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ICICI Bank Aptitude Test, PO Exam, Recruitment Process & Interview Questions Online Preparation – 2024

Aptitude Employment Tests Prep

What Is ICICI Bank?

ICICI Bank was first formed in 1955 as a World Bank initiative. The company transformed into a diversified financial services group in 1994 and is headquartered in Mumbai, India. The bank has nearly 100,000 employees and more than 5,500 branches across India.

In the last few years, ICICI Bank has created various digital banking solutions to further serve customers and ensure an uninterrupted banking experience without needing to visit a branch. They have pioneered many digital technologies in the industry, including:

  • Fully automated touch banking
  • Mobile banking
  • Tab banking
  • Internet banking

The bank strives to take care of its customers and continuously contributes to socio-economic development in its communities.


Working at ICICI Bank

Not only does ICICI Bank take care of its customers, but they also strive to take care of its employees. The bank has several employee value propositions that are at the foundation of its company culture:

  • Enabling Work Culture: ICICI Bank creates a culture where employees are not afraid to make mistakes and can come to their superiors with any issues. The company also communicates all policies and expectations clearly.
  • Meritocracy: Compensation is competitive and performance-based. Superiors do not compete with their teams, and longevity with the company is rewarded.
  • Growth and Learning: ICICI Bank gives their employees challenging roles and the freedom to try new things. The company wants its employees to feel empowered and develop leadership abilities.
  • Winning Organizations: Employees are proud to be part of this socially responsible organization.
  • Care: ICICI respects its employees in all situations, including in times of need, and respects work-life balance.


ICICI Bank Probationary Officers

The Probationary Officer (PO) Program at ICICI Bank is a popular career path among job seekers who wish to pursue sales and relationship banking. This one-year vocational training program will result in a full-time position with the bank.

Those applying for a PO position will have a specific recruitment process that they will follow at ICICI and must meet several requirements to take the required PO exam. Some of these requirements are:

  • Citizen of India
  • Aged 21 to 28 (unless otherwise noted by unique circumstance criteria)
  • Possess a technical degree from a recognized university


ICICI Online Application

The hiring process for ICICI Bank begins with an online application that can be found on the bank’s website. Be prepared to provide information such as:

  • Full name
  • Parent names
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Physical address
  • Previous professional experience
  • Education qualifications
  • The declaration that is asked by all PO applicants
  • Passport photo ID and signature

After you have completed all relevant information, you will need to pay the fee for the PO exam that you will take in the next stage of the hiring process.

Be sure to print out your application for future reference. This will be helpful closer to the exam when you receive your admit card. This card will be released 15-20 days before your exam, and you will need to fill out some information and print the card within a specified time limit to take your PO exam.


ICIC Bank Aptitude Test & Personality Tests:

ICICI Objective Exam

The ICICI Objective exam is the first stage of the PO examination process. This test consists of four sections, which we will discuss in the subsequent sections, and a total of 100 multiple-choice questions. You will have one hour to complete the exam.

Each of the four sections has 25 questions, and it is recommended that you take 15 minutes per section to complete the exam in the allowed time frame.

The exam is provided in both Hindi and English except for the general English section noted below.

Please note that the exam will deduct points for wrong answers but will not count blank answers against your score. Therefore, if you are unsure how to answer a question, it is better to leave it empty than to take a guess.


Quantitative Aptitude

The first section you will encounter is the quantitative aptitude section. This test will assess your mathematical ability in various areas, such as:

  • Reading data from graphs and tables
  • Performing basic geometric calculations such as area and volume
  • Ability to perform profit and loss calculations as well as simple and compound interest
  • Understanding of investments
  • Age calculations
  • Number series questions
  • Ability to calculate averages, times, and speeds


Tips for the Quantitative Aptitude Section

The quantitative aptitude section is focused on your understanding of mathematical calculations and financial knowledge. Therefore, one method you can use in this section is the process of elimination. As you work through the given math problem, use what you know to eliminate answers and find the correct solution more quickly.

Often you can come to the correct answer without even finishing the entire calculation.


Reasoning Ability

The reasoning ability section will assess your ability to think logically and critically. Here are a few examples of questions you will encounter in this exam section:

  • Identify similarities and differences between images
  • Memorization and visual recall
  • Conclude whether a statement follows the given information or not
  • Solve various puzzles
  • Identify an answer based on a given concept
  • Identify a pattern in a number series and answer questions about the series


Tips for the Reasoning Ability Section

The biggest tip for the reasoning ability section is to pay attention to the time. It is easy to get swept up in a logic problem and spend too much time thinking about what the correct answer could be. While it is essential to fully understand the question and contemplate the correct answer, ensure you are not spending too much time on one problem.

Remember, you only have about 15 minutes to answer 25 multiple-choice questions. Therefore, you should only spend an average of 0.6 minutes per question.


General English

Applicants can also expect to take a general English exam to test their proficiency in the language. Here are a few types of questions you can expect in this section:

  • Vocabulary
  • Grammar
  • Tense usage
  • Synonyms
  • Identification and correction of errors


Tips for the General English Section

The best thing you can do for the general English exam is to study ahead of time. Several resources can help with your general understanding of English, such as reading books, speaking with someone in English, or taking practice tests to practice grammar and spelling rules.

It is also important to remember that you must not guess if you do not know the correct answer. Remember that wrong answers count against you during the objective exam. If you are unsure how to answer the question, it is best to skip it.


General Awareness

The last section of this test is the general awareness exam. This will assess your knowledge of Indian and industry history and current events in several areas. Some areas you can expect to see questions in include:

  • Indian Geography
  • Indian History
  • Indian Constitution
  • Economy
  • Scientific Developments
  • Books
  • General Polity
  • Indian Languages
  • Indian Scripts


Tips for the General Awareness Section

To do well in the general awareness section, you must understand current events and Indian history. The only way to do well on this exam is to regularly stay up to date with events. For example, you can read current newspapers. It is also important to memorize essential facts about Indian history and geography.


Local Language Exam

In addition to the Objective exam, applicants must also take a local language exam to prove that they can sufficiently speak the language of the area they will be working in. Each state has a different language that the candidate will be tested on. Below are some examples:

  • Delhi: Hindi
  • Kerala: Malayalam, English
  • Pondicherry: Tamil
  • Sikkim: Nepali
  • Uttarakhand: Hindi, Urdu

This exam consists of 100 questions, and you must do well on this exam to graduate to the next step of the pre-employment process.


Medical Exam

After a candidate has proven that they are proficient in the local language, a medical test must be performed. This is to determine if the candidate is healthy enough to perform the tasks required and if they are of sound mind to work for ICICI Bank.

You must pass this medical exam to qualify for the PO role.


Personality Profile

The final step in the assessment process is the personality profile. ICICI Bank wants to ensure that all candidates have the personality characteristics required to do well in the role and that their personal values align with the company. This questionnaire will assess qualities necessary to the PO profession, such as leadership, initiative, and ability to follow instructions.


ICICI Bank Interview Process

The last stage of the ICICI Bank recruitment process is the interview. This interview may be one-on-one with a hiring manager or with several people in a panel interview. You may also have more than one interview during the process.

The interview will focus on three main things:

  • Confirmation of information provided in the interview
  • Technical ability to perform the tasks required
  • Behavior-based questions to ensure your cultural fit with the company


Interview Tips and Sample Questions

To do well in the interview, it is best to prepare responses to common interview questions ahead of time. This way, you can rehearse your response and feel more confident going into the conversation. Here are a few questions similar to what you can expect during your interview:

  • What are some of the technological innovations that ICICI has championed for its customers?
  • Why are you interested in a PO position with ICICI Bank?
  • Financial knowledge is essential for all candidates of ICICI Bank to possess. Can you explain how compound interest rates can benefit the bank?
  • If a customer who is a single parent with a 15-year-old child asked about good investment options to help their child save up for a house, what choices would you explain to them?

Behavioral questions, such as how you reacted in previous workplace situations, are common during interviews. For these questions, it is crucial to follow the STAR method in your response:

  • Describe the situation in detail so the interviewer has a complete understanding of the scenario.
  • Detail the different tasks that needed to be done to successfully resolve the situation.
  • Talk about the actions that you personally took to complete these tasks.
  • Explain the results of your actions and how the problem was ultimately resolved.


How to Prepare for the ICICI Bank Exam?

The ICICI Bank PO recruitment process is highly competitive. The company is looking for the best candidates who can complete the required tasks and fit in culturally with the company. The best way to show the hiring team that you are the best candidate for the position is by doing well during the assessment process.

ICICI Bank uses various assessments as a screening tool to ensure that only the best candidates are progressing through the hiring process. Therefore, you must perform well on the exams. Online practice tests and study guides can help prepare you for the exams and boost your final score.

Practice tests allow you to work through similar problems to what you will see on the exams and practice your timing which is excellent for timed tests such as the objective exam. They can also provide complete solutions, so you know how to approach the questions. Study guides on these topics will also give tips and tricks to do well on the test, boosting your confidence during the exam.

Candidates who use these resources do better on the assessments, so take advantage of practice tests and study guides during preparation.