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Hogan Development Survey (HDS) Test Preparation 2022

 Hogan HDS Test

The Hogan Development Survey online test, also known as the HDS, is an online aptitude exam sold by Hogan designed to assess the dark side of personality for candidates applying for positions in higher-level supervisory and managerial roles.

What Is the Dark Side of Personality?

The dark side of personality is, quite simply, the opposite of the bright side of personality. If the bright side of our personality includes all of the traits that enable us to communicate and cooperate with those around us in a positive, productive manner, than the dark side refers to all of the traits that prevent us from living peacefully with others.

The dark side strikes the moment we lower our inhibitions. Either in times of stress, fatigue, or hunger, our more negative attributes will surface as soon as we lower our guard. Whether that means lashing out at those who fail to meet the company standards or expectations or even showing complete indifference to the opinions and feelings of others, each of us has a dark side which, if left unchecked, would disrupt those around us and ultimately derail our career.

Ironically enough, many of the characteristics we ascribe to the dark side of personality could easily belong to the bright side. That is to say that, when in excess, even positive qualities like ambition, reservation, courage, and mischief, will prove destructive.

Why Does the HDS Test Measure the Dark Side of Personality?

While everyone has a dark side, business owners need to know how well prospective employees regulate their emotions even when they’re under a lot of pressure. The Hogan pre-employment assessment, then, can provide extremely invaluable information to employers about promising applicants.

Though the screening test isn’t a full-proof way to assess new candidates, identifying problem spots and possible pitfalls before onboarding a new employee could save time and money later. After all, the most passionate, talented, intelligent individuals won’t freely share their flaws with you. This psychometric evaluation, by contrast, will identify personality flaws without you having to specifically share them.

Who Takes the Hogan Development Survey (HDS)?

While the Hogan HDS test is sometimes given to graduates, it’s primarily taken by job-seekers applying to managerial and supervisory positions. Unfortunately, many of the qualities associated with dark side, are also linked to power dynamics. Whether dealing with animals, children, or, in this case employees, supervisors tend to mistreat their subordinates. Companies want to make sure that an excited, new CEO isn’t going to abuse his power and that a demanding vice president isn’t going to scream at anyone who disagrees with him.

Hogan Development Survey Tips:

If you plan to take the HDS personality test, you’re going to need to prepare ahead of time especially if you’ve never taken a personality exam before. By familiarizing yourself with the format of the test and the types of questions you’ll encounter at the assessment center, you’ll prepare yourself to approach each question thoughtfully and carefully. The more preparation you can do the better. Review some sample questions and answers before the test and practice answering as if it were the real HDS personality test. Then review the questions to make sure that your responses are really accurate.