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Cvent CCAT Test, Personality Assessment, Hiring Process & Interviews Preparation – 2023

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What Is Cvent?

Cvent is a company that helps put on events across the world. With thousands of employees, this company is large and allows for professional development. Further, this company is perfect for graduates who want to find a career in a rapidly growing industry. The company has been named a top workplace by the Washington Post and other publications, and it has a CEO who was ranked the #1 SaaS CEO. Thus, Cvent has extensive qualifications that could be appealing to job seekers.

Additionally, the company allows chances for travel, and a large benefits program (including benefits for pets, fitness, retirement, and career development). While it was founded in 1999, Cvent keeps its workspaces up to date to provide an encouraging work environment that meets the technological demands of other leading companies. The Cvent office is in Tysons Corner, Virginia, but it is a global company. Cvent has three teams:

  • Client Services
  • Marketing
  • Technology


What Is Cvent’s Hiring Process?

Cvent has a large number of applicants, who they put through a streamlined process to maintain a simple and easy employment process for everyone involved. Cvent has three stages in its hiring process:


For their application, Cvent uses Hirebridge applicant tracking, which is a program that companies use to screen applications for certain qualities. Hirebridge takes certain keyword phrases and will search for them in applicants’ answers. This factor is important to be aware of because the filtering process means that your application must reflect the ideas found in the job description. Moreover, the application will require applicants to fill out a series of questions and to add their resumes and CVs.

Cvent’s Assessment

If you pass the application screening, you will advance to the assessment process. The tests will differ based on the job you apply for. Cvent commonly uses a series of aptitude tests. Often, Cvent uses psychometric and personality tests, and they often use the Criteria Cognitive Aptitude Test, along with personality tests, and other tests that are specific to whatever job an applicant is applying for.

  • CCAT
    A fast-paced test with a time limit of fifteen minutes and fifty questions, and has three categories: math and logic, verbal ability, and spatial reasoning. Don’t worry if you finish the test within the given time because it’s uncommon for people to complete it. The test is scored based on how many questions an applicant gets correct versus the scores of other candidates. This test determines applicants’ ability to make decisions, comprehend information, think critically, and solve problems.
  • Personality Assessment
    Personality tests determine how prospective employees will potentially communicate with others, make decisions, and handle tasks. They are meant to give employers an idea of each applicant’s character. These tests do not determine skill; rather, they show how effective a candidate will be in the job. Cvent’s personality exam is short and tests if an applicant’s personality is fitting for the position they are applying for. You should be genuine with this test, but you can also practice these tests to learn how to show off your best traits.

Cvent’s Interview

If candidates pass the assessment portion of the hiring process, they will be asked to give an interview, or multiple interviews, which is the final stage of the process. Candidates should prepare for telephone and in-person interviews. The length of the interviews can vary based on the position you’re applying for, but keep in mind that they can be extensive, and applicants may have to go through multiple rounds of interviews.


How to Prepare for Cvent’s Online Assessments?

Using the tips and information above, you should have a better idea of what to expect going into the recruitment process with Cvent. This information will help you feel more self-assured and confident as you commence the pre-employment process. Additional practice can further prepare you for pre-employment screening by Cvent. Practice questions for the assessments and interview process are excellent ways to proceed in your preparation. Practice is one of the best ways for job seekers to increase their chances of being hired. Focus on Criteria’s CCAT tests as well as personality tests so that you don’t get cut from the candidate pool before you even get an interview.



Cvent is a developed and innovative company near Washington D.C. that is perfect for people who want to work for a company that allows opportunities for professional advancement and mentorship. Further, Cvent has other perks including wellness program discounts, paid time off, extensive healthcare, company social events, and even pet insurance. Ultimately, Cvent is ideal for those who want travel opportunities, solid training, and numerous career advancement opportunities.