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Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Assessment Center, Hiring Process, Interviews & Online Tests Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Tests Preparation

What Is RBS?

The Royal Bank of Scotland was founded in 1727 with their headquarters in Edinburgh, Scotland. RBS is partially owned by the government and has offices across three different continents. They offer services in personal, private, and business banking as well as insurance and corporate finance.


What Is the Hiring Process for RBS?

The Royal Bank of Scotland has been endowed with great responsibility for the past three centuries. They maintain their reputation by employing top-notch people who share their values.

The RBS hiring process takes anywhere from two weeks to two months. They vet candidates with a four-stage interview process appraising intelligence, competency, and behaviour. The stages include:

  • Application
  • Online Assessments
  • Video Interview
  • Assessment Center



RBS appreciates a tailored application in place of one-size-fits-all information. In the application form, they would like to hear about your experiences and education and how this makes you an asset for RBS. They only allow you to apply for one position at a time because RBS prefers dedication to a single field.


RBS  Online Assessments

The online assessments come in two different parts. First, you must achieve a favorable score on the behavioural test before you proceed to the aptitude assessments. The behavioural test is sent to an applicant after their application has been submitted and reviewed by RBS. These tests include:

  • Situational Judgement Test
    The situational judgement test, or SJT, is the first and only behavioural test administered by RBS. It helps the company understand how a candidate behaves in a professional setting. There is a total of fifteen hypothetical scenarios provided in the assessment. Each will describe some type of conflict or situation using workplace context. Subsequently, there will be a brief statement describing an action taken or an action that should be taken. It’s the test taker’s job to evaluate that statement and decide if said action was right or wrong. While the assessment is untimed, it generally takes about thirty minutes to complete.
  • Numerical Ability
    The numerical ability assessment will come after RBS evaluates your score on the SJT. It’s a twelve-question test with a focus on mathematical reasoning. This includes interpreting data presented in graphs and tables, performing basic operations, and drawing plausible conclusions from quantitative evidence. Candidate must understand fundamental math, algebra, fractions, and probability in order to be successful on the numerical ability test. The test has a total time constraint of twelve minutes. Each time new data is presented, test takers are provided ninety seconds to review the data and seventy-five-seconds to answer the follow-up questions.
  • Logical Reasoning
    The logical reasoning test analyzes the ability to comprehend arguments and observations. This is achieved by presenting candidates with a three by three table depicting shapes in a pattern. In seventy-five seconds, the candidate must choose the correct shape to complete the sequence out of fourteen given options. The patterns will most likely be portrayed by a change in color, shape, or position.


Video Interview

The video interview is conducted via webcam recording. The candidate will be sent a series of instructions and questions briefly before they are asked to partake in the interview. The questions focus on the driving factors and strengths of the candidate. This includes providing examples of times leadership was shown, discussing motivations behind applying for this role, personal and professional interests, etc. All in all, the video interview usually takes twenty to thirty minutes.


RBS Assessment Center

The assessment center is the final stage of RBS’s interview process. They ask of one day of your time to come to one of their offices, usually the headquarters, and participate in the following exercises:

  • Individual Task
    The individual task could be one of three things: a presentation, a report, or a meeting. These tasks mock the day-to-day activities one could expect on the job.
  • Group Activity
    Similar to the individual tasks, the group activity will imitate the genuine experience of working at RBS. They will provide all the necessary resources and an interviewer will sit with your team while you work through the problems. During the group activity, the candidate is assessed on both their technical knowledge and their teamwork skills.
  • Interview
    The interview consists of a mix of competency and situational-based questions. The candidate must articulate their thought process aloud and offer examples of times they have exhibited certain traits favored by RBS.


What Does RBS Look For?

Beyond the basics of intelligence and high emotional intelligence, RBS has a set of values they favor in candidates and employees alike. These include:

  • Customer Focus
  • Teamwork
  • Thinking Bigger Picture
  • Strong Ethics

If you are interviewing with RBS, you will be asked on more than one occasion how you embrace and exhibit these qualities. Before your interview with them, spend some time thinking of examples of when you best exemplified, for example, customer focus.

If and when RBS addresses this trait they may ask, “Name a time you dealt with an irate customer, how did you handle the situation?”. Answer how you please, but be sure to include the situation, action, and outcome above all else.


How to Prepare for RBS’s Online Assessments?

RBS administers their online assessments differently than almost any other company. Instead of automatically receiving the links to all of the assessments, they send them individually on the condition that you do well on the prior assessment. Fortunately, this allows you more time to prepare.

The best and most effective way to prepare for RBS’s online assessments is by taking practice tests. These simulate the testing atmosphere by providing similar questions with an identical time limit on each question. There are short and full-length versions available depending on what you feel is necessary. Another benefit of these practice tests is that they give you the ability to track your progress while informing you of particular areas that may need some improvement. It sort of acts as a guide in your preparation process.



The Royal Bank of Scotland encourages the growth of their employees with a tremendous focus on the people they serve. If you believe you fit this description, then RBS is right for you. With some dedication and a lot of preparation, RBS is well within your reach. Best of luck!


Practicing for RBC’s Psychometric Assessments

Practicing for RBC assessment tests is the key to scoring higher and increasing your chances of getting your desired job. Our team developed example questions so you can experience test questions of similar topics. The following aptitude questions focus on a few main topics that are common in this assessment, such as: numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, and logical reasoning.


Free Sample Questions for Practice

  1. Divide 108 by .25
    1. 4.32
    2. 43.2
    3. 432
    4. 4320
  2. What is the next number in the following sequence?
    1, 1, 2, 6, _
    1. 10
    2. 12
    3. 24
    4. 8
  3. What is the next number in the series?
    8, 17, 44, 125, 368, ?
    1. 895
    2. 1020
    3. 1097
    4. 936
    5. 1225
  4. If today one GBP is equal to 0.88 CAD, how many Cannadian Dollars can you buy for 200 GBP?
    1. 188 CAD
    2. 88 CAD
    3. 27 CAD
    4. 176 CAD
  5. Answer the question below based on the data in the chart.tableHow many more jobs will there be in 2026 for environmental engineer technicians according to the predictions given?
    1. 1700
    2. 1921
    3. 17,000
    4. 221
  6. Which word is the best fit for the blank space in this sentence? Mrs. Smith was ______ after witnessing the armed robbery.
    1. Dapper
    2. Dismal
    3. Disturbed
    4. Dark
  7. Loquacious means
    1. Confident
    2. Moody
    3. Outgoing
    4. Talkative
  8. Which two statements below prove that Joe owns a golden retriever?
    1. Sally likes all dogs except golden retrievers.
    2. Donald likes dogs. Joe owns a dog.
    3. Joe does not own a poodle.
    4. Sally does not like Joe’s dog.
  9. Which proverbs have similar meanings?I. Actions speak louder than words.
    II. A picture is worth a thousand words.
    III. The pen is mightier than the sword.
    IV. God helps those who help themselves.
    V. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs.
    1. II & IV
    2. III & V
    3. I, II, & II
    4. I & IV
    5. I, IV, & V


  1. C
  2. C
  3. C
  4. D
  5. C
  6. C
  7. D
  8. A and D
  9. A


In addition, you can find dedicated pages with free practice materials for the following topics: