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Cargill Psychometric Tests, Assessment Center, Talent Day, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2021

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What Is Cargill?

Based in Minnetonka, Minnesota, multinational agricultural company, and food producer, Cargill is the largest privately-owned company in the United States. Founded in 1865 it is still family-owned, with the descendants of the founders still holding 90% of the shares in the company. Cargill is the largest poultry producer in Thailand, and in the United States supplies 22% of the domestic meat market with the majority of meat imports coming from Argentina. They are also responsible for 25% of U.S grain exports. Cargill serves customers in over 125 countries through agriculture and industry. With a direct presence in 70 countries, Cargill has over 160,000 employees. Cargill has a range of employment opportunities. They offer corporate positions, opportunities in for production or hourly jobs, and chances for internships and co-ops. Cargill offers its employees a number of excellent benefits:

  • Medical coverage
  • Dental plans
  • Flexible spending accounts
  • Adoption assistance
  • Retirement plans
  • Tuition reimbursement


What Is Cargill’s Recruitment Process?

Application Process

Applying with Cargill is as simple as filling out an application online. The Cargill website gives you the ability to search for your position and location of choice. Upload your resume and answer a few questions before submitting your application. Once your application is submitted you will be sent a confirmation email that it has been received. If the position you are applying for is not hiring, you can join the Cargill talent community to receive updates and notifications about future openings.


Cargill’s Psychometric Tests

Due to the wide range of careers available at Cargill, there are a variety of pre-employment assessment tests given to job-seekers. Tests that may be offered based on the position you have applied for are:

  • Numerical Reasoning Test Applicants for positions that involve analytics and data interpretation, as well as graduate scheme and internship applicants may be given a numerical reasoning test. This test will present a series of tables and graphs full of numerical data that you must interpret and use to answer the multiple-choice questions. As a further challenge, this test is usually timed.
  • Workstyle Test – Most applicants can expect a variation of this test. This test is used to help gauge your work style, and how well it fits with what Cargill is looking for in an employee. You will be presented with a series of work-related challenges and will need to answer how likely or unlikely you are to perform certain actions.
  • Personality Assessment One of the psychometric tests most commonly given by potential employers, the personality assessment is used to help determine job candidates’ main personality traits. These traits are then measured against the preferred personality profile of the company.
  • Mechanical Aptitude Test Those going into maintenance or engineering should expect to be given a Ramsay mechanical aptitude test. This is a competency-based test that will test your knowledge of mechanics and engineering principles. You will be given diagrams of different simple machines and must determine how to solve the problems presented.

These tests are usually given by:


Phone/Online Interview

With luck and preparation, you will be contacted for an interview following the online assessment tests. The initial interview may be conducted over the phone, although recently Cargill has started to move toward online interviews. The interview will focus on your prior job experience and qualifications. This initial interview will last around 30-45 minutes.


Cargill’s Assessment Center/ Talent Days

Graduate and Early Career applicants will be expected to attend an assessment center or talent day. The assessment center will consist of an individual presentation, a group activity, and possibly a final interview. You will also have an opportunity to tour the facility and meet members of the management team.


Face to Face Interview

The face to face interview is the final hurdle in the hiring process. This interview will be behavior based and go more in-depth about past work experiences. When taking behavior-based interviews it is always best to answer using the STAR method (situation, task, action, result). This gives context to your answers and helps the interviewer get a better idea of your work style and how well it will fit into the company.


How to Prepare for Cargill’s Assessment Tests?

When applying for a position, it is just as important to prepare for the online assessment tests as it is for the interviews. Preparation starts with learning as much about the company as possible. A good understanding of the corporate culture and work environment will help you anticipate what they may be looking for when taking the personality assessment. Competency-based tests are best prepared for by reviewing the skills you know are important for your position. If you know you will be working with data analysis, studying graphs may help reinforce your skills when taking the numerical data test. Always give yourself a window of time to take the tests so you will not feel pressure from being rushed. A quiet place free of noise and distractions will help you focus so you can put all your energy toward the tests. Preparing yourself for all aspects of the hiring process will give you a leg up against the competition and help you snag that job offer.