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Qualcomm Assessment Test, Recruitment Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2024

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What Is Qualcomm?

Qualcomm is a semiconductor company originating in the United States. Its headquarters are in San Diego, California, and has operated since 1985. Qualcomm is a global corporation with locations in 30 countries. There are Qualcomm offices in the United States, Asia, South America, Europe, and the United Kingdom.

Even though they are a company focused on the design and manufacture of computer memory components, there are positions available outside of technological careers. In addition to engineers, developers, and analysts, Qualcomm also has teams in supply chain management, environment health and safety, human resources, accounting, and other roles. If you are new to your profession, there are internships for students and graduates. Employment with Qualcomm gives employees access to employee programs and benefits. Benefits will vary based on the country you are in.


What Is the Hiring Process at Qualcomm?

To get started, upload your resume to the Qualcomm job search to aid you in finding the perfect match. The system will use keywords in your resume to help generate a list of open positions that should be a good fit. If there is nothing available that suits your qualifications, you can join the Qualcomm talent community to be alerted when a suitable job opens.

If your resume stands out, a recruiter will contact you. You may have a brief telephone screening to review your qualifications and to see if you are still interested in the position. At this time, you may be sent a link to an assessment test, or scheduled for an interview that will include an assessment test.

The number of interviews rounds you go through depends on the position. Engineering positions, project managers, and upper management are some of the positions that frequently require two or more interviews.

Interviews for technical positions include technical challenges, as well as technical questions. Follow-up interviews for these roles focus more on behavior so management can get a well-rounded view of how you will blend into the team.


Qualcomm’s Assessment Tests

Not all positions require testing as part of the hiring process. Managerial, engineering, and internships are roles that are very likely to require assessment prior to an interview. If you are required to take any tests, you will be informed of the steps in the process during your screening phone call. Some tests may need to be taken during a scheduled time at a testing center, or at a Qualcomm location.  With so much of the hiring process being remote, many ability assessment tests can be taken from your home computer.

The tests below are often used in the semiconductor industry. These may vary based on the requirements for the position being tested for.

  • Numerical Reasoning ExamThis is a test of your ability to work with number sets. It is multiple-choice, with the numbers you need to work with given in graphs and charts. You will use these graphs to solve a series of word problems. You need to be able to interpret the information in the graphs, as well as demonstrate the ability to determine the correct functions to solve the problems.
  • Logical Reasoning Exam You may be tested on your reasoning abilities. There may be two types of questions. Inductive, or graphic reasoning, uses matrices with changing patterns. You need to determine the rules of each set to find the missing piece of the pattern. This test uses a multiple-choice format. Deductive reasoning gives you clues to help you draw a conclusion. This type of question usually starts with a general statement that leads to a conclusion. You need to decide if there is enough information to prove the conclusion is true or false.
  • Pre-Employment Personality Test A personality test, also known as a personality survey, is used not only to determine your work style but to see how well your personality matches the needs of the job. A personality survey also gives an idea of how well you work with others, and if you are a good fit for the existing team.
  • SJT TestThe situational judgment test shows your approach to problem-solving in job-related situations. You will be presented with different challenges that you may be faced with and a list of possible responses. Choose the solution that is the most similar to the way you would handle the problem.
  • Coding Test – Engineers and other technical positions may be given a coding or programming test. These tests often have a few general questions about coding and programming, followed by a challenge. A popular coding assessment is the HackerRank test.

Qualcomm mainly uses the eSkill tests and the Harrison assessments.


How to Prepare for Qualcomm’s Tests?

In a competitive field, your best chance of success is to be prepared for every step of the hiring process, including the assessment tests. Start by thoroughly reading the job description for the position you want. Any skills that are emphasized are areas that you may be tested in. Make sure your technical knowledge and your programming skills are up to date if you are hoping for an engineering position. Practice your coding and programming, especially the areas you feel you are weak in. Logical reasoning tests are very common for many positions. Practicing sample questions is the key to improve these skills. Finally, make sure you are aware of the corporate culture and company values. This will help with Situational Judgment Tests, so you know what Qualcomm expects from employees.