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Phillips 66 Mechanical Tests Battery, Personality Profiling, Hiring Process & Interviews Online Preparation – 2023

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is Phillips 66?

Phillips 66 is an energy company that handles manufacturing and logistics. This company wants to use energy to improve the lives of those it serves. The company wants employees who will commit to serving customers with responsibility. Employees should be enthusiastic about future energy solutions while striving to maintain a high standard of living and health across the globe. Employees should be proud to work for Phillips 66.

The areas this company works in are:

  • Refining
  • Midstream
  • Chemical
  • Marketing
  • Specialists


What Is Phillips 66’s Recruitment Process?

Phillips has lots of applications to process, so it uses a standardized recruitment system to filter through all the potential employees. To achieve the best results, which would lead to hiring, you should familiarize yourself with the hiring process and the company values. During the process you can illustrate your understanding of the company’s culture and how your values align with theirs.

The company’s values are:

  • Safety
  • Honor
  • Commitment

Application Process

Use Phillips 66’s job page to browse job openings, create an account, and open an application. The first steps of the application are just inputting basic data about yourself and uploading your CV and cover letter. Then, you will also be asked some job-specific questions. Further, using keywords from the job description makes your application stand out and shows that you paid attention to what the company wants.

Phillips 66’s Psychometric Tests Battery

Psychometric exams help employers test if you have the appropriate skills for a job at their company. It helps to learn how this process works. To improve your chances at success, score high so that you are in the upper fifty percent at least. The exact score needed will vary based on the position and other applicants.

Phillips 66 uses a Valtera battery test that has three different tests to examine different areas of expertise that Phillips 66 employees need. It is a multiple-choice test.

  • Mechanical Aptitude Assessment
    This assessment will test to see if applicants can comprehend and apply basic mechanical principles. You will have situational scenarios in this test that will challenge you to find solutions to theoretical problems quickly.
  • Mechanical Knowledge Assessment
    This mechanical test is more about the principles and basic mechanical terms than the mechanical aptitude portion of the battery test. It will focus on your knowledge rather than application. Study mechanical principles to do well on this test.
  • Workplace Attitude and Behavior Inventory
    This test is a personality test that will ask you different questions and have you decide to what degree you agree or disagree with the statement provided. You do not need outside knowledge for this test. Be yourself but emphasize the qualities that would appeal to Phillips 66.

You may also expect a personality profiling test that many candidates face. This allows Phillips 66 to see if you are a good fit in their work environment.


Phillips 66 Interviews

Many job candidates have multiple rounds of interviews with Phillips 66. Expect a brief phone screening and then a more in-depth in-person interview or interviews. Expect to meet various people who you will be working with and feel free to ask questions if you have any concerns as you go through the interview.


How to Prepare for Phillips 66’s Mechanical Tests Battery?

Online assessment tests help Phillips 66 determine if you’re a suitable candidate for a job at the company. If you want a job at Phillips 66, you need to do well on the mechanical reasoning and personality exams. Practicing will make you feel self-assured. Additionally, practice tests allow you to understand your weak and strong suits. Keep practicing the areas you are weaker in to improve your score. You should also find a quiet space to take the test so that you can concentrate on finding the right answers rather than getting distracted.


Phillips 66’s Interview Questions & Helpful Tips

With the myriad of applicants, you must show how you are unique compared to the other candidates. You want to make yourself memorable at the interview so that you stand out and Phillips 66 can clearly understand that you are the perfect fit for the job.

That being said, it would be wise to have some prepared answers to questions that may arise during the interview:

  • Can you share some of your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What past educational or career experiences best prepare you for this job?
  • What characteristics make someone a great leader?
  • What is your five-year goal?
  • What would you do if you saw someone acting unsafely in the workplace?
  • Why are you interested in this job?



As a company pushing for energy solutions, Phillips 66 desires employees who are passionate about the work they do. This company offers employees a reliable work environment that would appeal to many graduates. With all the career opportunities that Phillips 66 offers, you are likely to find one that interests you. Starting a career at this company, however, is competitive and you should ready yourself for Phillips 66 pre-employment screening. Start with a noteworthy application which demonstrates that your past experiences apply to the current job description.  Ace the pre-employment exams by utilizing practice tests, which will help you learn to pace yourself under pressure. Lastly, prepare for the interview by formulating answers and researching the company and values of Phillips 66 to show your interest in the position.