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Air France- KLM Assessment Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2021

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Air France- KLM?

Air France-KLM Group is a Franco-Dutch airline holding company, formed by a merger between Air France, and KLM. They are headquartered at the Charles De Gaulle Airport in Tremblay-en-France. In addition to Air France and KLM, they operate subsidiary airlines, Air France Hop, Transavia France, Air France Cargo. KLM Cityhopper, KLM Cargo, Transavia, and Martinair. Air France-KLM also holds partial interest in several other small airlines including Air Corsica and Air Cote d’Ivoire. Air France KLM operates from 2 major hubs, Paris-Charles De Gaulle Airport and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The group operates 2,300 flights daily and is part of the SkyTeam Airline Alliance.

Air France, KLM, and their subsidiary companies have a workforce of around 80,000. There are positions for traditional hires as ground crew, corporate office, IT, engineering, and security. There are also trainee positions as well as internships and graduate programs available. Air France-KLM group strives to make a satisfying work experience by offering benefits that include:

  • Medical benefits
  • Retirement savings
  • Travel perks


What Is Air France- KLM’s Hiring Process?

Despite merging to form a holding company, openings for Air France and KLM will only be found on their respective websites. You can link to either site through the Air France-KLM corporate site. Jobs with the subsidiary companies can be found on either the Air France or KLM sites, depending on which country the airline is based out of. Before applying, create a profile so you can save your searches and any job postings you feel you are qualified for. Upload your CV, resume, or any other documentation when you submit your application form.

If your CV and application seem to be in line with the job qualifications, you will be contacted for a telephone screening. A representative will confirm all your information and give you more details about the position you want. You can also ask any questions you may have during this call.

After submitting your application, and prior to an in-person interview, some people may be sent a link to complete online assessment tests. These tests will include instructions on how to take the tests, and when you must have them completed. The specific assessments you are given will depend on the job you have applied for. For some candidates, these tests will be given during an assessment center.

You may be asked to attend an assessment day, depending on the job you applied for. There you will participate in group exercises, and skills tests. The day will conclude with interviews for those who demonstrate the right skills.

Some job-seekers will not be required to attend an assessment center and may instead proceed directly to in-person interviews. These may be panel interviews or may be conducted one on one.


Interview Questions

Here are common interview questions you will want to prepare for:

  • Why should Air France-KLM choose you?
  • List your top skills that will make you an ideal team member at Air France-KLM.
  • How do you compensate for your lack of experience?


Air France- KLM’s Psychometric Tests

Air France-KLM is using SHL’s tests to help identify the best talent to fill its open positions. These tests measure things such as cognitive function, and personality to help find individuals with the right combination of personality and soft skills. Your scores will be compared to the scores of other job-seekers and results will be based on percentile groups. Some of the tests you may be asked to take include:

  • Verbal Reasoning Exam This timed, multiple-choice exam shows how well you understand written information and can draw a relevant conclusion, as well as your ability to communicate and use verbal information. You will be given short passages to read followed by questions that require you to use the information in the passages.
  • Numerical Reasoning Exam This test will use word problems to show how well you are able to solve problems involving numbers. You may also be given graphs to work with, and you will need to be able to determine the proper math function to use to solve the problem. This assessment will also be multiple-choice and timed.
  • Inductive Reasoning Exam This is a measure of abstract thought and problem-solving. This is measured by giving you sets of patterns. You will need to find the pattern and use it to find the next image in the set. You will be under a time limit to complete this test, and it is multiple-choice.
  • SJT This is a psychometric test that identifies your ability to handle common workplace occurrences. You will be given a scenario and you will need to determine the best course of action from the choices you are given.
  • Personality Assessments Personality tests are used to help identify your dominant personality traits, your drivers, and your motivations. You will either need to rank responses as they pertain to you or choose descriptors that you feel are either the most or least accurate when describing your personality.
  • Mechanical Reasoning


How to Prepare for Air France- KLM’s Assessments?

Your performance on the online assessments will dictate how far you go in the hiring process. With this in mind, aim to set the curve, by preparing to get the best scores possible.

Practice doing word problems, and reading book passages, and following them up with questions. You can find apps online designed to help students with these skills, and they can benefit you as well. Time yourself while doing this so you can get used to working under pressure. These tests are not just about what you know, they are also a measure of how well you can perform in a high-stress environment.

Personality and situational judgment tests may seem like something you can quickly complete without thought. Picking the answers, you think human resources wants to see is definitely the wrong way to go. This can cause an unbalanced and undesirable profile. Instead think everything through from the perspective of an employee, so you can give them a real look at why you are the perfect fit for the job.