In addition to pharmacy services, they carry some groceries, and cosmetics, offer photo processing, and walk-in clinics where customers can receive vaccines and general medical treatment. CVS has a number of career opportunities. From pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, analytics, customer care, and in their corporate office, to name a few. There are internship opportunities, and programs for recent graduates. Rated one of the 50 Most Innovative Companies, CVS offers benefits that include:

  • Medical and dental coverage
  • Health savings account
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Adoption Assistance
  • Stock options
  • Store discounts


What Is CVS’ Hiring Process?


The first step in the hiring process is to fill out an application online. Their website provides a list of open positions, and a link to apply for that job. You are able to search for jobs by either title or location. When you click the link to apply, they will ask for permission to contact you through SMS and to create an online profile before you can continue with the application.


CVS Online Assessment Tests

Job-seekers will be given online assessment tests at the time of application. There may be some skills-based tests required for certain positions. All applicants can expect the assessment tests to consist of a mix of Kronos psychometric and skills-based tests. The assessment tests include:

  • Personality test – This is a multiple-choice test used to determine how well the applicant’s personality suits the position they are applying for. The questions are usually presented in a “strongly agree”, “agree”, or “disagree” format and some may ask you to pick the best choice from the options presented.
  • Math test – In addition to the personality test, applicants for some positions, such as pharmacy tech, will be required to take a math skills test. It covers basic math such as addition and subtraction.
  • Pharmacy technicians will also be required to take a test on proper measuring and dosing.


Virtual Job Tryout

At the same time as the online assessment test, CVS also requires a Virtual Job-Tryout. The Shaker Virtual Job-Tryout is designed to screen the potential employee’s performance to determine their suitability for the job. You can expect:

  • A Realistic Job Preview – This section describes the job and the conditions. Explains the rules and the setting, and the type of interactions you will have with clients and customers. This portion is purely informational and is meant to help you determine if the job is a good fit for you.
  • A Situational Judgment Test (SJT) – The SJT test will ask questions directly related to the job you have applied for, to help determine how you can handle the role. This test is not multiple-choice, you must come up with your own answers.
  • Data Accuracy – This text examines how well you enter and check information, such as cross-checking medication bottles or managing inventory.
  • Drivers – This section will present you with two options, and you must pick the one that most closely matches the work environment you prefer. This is meant to determine the things that drive and motivate you.
  • Tell Us Your Story – You will be given a chance to expand on the things in your resume. The questions go into detail about your job experience, education, and any outside activities you may be a part of.
  • Work Styles – This is the longest section. You will be presented with two options and must choose which most closely matches your work style.


CVS Interviews

If you are chosen for an interview you will be called by a recruiter to set up an initial phone screening, or video interview. These are usually quite short and are meant to evaluate your interest in the position, and how well you communicate. If the phone interview goes well, you will be asked to come in for an in-person interview. The in-person interview will last between 20 and 30 minutes. This will go more in-depth into job experience and work history.


How to Prepare for CVS Online Assessment and Virtual Job-Tryout?

The online assessment and Virtual Job-Tryout are vital to moving on to the interviews. Practice math and dosing skills if applying for a pharmacy technician position. The personality test is used to determine how well you fit into the company, as well as test your ethics, most questions will have common sense answers, but also be familiar with what CVS expects from their employees. Be sure to take the test in a quiet place where you will be uninterrupted. The tests are untimed, but focusing will help you ensure your accuracy. Carefully read the instructions so you know exactly what you are doing. The Virtual Job-Tryout usually takes about an hour, make time to take it all at once. Proper preparation will ensure that you catch the eye of the recruiters, and make it all the way to a job offer.