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Air Astana Assessment Tests, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2021

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Air Astana?

Air Astana is based out of Almaty International Airport with a secondary hub in Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport. It is the flag carrier airing for Kazakhstan, with 64 destinations both domestic and international. Air Astana has a fleet of 24 aircraft, and with an average age of 6 years, their fleet is the youngest in Europe. In 2019 Air Astana launched its own budget airline, FlyArystan.

Air Astana employs more than 4,700 people. Although the majority of employees are from Kazakhstan, there are positions available internationally. Air Astana employees fill roles in engineering, ground services, ticketing, and reservations, as well as pilots, and cabin crew. To aid in employee satisfaction, Air Astana offers benefits and perks that include:

  • Corporate health insurance
  • Discounts at fitness centers
  • Travel discounts
  • Corporate shuttle bus
  • Corporate mobile phones


What Is Air Astana’s Hiring Process?

Visit the Air Astana website to find out if there are any open positions that match your qualifications, or to see if the job you want is available. You will need to create an account to submit your application. To create an account you will need to include the country you have citizenship in, and the city in which you live. Be sure you include all your qualifications on your CV and resume. They will initially be sorted by the Success Factors Applicant Tracking System. This computerized system screens applications to be sure they meet the minimum qualifications for the job.

If your CV seems to match well with the qualifications, you will be asked to take some online tests. You will need to score well on the tests to continue to the next stage of the hiring process.

Pilot and cabin crew candidates may need to attend an assessment center. There, you will need to demonstrate that you meet all the physical qualifications and participate in group activities. You will also be given more assessment tests. You will need to show fluency in Kazakh, as well as English. Candidates will be eliminated as the day goes on, and only the best will remain for the interviews.

Ground crew and engineering candidates will be called for in-person interviews. There may be more than one interview depending on the duties and complexity of your desired position.


Air Astana’s Online Assessment Tests      

Air Astana gives SHL assessment tests as part of its hiring process. These tests are used to narrow the candidates even further so only the job-seekers with the best potential make it to the interviews. SHL tests are timed, multiple-choice psychometric tests that are used to measure specific cognitive abilities. These abilities are factors in how quickly a person can learn a new role, how well they perform in areas related to the job (such as numerical proficiency), and how well they perform under pressure.

You may be given one or more of these SHL tests depending on the role you applied for. Pilots will be given a combination of these tests, as well as other computerized tests designed specifically to test for skills necessary in aircraft operation.

  • Verbal Reasoning ExamThis test demonstrates how well you can interpret written information and draw appropriate conclusions. Each question on the test is in response to a paragraph you will need to read to determine the answers.
  • Numerical Reasoning Exam This is a test of your ability to work with numbers. You will need to determine which functions you need to solve the problems using the numbers given to you in charts and tables.
  • Abstract/Logical Reasoning Exam This test shows how well you can reason, without using words or numbers. You will need to determine the pattern within a series of changing shapes and matrices. You will then use that to figure out which answer is the missing piece of the pattern.
  • Excel Test – If you are part of the ground crew you may need to demonstrate an ability to work with a computer system like Microsoft Excel.
  • Personality Job Test Personality surveys are given to many employees, but they are definitely an important part of hiring pilots and cabin crew. The results of the test will be measured against a profile that has been made of desirable traits for that position.
  • Pilot Tests Pilots will be tested in areas such as response time, spatial awareness, memory, multi-tasking, and aviation language.


How to Prepare for Air Astana’s Psychometric Tests?

If you’re ready to start a career with Air Astana, then you will need to be ready for the online assessment tests. A poor score will prevent you from getting far in the hiring process. Set a time limit for finishing practice math problems and reading. This will get you used to working under pressure due to time. Practice time management so you learn to avoid spending too much time on one question. Find an app to help you with reading comprehension or use practice tests you can find online for literature classes. This will help you learn how to focus on the important information and draw conclusions.

You can’t truly study for a personality test, but you can show yourself to advantage. Do not worry about picking the answer you think is what they want to see. Instead, focus on answering as if you are at work so your responses are those you would use in a professional setting. This will give the hiring team true insight into your drive and personality traits as an employee.