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Toyota Assessment Tests & Hiring Process Preparation – 2024

Job Assessment Tests

This article will help job seekers who are looking at Toyota for their career future. Included are the facts about the hiring process along with preparation tips for candidates at all stages of the process.


What Is Toyota?

Toyota is one of the largest automotive manufacturers with more than 366,283 employees worldwide, with its headquarters in Toyota City, Japan. Benefits for employees include health, dental, and vision insurance.

Toyota’s brands: Toyota, Lexus, Daihatsu, Hino, and Ranz.


Toyota Hiring Process

The total hiring process for Toyota can take up to 6 months as often thousands of applicants apply to the same job. The main order of events, however, is applying online, online assessments, an assessment center, and a final interview before receiving an offer.


Application Process

Many positions at Toyota start through their graduate program, where new college graduates can get on-the-job training for two years before moving on to their specialized field of choice. For more experienced candidates, applications for senior roles are also available online. It is common to have a call with a recruiter after submitting your application, so they can ask clarifying questions about your background.


Toyota Assessments

Once your application is approved through the recruitment process, you will be asked to complete psychometric tests that will check if you are ready for employment. Most applicants will complete a Situational Judgment Test and Personality Test, while a Mechanical Reasoning Test and Select Assessment for Manufacturing Test are only required for specific roles.


  • Situational Judgement Test
    The SJT test will examine how you handle hypothetical situations in the workplace. Use common sense and your previous experiences to help you succeed. Don’t overthink the questions, but instead read each answer and honestly put what you think the best response is. They will use your answers to see how you align with the company’s values, therefore it will be beneficial for you to know Toyota’s values thoroughly before taking this test.
  • Personality Test
    The personality test is made to see if you fit the general culture of the company. To do so, it assesses your personality, motivations, and weaknesses. There are technically no right or wrong answers on this test, but it is helpful to know the personality traits that Toyota prioritizes.
  • Mechanical Reasoning Test (Toyota Maintenance Test)
    The candidates who take this test will be those applying for engineering or maintenance technician roles. Unlike the SJT and Personality test, the mechanical reasoning exam has definite right and wrong answers. The questions will be about the laws of classical mechanics. Past applicants have noted the following as some of the subjects on the test: levers, gravity, pressure, pulleys, springs, gears, magnetism, and electricity. You have 3 hours to complete the exam.
  • Select Assessment for Manufacturing Test (SAM)
    This test serves as an entrance exam if you are applying to work in hourly manufacturing positions, such as assembly lines. The test has multiple-choice and interactive questions to assess how you would do in the manufacturing environment. Not all the multiple-choice questions have a right or wrong answer, but instead, some are just trying to understand you better to see if you have the right skills for the job. The interactive questions are focused mostly on your ability to multitask and still solve problems effectively. The test does come with a time limit.
  • SAM Test for New Car Assembly Simulation
    If you are applying specifically to work with car manufacturing, you may be asked to take a subset of the SAM Test on car assembly. This test is an online, “hands-on” assessment that will show you the car assembly process, then ask you to build a car based on the process shown. This test is not timed but should only take you 10-15 minutes. Toyota recruiters will look to see how long it took you to complete the exercise.


Toyota Assessment Center

After recruiters have finished screening your aptitude test results, you will be asked to come onsite to complete an assessment day which will include a variety of group and individual exercises.

  • Group Exercise
    This is an exercise made to assess your leadership and teamwork skills. The exercises that have been used in the past include a group discussion on a divisive subject or a hypothetical scenario to which the group is asked to come up with a quick solution. They want to see how you share your ideas, but also how you listen and work with others.
  • Written Exercise
    For this exercise, you will be asked to write a report on provided reading material. They want to see if you can carefully, quickly, and effectively analyze the information given. What will help most in this exercise is knowing the Toyota culture along with understanding the role you are applying for.
  • Presentation
    For this exercise, you will be given a topic and asked to present the information in front of a panel of assessors. You may be given your topic before the day of, which will give you time to prepare, or you may be given your topic while you are at the assessment center, and therefore have limited time to prepare. Either way, before coming onsite, practice your presentation skills, focusing mostly on public speaking and body language.


How to Pass Toyota Assessment Tests?

For the Toyota Aptitude Tests, you are given practice questions before you are asked to complete the test. As such, it is in your interest to practice these questions, so you are comfortable and prepared for the assessment. For the Toyota Assessment Center, come in confident, engaged, and ready to show the assessors you exemplify the Toyota values.


Final Interview

The final interview may take place the same day as the assessment center, or it may be a different day depending on the timing of the process. This final interview is a standard competency-based interview, where assessors are trying to determine if you are properly qualified for the job. To prepare, be ready for questions of how your skills and experiences are particularly linked to Toyota’s values and goals. This final interview takes about one hour.


Interview Tips

Toyota believes no process is perfect, and therefore there is always a better way. As so, you should highly emphasize how you have developed through past experiences. Toyota’s other core values are communication, problem-solving, teamwork, initiative, and leadership. Focus on these in your answers as well. Find someone to practice common questions with so you are comfortable with your answers.


Toyota Selection Process

Once you have made it through all the steps of the Toyota recruitment process, if all goes well, you will be given an offer for employment! Along with the offer, you will be asked to complete some pre-employment paperwork. This includes proof of work authorization, a confidential medical questionnaire, and a physical assessment which will include a drug test.



Overall, Toyota is a competitive company, and it is best to be fully prepared as you enter into the application process. Make sure you know the company and are able to eloquently explain your past experiences. If you do this, you should have no problem impressing the Toyota recruiters and landing yourself a job!