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SAM Test Online Preparation, Example Question & Helpful Tips – 2024

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What Is the SAM Test?

The Select Assessment for Manufacturing (SAM) Test is given to those applying for manufacturing jobs such as assembly lines. It is produced by Select International Inc. This company uses technology and advanced methodology to help employers such as Toyota, Polaris, and General Electric determine which candidates are qualified for their positions.

The SAM test is an interactive online assessment with five exam modules. Your potential employer will assign you the test that best suits what they are looking for. The test is timed, but your limit depends on the employer’s selection.

The questions will assess your ability to problem solve, multi-task, follow directions, and perform job-related tasks. Some characteristics and capabilities evaluated include:

The results will give the employer an idea of your work style and workplace behavior.

There are two types of questions on the test: multiple-choice and interactive.


Multiple-Choice Questions

The multiple-choice questions assess your compatibility with the job, company, and environment. You’ll need to be careful in this section, as not all questions have correct answers. For these, the employer will want you to answer the question honestly to ensure a good fit for the role.

Keep the company values and mission in mind when responding. For example, if your role will be a customer-facing position, you would want to answer any questions regarding customers in a friendly and helpful manner.


Interactive Questions

You’ll also encounter interactive questions that require you to address a problem while doing other tasks. Multi-tasking is a critical skill in many manufacturing roles, so doing well is essential for success in the field.

These questions will all be tailored to the role you seek and will simulate a situation you may encounter on the job. For example, you may have several machines that you are monitoring while you are working on fixing another.

Doing well in this section will show your potential employer that you can multi-task, think critically about issues, problem-solve, and respond quickly to a situation.


Example Simulation: Car Assembly

An example of an interactive question you may encounter is the car assembly simulation. This test is standard among candidates in the car manufacturing and distribution field.

The test will demonstrate the car assembly process, and then you will be asked to replicate the necessary steps to correctly assemble the car. This exam will assess your ability to follow directions, work with urgency, and produce accurate results.

This particular test is not timed, and you will have the option to complete practice sessions beforehand. However, employers will analyze how long it took you to complete the test, as slow workers will not be efficient in the field.


Top Tips for the SAM Test

Here are a few tips to help you do well on the SAM test:

  • Use your time wisely. The test sections will be timed, so it is essential to work quickly.
  • Read directions carefully. Following directions is a critical skill in manufacturing. Be sure to read all test directions carefully before moving forward with the exam.
  • Pay attention to details. While employers are looking for candidates who can complete a job quickly, they are also looking for people to work accurately.
  • Give yourself enough time to prepare. For many job seekers, this test will be unlike pre-employment tests they’ve taken previously. Therefore, giving yourself adequate time to familiarize yourself with the test material and format is vital.


How to Prepare for the SAM Assessment?

The best way to prepare for the SAM test is by using online resources such as practice tests and study guides.

Practice tests will provide sample questions similar to what you will see on the actual exam and allow you to rehearse your timing and familiarize yourself with the exam format. It will also give information on questions you’ve gotten wrong and how to approach the question in the future to determine the correct solution.

Study guides are a great tool to understand more about the manufacturing field, mechanical concepts, and job tasks that may be required. Reviewing this material may give you the information needed to complete the test and will give you a better idea of whether you fit the role.

Candidates who use these resources score significantly higher on the exams than those who do not. Therefore, it is vital to use these to your advantage to set yourself apart from the other candidates.