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BNP Paribas Assessment & Hiring Process Preparation – 2022

Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is BNP Paribas?

Started in 1848 as a National bank in France, BNP Paribas is now the eight largest bank in the world, with a presence in 72 countries. BNP Paribas operates sections in both retail banking and investment banking, with 30 million customers in its domestic markets of France, Italy, and Belgium. It offers retail banking in Africa, the Mediterranean, the Middle East, and in the United States under the name Bank Of the West and First Hawaiian Bank. Its investment sector operates in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.

BNP Paribas prides itself on being a diverse workplace. Upward mobility is encouraged, as is working abroad. To stay competitive BNP Paribas offers a benefits package that includes:

  • Health insurance
  • Health savings account
  • Vision insurance
  • Adoption assistance
  • Pension
  • Holidays
  • Discounts


What Is BNP Paribas’ Hiring Process?


The BNP Paribas recruiting process is standard through the company. The first step is to submit an online application and your CV and cover letter. Your CV, or curriculum vitae, is a more detailed record of your employment and educational background than a resume. These are common when applying for jobs outside the U.S.


BNP Paribas Assessment Tests

After the application is submitted, you will be given a series of aptitude tests. These are psychometric tests designed to screen an applicant’s abilities, and determine if they will be a good fit for the company. Some tests may vary slightly based on the position you have applied for.

  • Situational Judgement Test (SJT)
    The situational judgment test is given to determine how an applicant will behave in a given situation. A series of job-based scenarios are given and you must determine how you would handle the situation based on the choices given. This test consists of 12 questions and determines if your responses fit into the corporate culture.
  • Numerical Reasoning Test
    BNP Paribas uses the numerical exam to measure the applicant’s ability to analyze numeric information presented in charts and graphs. You have a series of tables and must answer questions about the information you were able to learn from the information given. The test is a multiple-choice format and you will have 12 minutes to answer 37 questions. This test is timed, and the number of questions completed and the accuracy will be reflected in your score.
  • Verbal Reasoning Test
    The verbal reasoning test measures your reading comprehension skills, and your ability to understand verbal information. The test consists of a small passage to read, followed by a series of multiple-choice questions. You must answer as many questions as possible in the time provided. There are 49 questions and you will have 12 minutes.
  • Logical Reasoning Test
    The logical reasoning test measures the candidate’s ability to infer information given in a series of pictures and graphs. You are asked to determine the rules shown in each picture, and how every group relates to each other. As with the other tests, this is multiple-choice and you will have 12 minutes to finish the 12 questions.


Phone Interview.

The BNP Paribas interviews come in several rounds, based on the position you are seeking. The first interview is a phone screening. The phone screening is a casual interview and is meant to get a feel for if the applicant is a good fit for the position and the company.


Face to Face Interview.

If you pass the phone screening, the next interview is a face to face interview. This interview goes more in-depth. They will be inquiring about relevant job experience, educational background, and judging your communication skills. Many of the questions they ask will reflect their core values of responsiveness, commitment, creativity, and ambition.


The BNP Paribas Assessment Center (Superday)

If applying for an executive or managerial position, you may have a group panel or assessment center. BNP Paribas refers to these assessment centers as Superdays. For these, you may have to work with a group and put together a presentation. You may also have group discussions with top management, and there may be case studies to discuss. This is a way to assess your group cooperation skills and gauge how you contribute to the team.


How To Prepare For the Superday?

At the Superday you will meet other job candidates and some of the upper management team. Management will be observing how well you interact with others. Be prepared to show that you can lead, but not dominate. Don’t be afraid to speak up in group activities, and contribute to discussions in a way that feels natural. They want to know that you can take input from others and act as part of a team. As a corporation that prides itself on innovation, demonstrating good teamwork and communication skills will go a long way to getting you that job offer.


How to Prepare For the Online Assessment Tests?

Your success on the online test will determine if you move on to the interview stage of the hiring process. It’s important to be as prepared as possible for the online tests. A few tips that may be useful are, remember, practice makes perfect, take the time to find resources to help you refresh the skills you will be tested on. Researching the company will also be useful. This will give you some knowledge of the skills they look for, and what the tests may emphasize.


How to Pass the BNP Paribas Interview?

When preparing for interviews with BNP Paribas, it is important to keep in mind the emphasis they put on their corporate culture. They are looking for the candidates that they feel best represent their company values.  A visit to the company website will help you prepare for the expectations they have of their employees. Having a practice interview is beneficial, so you have answers ready. Some questions you may be asked are:

  • Which aspect of finance are you most familiar with?
  • Are you interested in expanding your financial knowledge? If so, what interests you the most?
  • What was your education like, how will it help you with a career with BNP Paribas?
  • What do you consider good customer service? How will you take care of the client?

When doing mock interviews, keep the company core values in mind so your answers can reflect these. For an interview at BNP Paribas, you will want to present yourself more formally. A suit would be the most appropriate attire for your interview. Confidence and knowledge of the company vision will help show that you are a good fit for the company.


Free Sample Questions for Practice

  1. Which option is grammatically correct? The firefighters believe that _____ captain is _____ excellent leader
    1. Their; a
    2. Their; an
    3. They’re; a
    4. They’re; an
  2. The fraction 1/8 is equal to:
    1. .1
    2. .125
    3. .25
    4. 8
  3. Plane is to runway as train is to
    1. Road
    2. Runway
    3. Track
    4. Station
    5. Metal
  4. What is the missing number in this series?
    2, 5, 5, 15, 8, 45, X
    1. 45
    2. 11
    3. 135
    4. 9
  5. If today one U.S. dollar is equal to 0.88 euros, how many euros can you buy for 200 USD?
    1. 188 EUR
    2. 88 EUR
    3. 27 EUR
    4. 176 EUR
  6. Choose the odd one out.
    Logical Reasoning Sample Question 2



  1. B
  2. B
  3. C
  4. B
  5. D
  6. C