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Banco Santander Assessment Tests, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2021

Interview Process

What Is Banco Santander?

Banco Santander is a retail bank with a global presence.  The bank is based in Santander, a small city in Northern Spain.  Banco Santander was founded in 1856 to fund trade between Spain and Latin America.  Banco Santander now has 145 million customers in Europe and the Americas and is ranked 3 out of 7 core countries for customer satisfaction.  Even as the bank continues to grow and expand, it aims to keep its business practices simple, personal, and fair. 

Banco Santander is a great place to work.  86% of its workforce is proud to work for Banco Santander, and 85% believe the company is open to change, sharing good practices, and fostering innovation.  Banco Santander offers flexiworking schedules that enable their employees to set their own schedules to balance work objectives with needs on the home front.  Telecommuting and flexible office hours help many parents be available when their children need them and to work when children are at school or sleeping.


What Is Banco Santander’s Hiring Process?

Create Your Profile

To begin the application process, create an account on the Banco Santander, or Santander, website.  This will allow you to be notified of new positions as they are entered into the system.


Apply for a Position

After you have created an account, you will be able to apply for jobs listed on the website.  If you don’t see a position that interests you the first time you log-on, you may find one in the email notifications you receive.  You can also check back for new positions as they are posted online. 

Your online application will be reviewed for accuracy and for relevance to the posted position.  Be sure to proofread your application for spelling and grammar errors before you submit it.    You will usually hear back in about a week from the day you submitted your application.


Santander Online Assessments

Depending on the position for which you have applied, you may be asked to take one or more online assessments.  These are typically cognitive and situational judgment tests.  This is a very competitive part of the process, and it is advised you to practice these assessments before taking them so that you will achieve the highest score possible.  You will usually hear within 48 hours whether or not your scores enable you to continue with the application process.


Resourcing Team Interview

A member of the resourcing team will contact you by telephone to discuss the role in more detail.  The call will last about 20 minutes.  Be prepared to discuss your previous employment and experience that relates to the position for which you have applied.  If you have questions about Banco Santander, you can ask them at this time.  You will hear the results of this interview within a week.



Once your application has been placed on the short-list, it will be reviewed again for the specific position for which you are qualified.  You may be invited in for a face-to-face interview and/or for an assessment day.  Formal assessments of your skills and competencies may be required for the position you seek.  This stage can take from 4 to 6 weeks to complete.



If you are chosen for the position, you will be given a verbal offer.  Credit, fraud, and reference checks will be completed before the offer is finalized.


Banco Santander Screening Assessments

All applicants who make it to the second step in the application process will be required to take a cognitive test and a situational judgment assessment.  If you are called back for an assessment day further along in the process, you may need to take a personality assessment in addition to specific skill-based assessments.


Cognitive Assessment

The cognitive assessment consists of two parts – numerical reasoning and verbal reasoning.  Tests will be in a multiple-choice format and will be timed. 

  • Numerical Reasoning
    This assessment consists of numerical information that is presented in charts, graphs, and tables. You will be asked to evaluate, analyze, and interpret the information.  Your computation skills will also be assessed.  All calculations will be done in your head, so advanced preparation is advised to keep your skills sharp. 
  • Verbal Reasoning
    This assessment requires you to read and analyze text. You will be given a short passage to read, and then asked questions about the text.  You may be asked to identify information in the text, to make inferences about the text, or to draw conclusions based upon what you read.  Practicing beforehand will familiarize yourself with the type of questions asked on the assessment.


Situational Judgement Assessment (SJT)

This psychometric test consists of a number of common workplace scenarios.  You will be given a scenario and then presented with a number of options on the best and worst ways to react.  Banco Santander is looking for employees who will fit in well with their culture and who share their corporate values.  Advanced practice will allow you time to think through which responses best reflect Banco Santander’s corporate culture. Check out our  free situational judement practice test.


How to Prepare for Banco Santander Assessment Tests

  • Review the company culture and values so you can answer assessment questions from the company’s point of view.
  • Take practice assessments multiple times so that you can get to know the format of the assessment and answer the questions according to that format.
  • Take the numerical reasoning practice assessment so that you can do the calculations quickly and correctly in your head.
  • Take the verbal reasoning practice assessment so that you can scan a passage quickly for key information and anticipate the types of questions that will be asked.
  • Take the situational judgment practice assessment so you can see how your scores align with Banco Santander’s corporate culture.
  • Review your answers on practice assessments so you know what areas to focus your studying, and to see how closely your initial responses align with the company culture.

You will be up against a lot of competition as you apply to work at Banco Santander.  Advanced preparation will help you stand out in the applicant pool.  Take some time to think through answers to standard interview questions that will highlight your expertise, and allow plenty of time to take practice assessments.