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Thomas International PPA Test Preparation & Tips – 2021

Online job tests practice

The Thomas PPA psychometric assessment is an online exam meant to give employers insight into the work behavior of job-seekers and graduates. It aids employers in knowing where to maximize learning and development budgets, and it helps to take the uncertainty out of the recruiting process. The intent of the test is to expose deeper hidden layers to applicants not seen in job interviews.


What Is the Thomas International PPA Test?

Thomas PPA is used to provide a profile with details about a person’s strengths and limitations, communication style, value to the business, motivations, basic fears, and behavior under pressure. The test can be used to match people to jobs, screen resumes, and to manage, coach, develop, and train people. The results are often used with Thomas job to identify the ideal behavior qualities and competencies needed in applicants for a specific position.


How to Prepare for the Thomas International PPA Assessment?

The PPA assessment typically takes applicants around eight minutes to complete. It presents the applicant with four words to describe different behavioral responses to work situations, and applicants are asked to choose the word that best describes the reaction they’d most likely have and the one they’d be least likely to have. The exam is an important one because it works with profiles created by ThomasJob to identify the best fit for the job. Therefore, it is essential to know what traits recruiters are looking for in the recruitment process during screening with the online psychometric aptitude assessments. The test should not be taken lightly. Although the test providers say there is no right or wrong answer, there are answers that paint job seekers and graduates in a better light and answers that do not display the traits the recruiters are searching for. Because of this, answers should all be focused around showing how you are the best fit for the job when it comes to soft skills and personality.


Thomas International PPA Test Tips

  • Practice with tests similar to the Thomas PPA assessment.
  • Familiarize yourself with the kinds of questions you will be asked and prepare to answer in ways that will reflect the strengths that you can bring to the job.
  • Put your best foot forward and answer the questions so that the employer can better understand how you perform and think in a workplace setting.
  • Try not to take too long answering the questions. You only have a limited time to take the entire test, and while taking the full time will not count against you, the employer may still take it into account. Answers should be natural, so they should not take you a long time to give.



The Thomas PPA is not a complicated personality assessment, but doing well on it does require practice and preparation. In particular, the test is used heavily for screening graduates and job-seekers in addition to providing areas that need work or strengthening. Because it is used this way, the prep work for the exam day should be taken seriously. As with any online pre-employment psychometric exam, preparation is important, but when the test results can carry with you through the rest of your time with the company if you land the job, you should make sure you familiarize yourself with the test layout and types of questions asked. If you do this, you will be able to perform well on the exam and show the recruiters your best side.